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What a good day it is when game developers listen to what the fans of their franchise want. This morning the official websites of Netherrealm Studios and Mortal Kombat” went live, a short time later a teaser trailer for the new Mortal Kombat game appeared on mayor videogame news sites:

The trailer kicks off with the start of a fight between Shao Kahn and Raiden, then goes to show various gameplay clips that show that the series is coming back to its roots with 2D fighting style with 3D graphics and a Mature rating featuring the following characters:

  • Shao Kahn with his classic MKII look
  • Raiden also with his classic MKII look as seen in Shaolin Monks
  • Reptile has a new humanoid-reptile form
  • Johnny Cage now sports his name tattooed accross his chest
  • Sub-Zero with a new design with classic elements
  • Nightwolf with a classic look
  • Mileena looking similar to her alternative costume from Deception
  • Kung Lao wearing his classic outfit as seen in MKII
  • Sektor has a new design

Also featured in the background are Kira, Rain and two fighters in the Pit II who look like Taven and Daegon from Armageddon
During the trailer we see something similar to the Super and Pro Moves seen in MK vs DC, incorporating multiple special moves into combos.
The trailer ends teasing the classic stage fatality from The Pit II and Kung Lao doing his slice-in-half Fatality just like in Shaolin Monks.

All of the stages in the trailer bear some resemblance or are identical to arenas from the games of the 2D era:
From MK1: Throne Room.
From MKII: The Pit II, Living Forest, Kahn’s Arena and Dead Pool.
From MK3: Stages resembling The Bridge and Rooftop also make an appearance.

The game is set to include “A number of new gameplay features including tag team and the deepest story mode of any fighting game”, online modes include 4 player tag-team kombat and 2-player arcade co-op.
“We can’t wait for players to get their hands on Mortal Kombat,” said Ed Boon, and I can’t agree more.
Mortal Kombat is scheduled for release in March 2011 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

16 responses to “Let Mortal Kombat Begin!”

  1. Arctic says:

    DAMN! I feel that Mortal Kombat excitement again!
    I don’t think I can wait a whole year again, still, this happens every time they release a new MK game. This sequel looks promising and will probably satisfy our hopes! :D

  2. ssub-zzero says:

    Finaly mk 9 comes….. thank god.

  3. GlaciusTS says:

    You left out The Pit II. Also, that MAY not be the bridge, it could possibly be the streets.

    And the characters in the background of the pit are initially Daegon and Kenshi, and later when Johnny Cage is knocked off, we see Daegon and Rieko. :)

    There’s some screenshots that indicate this, as they all don their MKA attires.

  4. interloko says:

    finally, after all these years a good MK game!

  5. martian367 says:

    im realy looking forward to it, didnt see liu kang in there but i hope that hes in the game because they havent been doing him justice lately, plus hes like the main character in the storys how ever if there turning the tables to show off the other cool characters im all for it. if he is in the game he better not be a freaking zombie!

  6. Jade says:

    incase anyone didnt see kira and lei mei at the end when kung lao does his fatality, stop it at 1:00 and you can see lei mei for a split second, and the second time they are fighting on the pit it looke like quan chi

  7. Mansoorferoz says:

    When r u going to start the Mk9 page?

  8. Murdoink says:

    Tonight (I hope)

  9. awsome! did u check my website, I have Khameleon’s animation sprite

  10. Tetra Vega says:

    Typo, “Mileena looking similar to “his” alternative costume from Deception “. Good to see you’re still alive aswell.

  11. Murdoink says:

    lol my english is so rusty

  12. jeremy says:

    I would like seeing some characters and scenery from some of the newer mortal kombat games, like mk deception, which had the coolest arenas ever, I’d also would like to play as drahmin, besides that this game looks amazing and i want to play it so much

  13. Timothy says:

    Yet plus cameo characters: Daegon, Reiko, Kenshi, Li Mei and Kira. :)

  14. cool! Once again the equipment of mortal kombat has demonstrated that they are the best! congratulacions

    your friend an MK FAN: Gabriel

  15. LUIS CARABALLO says:

    u guys should do mortal kombat game with all the character from mk1 mk2 umk3 mk4 mk5 and mkarmageddon and don’t forget about super street fighter 4 3D with out unlocking nobody i don’t like the kryp or having coins 2 unlock characters in the game……

  16. LUIS CARABALLO says:

    i was in the internet in goggle and i type in mortal kombat project and i saw a good mortal kombat project game and i was thinking when is going 2 come out 4 the ps3 system ………

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