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mugshotmugshotIt’s time for a HUGE update, I hope you guys are ready:

Credit goes to AceKombat for ripping that prop from The Street and Kung Lao new body part sprites, if you check it you’ll notice some Pac-Man patterns on the top of the building. All of the rest of the stuff in this update was ripped by our staff member Maggo.
Expect another update before the 16th of this month!

[Edit (Jan 16th)] Sorry guys, but I didn’t have the time to update, I’m leaving the city tomorrow and I’ll be back in a week, anyway Maggo is already working on a new spritesheet that should be up after I come back.

[Edit (Jan 26th)] Hey there, I’m back and already working on the next update, you wouldn’t believe all the stuff that’s gonna be on it.

45 responses to “2 New Spritesheets and more!”

  1. JediTommy8 says:

    Finally,im so glad we got Kitana sprites!

  2. Arctic says:

    Cool. That’s cool.

  3. BingDat says:


    Bless your heart Murdoink, thanks for the sprites!

  4. Okoa says:

    Wow. They must love Pac-Man. It’s not the first time it’s appeared in a Mortal Kombat stage.

    Anyways, this is a great update! Keep up the awesome work!

  5. AceKombat says:

    I believe I helped Maggo with the Kung Lao’s blown away sprites for MK3 , I gave those to him .

  6. AceKombat says:

    PS : Great Update , anoher update before the 16 of this month ? ! Yay another update will come very soon :) !

  7. Tetra_Vega says:

    Sorry, I had to. lol, more Pac-Man images, nice.

  8. Timothy says:

    Where download video MK3 behind the scenes? What site?

  9. Daleon says:

    Finaly! We got some chick! Thak you!

  10. WOW!!! talk about a lot of stuff. When you said “I hope you guys are ready” yeah I’m ready

  11. Thedogpound says:

    can you now plz work on sub-zero sprites?

  12. sub-zero913 says:

    Can you use UMK3 Kitana spritesheet to do the same thing for Mileena and Jade, and the MK2 Kitana spritesheet for MK2 Mileena and MK2 Jade? I would recommend the UMK3 Reptile, MK3 Jax, MK3 Kabal, or the UMK3 Ermac spritesheet as the next update. How about the MK3 Smoke spritesheet used for MK3 Cyrax and MK3 Sektor? How about the UMK3 Human Smoke and UMK3 Classic Sub-Zero spritesheets? How about the MK3 Liu Kang or the MK3 Sonya spritesheet?

  13. Darkness_Boy says:

    WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, Kitana!!!! I have waited soooooooooooooooooo long for these! Please, please, PLEASE! Let the next update be the same but with Mileena, those are the two gals I most need for my comics! Thanks so much for these sprites, I LOVE MK WAREHOUSE!

  14. AMB says:

    Finaly the Kitana sprites :D
    Btw, I didn´t put this on the last comments but… Gears of War rules!!!!!!
    Cool update, hope you come with more like this.

  15. Ryan says:

    Thanks alot been waiten for rest of kung lao n kitana sprites :)

  16. Lord V says:

    excellent! thanks for listening to me!

  17. make me off no scorpion he are my best

  18. Darkness_Boy says:

    Sorry, but just to point out two small mistakes:

    1. Both Kitana mugshots don’t have yellow around them on the site map.
    2. The soul stealing sprite of MK2 Kitana, has some Mileena sprites, and also with MK2 Shang Tsung’s kiss of death he has gone from yellow to blue (if this is a technical error, I apologise)

  19. Thank you for Kitana’s movements in MK2 and in UMK3 and for all the rest like that siguan and there do not forget to end the movements of Reptile and Sub-Zero in UMK3 Note:Your the best Gabriel Linares

  20. Garth says:

    Ok Murdoink. I think you better update pretty quick because the 16th of January is almost here!

  21. Tetra_Vega says:

    Darkness_Boy Says:
    January 13th, 2007 at 11:10 pm
    Sorry, but just to point out two small mistakes:

    1. Both Kitana mugshots don’t have yellow around them on the site map.

    Click on Choose Your Destiny, and scroll down to MKII/UMK3. The yellow borders only appear on the Choose Your Destiny page.

  22. Weaponlord says:

    wow, I’m glad I didn’t go along with it, I was just gonna rip Umk3 Kitana myself. Of course my dumb ass didn’t bother asking if anyone was ripping her.

  23. Garth says:

    Oh come on Murdoink, you can’t just get a date with a woman and start taking more vacations and stuff like that! Updating is more important than your “time off” stuff!

  24. Timothy says:

    FINALLY!!! lIU KANG MK3!!!

  25. sub-zero913 says:

    I’m afraid that Murdoink is not going to do the next update until next week due to the fact that he is leaving the city, but we’ll have the next update when he comes back. Thanks to Maggo for working on a new spritesheet.

  26. the real blaze says:

    how can u save these sprites?

  27. Lord V says:

    can you get liu kang’s spritesheet next.

  28. all your mk Spritesheets are belong to mortal kombat Warehouse

  29. Ghastly says:

    Yeah um Timothy…where have you been we’ve HAD Liu Kang for MK3 for quite awhile now and do me a favor and work on your grammar. Garth, I know Murdoink has been getting on and off alot with updates but hell he has a life.

  30. Rob says:

    When Will there be human smoke sprites he doesnt even hit

  31. Lord V says:

    when will there be liu kang’s mk3 sprite sheet?

  32. sub-zero913 says:

    Will there be an MK3 Kabal spritesheet? Will there be an MK3 Nightwolf spritesheet?

  33. Bingdat says:

    Hey, can you guys get that spiky ceiling prop from the fatality in Mortal Kombat 2, the kombat tomb, that shouldn’t be too hard to rip, should it?

  34. Garth says:

    Okay Murdoink, you’re back and you must update now! Hurry before somebody gets pissed off!!!

  35. Darkness_Boy says:

    Calm down Garth, you don’t own Murdoink, his whole life doesn’t revolve around this website and neither should yours.

  36. Arctic says:

    Sweet. Mysterious update!

  37. Bingdat says:

    Yay! Thanks for the heads up in that edit Murdoink, can’t wait for the next update, man!

  38. Darkness_Boy says:

    Another update, I can’t wait, I hope it’s more MK2 sprites.

  39. OSC says:

    I want the Armaggedon Death Traps =(

  40. Timothy says:

    Khameleon will in fact be a playable character in the Wii version of MK: Armageddon!!!!!!

  41. ScorpionMKSM says:

    Yes! I can use girls in MK2 now! Will there be a chance of you finishing the MK2 Spritesheets. (I really wanna use Scorpion and Sub-Zero) Or finish the MK3 cyborgs.

  42. ermac17 says:

    you guys are so cool this site has helped me make all kinds of pictures! and if you could please finish the mk2 sprites that would be cool, and I was thinking about making comics too so that would be very helpful

  43. subzero913 says:

    Timothy Says:
    January 27th, 2007 at 12:37 pm
    Khameleon will in fact be a playable character in the Wii version of MK: Armageddon!!!!!!

    Reply from subzero913:

    False. According to Wikipedia, the Midway staff mambers said that Khameleon WILL NOT be in Armageddon, not even in Wii version. Khameleon fans really want her so FREAKING bad, but Madway said no. So, she is not going to be in Armageddon. The only Mortal Kombat video game that you can play as her is the Mortal Kombat Trilogy in Nintendo 64 version (she doesn’t have any moves, or finishing moves of her own, so she burrowed all the female ninjas’ moves as of one ninja at a time and not all at once). To fight against her, go to the Star Bridge with any character, uppercut your opponent, and when Dan Forden pops up and says “Toasty!” (sometimes he does that when you’re doing an uppercut or any combo), press Down + Start. If you did it quickly and sucessfully, you will be transported to the Living Forest. Sometimes, before battles begin, she will fall down and give you clues on how to fight her. When her text name is blue, she is Kitana; green, Jade; pink, Mileena.

  44. mighty_greatness says:

    hi happy 5th birday mkonline ive have heard some news that mortal kombat with come back with a new film in 2010 it is called devastation

  45. Alola_2188 says:

    how to make a vidio

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