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Looks like all the hype about Mortal Kombat Armageddon gave me enough willpower to update the site, haha, I mean like, woah, when the game comes out it will take me a lot of time to get the content for it. :p
Anyway, here’s the list of new stuff I uploaded:

New Stuff

Thanks to ]{0MBAT for Scorpion’s Fatality sprites, now his spritesheet is finally complete. Maggo submitted those Shang Tsung sprites, ripped directly from the arenas when Shang is on the background. 4 missing Arenas were added and AMB gave me idea to add the story behind the arenas to the site, this info is displayed when you go to Kontent and select and Arena and choose “More Info” but now it’s available here so I’m kinda saving you the trouble, I’ll get to the MK:DA info soon as well.

I’ve recieved some emails about ripping sprites with MAME, so I’ll leave this link here for more info: AceKombat’s MAME cheats thread, with those cheats you can desactivate the background and rip the sprites taking screenshots, remember to go to the last page of the thread to get the lastest cheats, if you need further help check ]{0MBAT’s Sprite Comic Tutorial.
I’ll update once again during this week, before I leave to the beach for a two week vacations. ;D

15 responses to “More updates”

  1. AMB says:

    Yes, the sprites that were missing and the idea I suggest.


  2. AceKombat says:

    Yay , Nice Update Murdoink ! Hey do you think you can post sprites of the alternative fatality sprites for like sub-zero mk1 ? So maybe for a fake someone can do a Ice breath in mk1 ?

  3. jj says:

    ya wat ace kombat said i need them for my sprite comics

  4. Murdoink says:

    Oh yeah Ace, I got those sprites, it just that I was lazy to put them today

  5. sub-zero says:

    Thank god those sprites were included i was going to tell you but you had a note saying more scorpion fatality sprites comeing soon.And I was wondering when you will finish Shang Tsung mk2?

  6. Reptile007 says:

    Could you post some mk3 sprites, please? All I need is the animality transformation sprites if that helps. I’ve been waiting for those sprites. But I really like the Smoke sprites, they’re handy in a game i’m making.

  7. AceKombat says:

    Here is somethings that are missing beside the fatality alt sprites …..

    1 . Missing Scorpion and Kenshi Sprites ( Still ! )

    2 . Missing Animated Biography of MK1 characters .

    3 . Cage’s MK1 Double Uppercut Fatality

  8. Murdoink says:

    Point 2 is already done, check this

  9. jj says:

    you rule murdoink!

  10. not needed says:

    Murdoink, Johnny Cage’s shadow kick from MK1 is still missing, no pressure but please get that one

  11. MortalFighter says:

    Murdoink, i was looking around the site and i found that there aren’t that many MK2 lui kang sprites and johnny cages shadow kick from Mk1, i have the Mk2 lui kang sprites but not johnny’s. I can give the lui kang sprites and please update the shadow kick

  12. some guy says:

    in addition to what AceKombat said, there aren’t cut-out pictures for Raiden, Johnny Cage and Baraka from MK: Trilogy.

  13. -doesn't want 2 say- says:

    ‘sigh’, does anyone want to Help Nitrous find some way 2 create a website, any where, if it requires a credit card. 4-get-eat, he does not have a credit card, neither doo i,

  14. NitrousNintendo64 says:

    Lemme guess Reptile007, Flash Game or Video Game

  15. alex says:


    I read all pages in AceKombat’s MAME cheats thread and I didn’t see cheats for removing background in UMK3… Only trilogy and MKM. MAME doesn’t have mk trilogy. Can you show cheats for UMK3? How to remove bg?

    I triead 800E80CB 0001 – but it’s not working for UMK3

    Please email me))

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