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mugshotmugshotI’m back from my one week break from the internets, but while I was away MKW’s Staff Member Maggo ripped these:

I should mention that now Kano’s Spritesheet is 100% complete.
Coming up next: Sprites for MKII Jade, MK3 Jax, MKA mugshots, MKT screenshots and backgrounds and more, tell your friends!

21 responses to “New Spritesheets and Animations!”

  1. AceKombat says:

    Good to see the sprites back :) But I helped him rip the fatality sprites ( The torch fatality )

  2. Okoa says:

    Sweet! I’ve been looking for MK3 Liu Kang forever.

    Just out of curiosity, has Midway released more bios recently? I haven’t heard anything about that in a while.

  3. Bingdat says:

    Nice update man, please try to get that spiky ceiling in the kombat tomb next update.

  4. YES liu kang and kano geat

  5. Darkness_Boy says:

    Great update, but shouldn’t it be Mileena before Jade? Never mind, can’t wait for the next update, sounds awesome.

  6. Daleon says:

    Kano and Liu Kang? Uhm… Ok… Not some other chick? XD Anyway, good post! Can you please rip Jax MK 3?

  7. Sir Psycho says:

    100% complete?
    You missed almost all of running and walking back sprites!
    So as the Liu Kang’s low fireball sprite, and Kano’s header!
    Good job in the rest of the sprites, though.

  8. ScorpionMKSM says:

    Please finish the MK2 ninjas! Great update.

  9. Murdoink says:

    Sir Psycho, you’re wrong, look at the sprites pages again, everything you say that’s missing it’s right there

  10. AceKombat says:

    Going to edit the update ? I though this would be in it as well , but Maggo probably forgot about it . Its Kano’s fatality , the skeleton rip , without the skeleton so the skeleton won’t be in the way .

  11. burak says:

    Please finish the MK2 Mileena Sprites! Great update thanks!!! :D

  12. WeaponLord says:

    Nice job, beat me to it. Liu Kang was the first sprite set I ever ripped. But I never send it. I felt it was incomplete or something since it was my first and all. So I worked on Umk3 Scorpion instead. But props to ripping the Friendship, cause I ripped the whole frames including the finger movements with the projector screen. XD If I was to send that, it would’ve been alot of sprites.
    *deletes his Liu Kang sprites* :(

    How you get the sprite of Kano’s Jax Backbreaker on?

    And Murdoink I tried getting you to update this tiny error I did, but I’ll just say it here to make it easier. Kano-Ducking and Jumping section. The Flipping sprites (or Cannon ball attack).
    Delete the 4th sprite. It doesn’t belong. I got lazy and kept rotating the first two frames. Bad mistake.

    AceKombat can you rip Kano’s sweeping attack, his foot is cut out. And same goes for Getting Up after he’s been sweeped on, feet cut out.

  13. Ryan says:

    Very nice Thanks alot

  14. Sir Psycho says:

    Hey Murdoink, there’s must be something wrong with my PC, because I still can’t see that sprites!
    I can only see 3 animations and 13 standing positions both for Kano and Liu Kang.
    If the other sprites are really there, I probably can’t see them for some unknown reason. =/

  15. Murdoink says:

    Now that’s weird

  16. Lord V says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. AceKombat says:

    Hey here are the fixes for him sweeping , and him being sweeped ( As both of them had the foot was cut out )

    TIP for sprite rippers : Use the Pit 3 stage for the sprite rips , and then turn off bkg with cheats and since the bkg’s default color is black , use the pink background color cheat as well . You may also add the no lifebar cheat as well .

  18. rk0_jk0 says:

    brilliant! i’ve been waiting for these for ages

    thanx MKW!!!
    p.s: is it possible to get Sprites of Rain WITHOUT a white background?

  19. AceKombat says:

    Hmm , white background ? It is transparent in the page , but I guess you are probably opening up that image in paint . Use some program that have transparency tool with the painting program , Photoshop is one but it is not free . I don’t know about this one , but there is another program called GIMP , and I think it may have transparency tool , and the good thing is that its free . Give GIMP a try and see what result you get when you open a image up , if you are however viewing a white bkg for Rain in the internet , then you probably don’t have a updated version of Internet Explorer , since IE’s latest version 7 just added PNG transparency .

  20. salvador says:

    el mortal combat esta re bueno chau. !!!!!!!!

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