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It’s pretty much confirmed now, it was up on GameStop up for pre-order earlier this week and now it’s everything but official: an HD remake of the MK1, MKII and UMK3 is coming exclusively to PS3, I’ll leave you with the (european) boxart that appeared online today on JeuxVideo:

MK HD AK boxart

I for one I can’t wait for the official announcement, trailer and/or screenshots! Did they make new sprites? Will the original ports be included? Is there going to be netplay? And if this thing is fake I will probably cry.
With that said, expect a huge revamp of the games section to go with this new release!
Thanks to the various posts on my twitter timeline for bringing this to my attention, this is huge news!

EDIT: TRMK reports that the red corner of the boxart reads “includes the demo for the upcoming Mortal Kombat Game”. Which means that not buying this is a very bad idea.

23 responses to “Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection boxart revealed!?”

  1. WeaponTheory says:

    “exclusively to PS3”

    …ouch. I’m shit out of luck.

  2. angel says:

    WHAT are fucking kidding me why for ps3 only? why not for xbox 360 fucking gay!!!!

  3. brunaco says:

    Bienvenido A Mortal Kombat para Arcade es HD

  4. WeaponTheory says:

    If this is true, then the Xbox 360 version of Mortal Kombat BETTER come with Avatar Awards. It’s only fair.

  5. Lemoneysquare says:

    I agree with WeaponTheory!!!! If its exclusive ONLY to PS3!!! Then there should be at least free DLC, Avatar awards, and a secret character exclusive to the xbox 360 to be fair because thats complete bullshit if its only for ps3 so if theres anything wrong with wat i said plz type it below because thats wats fair and if you argue i am pretty much gonna win!!!!!

  6. Murdoink says:

    I could not believe this from the beginning. It’s so freaking awesome!

  7. Andrew says:

    Look on the art, there is not “only for playstation3” so i think this notice is only for sold more play3 before the confirmation a multiples plataforms.

  8. brunaco says:

    Entonces es HD Arcade De Mortal Kombat

  9. brunaco says:

    Donde HD Arcade

  10. reptilian says:

    i agrre its kinda of mest up that ps3 is getting all three mk’s and a additional full mk9 demo.thats ****** up alot but i aint sweatin it becuase us 360 users will get our chace when the game is realesed. oh yea i love reptiles new costume its awesom.

  11. B. Kenshi says:

    Cool. Can’t wait for this.

  12. goldenlion777 says:

    ps3 sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Darkseize says:

    Well the trailer looks good and this will not be a failure……just like MK vs DC but tbf it was alright but that game made midway lose alot of mk fans so this game will make up for the loss of the fans PS…..WTF isnt this ‘arcade kollection’ on x-box vote x-box…the 360 of course :D

  14. micki says:

    i want mortal kombat project please

  15. Alan says:

    For everyone with complaints about this being a PS3 exclusive, bear in mind that it is part of the ‘Classics HD’ series, which is Sony’s title series for last gen game collections that are emulated on the PS3 (ex. God Of War collection). However, 360 fans/owners there may be a very slight chance at this for you, as this is one of two 3rd party entries to the series (meaning it’s published by the original developers instead of Sony).

  16. SanjiSasuke says:

    Possibility of ripping the sprites when they come out?

  17. jeffrey says:

    ps3 is beast this proves it

  18. bo says:

    well they just released a trimmed down conversion of UMK3 for Apple iOS. Its got 3d graphics on a 2d plane. Plays well and moves are fairly easy to execute even on a lousy touch screen. If this is in any coordination with digital release on PSN or otherwise, then theres some evidence they’re releasing remade versions of the classics.

  19. jose says:

    if this TRMK does come out i gonna buy it i am going to please this game all night if does come out oh hell yeah.

  20. Mick3D says:

    Exclusive to PS3? Would ya ever give it a f**kin reat, is there something wrong with X-Box 360 users?

  21. Jake says:

    hello has any one heard about xbox 720 games is this really going to be released by microsoft, if so when? Thanks

  22. Dan says:

    The official announcement said that the arcade collection would be available for PS3, XBox 360 and PC.

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