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I’ll be quick, last night at the Video Game Awards this teaser was shown:

Which confirms rumors from earlier this week that hinted at the inclusion of the God of War character in the new Mortal Kombat.

Also earlier this week there was a mishap at the official MK website which granted users access to a directory list of sound files, this YouTube video sums it up quite nicely:

Keep in mind that not always sound files end up being in the game, so this is not a 100% confirmation of the characters, only time will tell.

EDIT: More characters confirmed: Ermac and Sindel!
EDIT2: Even more characters: Jade and Goro!

10 responses to “Kratos joins the fight!”

  1. The mad gammer says:

    REALLY i want an exclusive charcter for the x-box this is some b-s man

  2. The mad gammer says:

    but also awesome ! :D

  3. SanjiSasuke says:

    Who cares about Xbox. Kratos! The team of the God of War and Kung Lao will be unstoppable.

    BTW did anyone notice iPod Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3? Has 3D rendered sprites and backgrounds. New project for the Warehouse, maybe?

  4. Rattus says:

    Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t think that the ‘unknown/unnamed’ kharacter in the video is the guy from GoW… I think it is more likely to be Quan Chi.

    Think about it… why include a kharacter from another franchise in to an already fruitful cast with over 40 fighters to choose from and 8 – 10 from the original game?

    Sorry to burst the bubble.

  5. Paulo DbZ says:

    The New Mortal Kombat has to have Kurtis Stryker
    He is mythical!

  6. Pablo says:

    I also thought it was Quan Chi, but it’s Kratos:

  7. shao kahn 2011 says:

    shao kahn NO secret and Playabele caracter?

  8. derrick says:

    this is going to be awsome hit me with a ratcoon

  9. he goin too kill all of the characters

  10. Rattus says:

    I love this. I want this. I live in Australia… DAMN YOU JULIA GILLARD AND YOUR UNFAIR GOVERNMENT. Mortal Kombat 20 YEAR Franchise = BANNED! NINTENDO WII GAME where the Gameplay is SPANKING and SEXUAL EXPERIMENTATION.. PG (PG13 US Equivalent)! WHERE THE F@RK the Consistancy???

    PS: Nintendo game is called something like Wii Dare or something

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