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Mortal Kombat XL, the equivalent of a “Komplete Edition” with all DLC and costumes was announced today for PS4 and Xbox One. For more general info about the announcement head to Mortal Kombat Online.
This announcement along with the Kombat Pack 2 announcement don’t make any mention of the PC version, it was revealed today that KP2 and MKXL won’t be coming to PC and this directly affects the site, as the current method of obtaining in game content uses the PC version files to extract textures, renders and others graphics, so it’s truly a sad day for PC players and fans of this kind of content in the quality that’s been provided up until now.
There’s currently no way to rip content or extract files out of PS4 and/or Xbox One games (that I know of), so as of now, the plan is to put up movelists and screenshots of the new characters when they come out, but the availability of any content beyond that is in serious doubt.

10 responses to “Mortal Kombat XL announced, update on future site content”

  1. There’s always fan art.

  2. TwistedGames says:

    Hey you could have someone take an hd screenshot of the vid and then photoshop it so it could look like a character render! Idk if you get me or not, but photoshopping screenshots could at least make the character “walking up” renders possible.

  3. lElMuertol says:

    Is there any chance to get the XL edition for PC or at least the Kombat Pack 2 if we get 10,000 or more supporters on the petition?

    I want Alien or Leatherface =(

  4. Johnes says:

    I wonder when the characters pack 2 will be available here in the Mortal Kombat X page!!! All with their screen images, Rendens Tower and others !!!

  5. Hello!!! I am a fan of Mortal Kombat, I wonder when the pages of characters Kombat Pack 2 will be released here on the site, with its blows, attacks, images, renders and other towers, I am very eager to access them.

  6. WeaponTheory says:

    Are you still accepting sprites? You still got things missing, chief.

  7. WeaponTheory says:

    You still accepting sprites? I used to help long ago.

  8. want it in the werehouse

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