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The following sprites are “missile disabled” version of sprites that were already on the site, don’t ask me how they were ripped, only AceKombat knows:

And I finally came up with a new theme to replace the Belltower one, since no one seemed to liked it, I replaced it with the brand new Armageddon theme, inspired by the new logo of the upcoming game, so check it out by selecting it on the menu and I hope you enjoy it!

PS: Special thanks to Chan_Ming for testing this new theme. :D

13 responses to “More MKII sprites and new theme!”

  1. Nick_Scryer says:

    Cool New theme, i still prefer Zaterra Though its awesome!!

  2. Nightmaric says:

    Good for a quickie. Well done.

  3. -A-nubis says:

    The new theme owns the other ones, good job. :-)

  4. I-Like-cookies says:

    This is the best. More sprites, a new theme! Murdoink and everyone who helped, you are the greatest person ever.

  5. Mr. Smoke says:

    Hey Murdoink, did you get those Mortal kombat 2 ending cut out pictures i sent you?

  6. SUB-Z3RO says:

    The new theme is good, but portal still better cuz the other ones are too square.

  7. Murdoink says:

    Yes Mr. Smoke, I got them and I will upload them in a next update

  8. jay jay says:

    dis update r teh l33t!!!1 and i like the sprites

  9. Daleon says:

    Woa! Nice! Very well the new sprite!

  10. AMB says:

    Ace you´re a master of ripping. The new Theme is also cool¡¡¡

  11. somedude says:

    sweet.this will make an add to the site!

  12. somedude says:

    i ask you rip the charecter selecter, Murdoink.

  13. deadguy.jf says:

    How do you rip these? Ive tried using emulators, but im not sure if there is a good enought MAME to turn off layers, etc.

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