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Latest Updates

Yet again, I’ve uploaded a new complete spritesheet:

This time the spritesheet is 100% complete, thanks to Maggo!
Also, we’ve got a new affiliate, Mortal Kombat Nightblood:
Stay tuned for more stuff, I’ll probably update this sunday with some MK:Unchained bios, Sheeva’s complete spritesheet and more!

44 responses to “New Spritesheet!”

  1. Jegsta_man says:

    Good to have that completed, could you please complete a Kung Lao sprite sheet, it would be appreciated.

  2. Daleon says:

    Thanks for that! But, if I can say the truth, the MkII Johnny Cage is a little… weak! Can you upload the Mk trilogy one? Is more, and very more, tough! And cool!

  3. somedude says:

    Man, updates come day by day.A UMK3 Sub-Zero sheet will be pleasing.A sheeva spritesheet eh?Good. i’ll need it!

  4. I-Like-cookies says:

    No offense but cage has eneough sprites to upset all the other characters. Work on MKII or MK3/UMK3 popular characters. (besides cage)

  5. dagon zombie says:

    Yes we need the mkt cage :)

  6. SUB-Z3RO says:

    mkt sprites heh?Great idea but it’s going to be difficult to rip…

  7. AMB says:

    Well done Maggo, cool spritesheet. BTW, about MKT… how are you guys going to rip it, as far as I know, the only rom that I have played of MKT is for the N64.

  8. camilol says:

    weon he clikeado mil veces tu wea de banners now give me my part of the moni and do not forget to comment about me fuckmiguel
    eeeh culie en la semana bueno chao! c-h-i chi l-e le, chi chi chi le le le

  9. DH_Ninja says:

    i thought the sheet was already complete. I have to agree, cage has enough sprites. BTW there is a MK trilogy for the playstation AMB.

  10. Kid Thunder says:

    shot guys

  11. somedude says:

    Deadly Dragon,on ur scorp sheet on ur site,u have the Spear in a strayt line.update that sprite fur Murdoink.

  12. Nick_Scryer says:

    Kung Lao MKII would be great.
    Great work people, this site rules!!

  13. somedude says:

    yea i think that jonny boy got his share of the site.Aw, c’mon u guys u made Sub-Zero And Scorpion cry! (LOL that’s the irony!LOL LOL!)

  14. Tetra_Vega says:

    I have the PSX version of Trilogy. I’d love to rip shit for you, but I need an emulator. Hopefully one that can remove the layers.

  15. AceKombat says:

    Found a change background color cheat for the PSX trilogy if that helps , the code is 80031AF2 F5F5
    ( Pink Bkg ) , great update btw .

  16. AceKombat says:

    ( Edit ) I mean made a change background color cheat ..

  17. Nick_Scryer says:

    We need more sprites for MK3 Kano!

  18. I gave him my sheets but he doesn’t want to upload them, so it his problem…

  19. Murdoink says:

    Send them again plz, DD

  20. Nick_Scryer says:

    Someone else is using my name!!!
    I did Not write that last comment!!!
    Could murdoink found out who it was???

  21. Hybrid-Of-Souls says:

    That sure is a lot of sprites there. Nice work. Although I did notice that the sprites not included were when his friendship is almost over (when he finishes signing his autograph), the sprites showing him letting it go and float to the center of the screen were not included in this. Provisions for those sometime?

  22. K. Check your email.

  23. somedude says:


    For the X-box 360 live arcade,will the 3 hidden charecters (classic subbs, ermac and millena)
    be able to be chosen from the start?i’m asking cuz i like those 3 charecters.

  24. DarkRyder80 says:

    Next we need mk3 liu kang sheet.

  25. mikesaibot says:

    Can somebody get some Noob Saibot sprites? I would but I don’t know how it works…
    2, UMK3 or T, I don’t care which game

  26. mikesaibot says:

    Ermac sprites wouldn’t be so bad either…

  27. Hooksword says:

    Yeah… I seriously need some Kabal sprites. :D

  28. DarkRyder80 says:

    Just right click on the sprite select copy then right click in your program and press paste.

  29. mikesaibot says:

    No DarkRyder80, I don’t know how to get sprites out of the games and on a computer.

  30. BingDat says:

    Can you guys please get some MK II sub-zero sprites, I’d REALLY appreciate it, thanks.

  31. camilol says:

    hola hola hola hola hola murdo!!!!!

  32. Rolo sanchez says:

    I Need More Noob Saibot Sprites. Can You Get Them Quick?

  33. Kidwithpanic says:

    Less johnny, more mk3 sub-zero.

  34. jay jay says:

    i think mkII sprites needed and mk3 subberz.thanx

  35. ross says:

    dude how do you download the sheets off this site i can olny do it with seperate parts not a whole sheet

  36. bam says:

    i have a new jade skin for mortal kombat 4 but some weird bad news to tell you her blood is green
    the good news is the game will put jade into the lifebar
    here is the image URL
    download it in my website here are her movelists good luck
    weapon noob saibots sickle but only purple:F-F-HK
    reikos shuriken toss:B-F-HP

  37. behzad says:

    i have other sprite of riden give me a email for send them

  38. Agrocha04 says:

    I need sprites Sektor de Mortal Kombat (But Complete) Urgent.

  39. Agrocha04 says:

    (Sorry) need sprites Sektor of Mortal Kombat (But Complete) Urgent.

  40. Alola_2188 says:

    (Sorry) need sprites Sektor of Mortal Kombat (But Complete) Urgent.

  41. Random Person says:


  42. Max Grant says:

    Could you make a MK3 Jade only, i would be estatic if you did :)

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