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Latest Updates

It’s that time again! A new spritesheet has been added to the MK3 lineup:

Obviously, credit goes for our staff member Maggo for those.
I should also let you all know that I’m on vacations (yeah, once more), which means during the next 3 weeks I’ll be updating the site A LOT. We’ve got more spritesheets, including one from MKT, props, the new section I still don’t finish, a revamp of the MKA section, and even MORE!
So stay tuned guys (and girls), the next update is right ahead.

20 responses to “The First of Many”

  1. Khaos says:

    Dear waterboy,

    Eat shit and kill yourself.

    -The team..

    I mean, nice update. :P

  2. loko guy says:

    hey its good stuff the things of the spritesheet

  3. Acid says:

    sup people this is Acid I was the one that hooked you guys up with the MKT sheet not saying what character it is but it also has custom decap animations and also a torso rip so you just got to wait till Murdoink posts it :)

  4. JediTommy8 says:

    I’ve been waiting for a Sindel Spritesheet,thank you!

  5. DH_Ninja says:

    Nice update, *even though i was hoping for a more popular character.* however, i really look foward to the alot of the new updates.

  6. Vash_15 says:

    meh, not whjat I was hoping for

  7. Arctic says:

    Nice comment Khaos, I’m sure he’ll like it. :P

    Anyway, Sindel sprites. Good job, no one likes to rip sprites of the nolistigia characters anymore. Good to know that Maggo will. :)

  8. scorpiozerrotile says:

    wow when scorps mkII comeing out

  9. Mortal doom says:

    Sweet. Sindel… This will be great for my flash if it works…

  10. jay jay says:

    yah prety sweet

  11. Mortal doom says:

    Plus a new section…

  12. Zach says:

    Nice but other than the MK:3 junk how bout more MK:2 Characters. Subby, Jade, Mileena, and Kitana…

    I’m working on stuff for MK:2 because I am doing a MK:SM parody with all the MK:2 characters.

    Can’t wait, and looking forward for more updates

  13. Arctic says:

    Yes body parts of her! Now I can kill HER in my next flash. 8D

  14. Arctic says:

    Yes body parts of her! Now I can kill HER in my next flash. 8D

  15. eddieisadouche says:

    yes yes yes!!!!!!! i love this site! yes yes!!!!!!cant wait till armageddon.

  16. dagon zombie says:

    agreed arctic

  17. Darkness_Boy says:

    Sindel sprites, at last :D Now she can play a vital part in my comics, and finally slay…I’ll keep that detail to myself. But thanks Maggo, this is very quickly becoming the ultimate sprite domain, maybe once you’ve uploaded every sprite from MK you should try customising them, hey it’s an idea! :D

  18. somedude says:

    yeah this owns…

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