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Well it’s been a while since the last update, I gotta say I’ve been crazy busy lately, and I’ve spent all my free time playing on my recently acquired PSP, anyway here it goes:

The Arenas section of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is complete! To your knowledge there are 33 arenas on the game, 4 of them are from MK: Deception, 14 of them are from the Konquest mode, and these are the rest of them:

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Below each classic arena you’ll see a link to see the old-school look of that arena. I haven’t noticed that so many of them are based on older arenas, heh.
Also over the MKA section, I uploaded some versus cutouts, I don’t remember for which character but they were like 12, I remember one of them was Noob, who has two versus screens. Anyway, I do know which versus poses are missing and they are: Scorpion’s alt, Reptile, Stryker, Kung Lao, Li Mei, Frost, Sindel, Sheeva, Havik and both Kreate-A-Fighter (male and female).

mugshotAnd finally we’ve got a sprite update, because remember we’re a site mainly about sprites, heh. MKW Staff Member Maggo has completed Baraka’s spritesheet, it now includes all the sprites from MKII and MKT, including his running sprites and special body parts sprites (remember that MKT sprites are smaller):

That will do for now, I hope to have a small update during next week, but with all that’s happening during that time (the Wii and the PS3 launching, and my birthday [hint: it’s between both consoles launches] and Unchained coming out) I can’t say for sure I’ll have the time. One last thing about Unchained, as you may have figured I’m indeed getting the game, and with that I’ll get screenshots, which means I’ll get bios and endings from the “new” characters, stay tuned for that and more sprites.

[Update 1:] In case you’ve been living below a rock or something, Ed Boon announced the so awaited bios for MKA last monday on Fight Night, expect to see those on this site along with some info about Mortal Kombat Ocho.

19 responses to “MKA Arenas, VS Poses and Sprites”

  1. Nick_Scryer says:

    Are the new Baraka sprites supposed to be that small?
    Good update though.

  2. Daleon says:

    Ho wow! Toasty! Thanks for the spriteset! Next time, can you upload the MKIII Jax spriteset or some Mytologies sprite? I don’t ask all spriteset for all character: only 2/3 for Quan Chi, Shinok and Seerena, becouse I don’t know realy how modified the sprite to make these character. Uhm… maybe even the water god becouse he can be usefull to make Meat and Dramin

  3. AMB says:

    FINALLY, an update.
    the arenas are cool, but I was a little dissappointed at the thing that most of the arenas, don´t have death traps(that will be the knoquest arenas), since in Deception they were something new and awesome. BTW, a question, wich are the arenas that have a stage fatality that can only be done after it appears FINISH HIM/HER? I only know of the belltower and the Tekunin prison.

  4. Kung Lao says:


  5. Ghastly-Death says:

    Uh dude Baraka=small as all hell :) fix it.

  6. Scorpiozerotile says:

    Man I’m sad My MKA backfired on me when I beat arcade with Scorpion and some jack ass burned down the only gamestop withing 10 miles of my house and the only walmart close to my house is too family friendly no rated M games there there are not even any rated R movies so I have to order a new game.

  7. AMB says:

    Sory for this new post, but there is something you guys must notice. The smaller sprites of Baraka, are the ones from MK trilogy, so since Mk trilogy isn´t in the emulator, they have ti rip the sprites from …maybe a PS emulator, that means that the methid is…different.

  8. Kung Lao says:

    I get it

  9. scorpinnok says:

    I would have an idea of an alternate costume for chameleon why not a costume similar to reptile in mkDA ?

  10. Reptile Jr says:

    Nothing oersonal but some characters are messing there vs pose

  11. thats cool dude, Baraka is one of my favorite characters.

  12. mikesaibot says:

    SOOOOOOOO CLOSE! There are only a few verse poses left!!!(I’m not shouting, I’m just excited) I just wanted to remind you that, in your first post, you said that you want all the sprites in one year… You have about a month left.But It’s okay, you tried your best. I know I couldn’t do it. You should finish up mk2. That game has good sprites.

  13. Sorry, but you forget the Meteor Storm Arena!
    And also, the images are really cool, like this site!

  14. vic_zero says:

    umm how do i take the sprite sheet because when i try i only take one person and do i save ALL the sprites seperatly like how do you take it all together?

  15. He says:

    You take em all separatly ,well thats to long vic_zero to do,well you can do a sprite shi i mean sheet but itll be long

  16. Demonlaw says:

    another thing that suck theres no freaking bios to none of da fighters man what iz midway thinkn diz iz da first mistake midway haz ever done and f%$ked up endings

  17. Shang Tsung's Morph.... says:

    I loved the Arenas, but do U have deathtrap theatre?

  18. Arthur says:

    had to have in this website sprites of the characters from mortal kombat shaolin monks, at least the characters in the second person

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