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Latest Updates

First of all, the latest screenshots:

Gamescom Screenshots

PAX Screenshots

Now, the newest teaser trailer:

Among the new confirmed info from interviews, Ed continues to tease that if you have a favourite character from MK1 to MK3 it should be included in this game, he’s hinted at DLC stages, characters and fatalities, also he’s confirmed at least 2 fatalities (finishers) per character on top of numerous stage fatalities (Belltower stage fatality please!), on top of that the tentative release date is between March and April 2011, let me know if I missed some other info on the comments, I haven’t watched/read all the interviews yet.
Stay tuned to Mortal Kombat Online for the latest info and videos from PAX! Response to the game has been great so far, if you’re near the Washington State Convention Center be sure to go, the MK Team is present at the WB Games booth demoing the game, you can even play it if you get in the long line.
YouTube is filled with shakycams gameplay footage but I personally like this next video the most, at the beginning you can get a glimpse at the movelist and how to do enhanced (press the right trigger after the special move) and x-ray (hit the right button and right trigger at the same time), after that you can enjoy a classic fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero on Jade’s Desert:

Finally, let me link to the site’s new Twitter account, follow us to keep up with the latest updates! Be sure to follow Mortal Kombat Online as well.

EDIT: GameTrailers has a tag team walkthrough by Hans Lo, it shows Scorpion and Cyrax vs Kitana and Kung Lao, Cyrax’s fatality is at the end of the video:

EDIT 2: Cyrax’s Fatality at the end of this video:

10 responses to “Latest Mortal Kombat Info”

  1. brunaco says:

    Hola Todos Como Estas

  2. iMansooferoz says:

    Cool. When are going add the character box of kitana and cyrax

  3. Murdoink says:

    there isn’t a screenshot of the select screen with their portraits yet
    all I have found is this:

  4. brunaco says:

    Donde estas en Mortal Kombat 2011 todos esos mucho Mas Ahora nueva persona Kitana y Cyrax y nuevo ensenario Bell Tower y Desert

  5. brunaco says:

    De momento Midway hace lo posible para seguir con el desarrollo de un nuevo Mortal Kombat, así que el MK Team de siempre Los chicos de Netherrealm Studios por fin nos presentan en sociedad el proyecto conocido hasta ahora como MK9. A partir de ahora, lo conoceremos como Mortal Kombat 9

  6. Jonathan Cage says:

    Great to see the site is back up! The new MK looks awesome!

    My advice though is not to edit old post though, because I usually do a quick check for updates on this site without scrolling down :)

  7. Breno Ferreira says:

    This game is perfect!

    I follow the games of Mortal Kombat since I was born!

    I’m hoping this game here in Brazil!

    Congratulations to You!!


  8. jared kotema says:

    i love mortal kombat this new one shold be game of the year because what ed boon is going

  9. jared kotema says:

    like u said breno i played ever mortal kombat besides one this is the best game ever

  10. Ryan says:

    I have some screenshots and renders of characters that you don’t have if you want. I also have four other character selection pics you could add to your website as well.

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