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Latest Updates

mugshotA new update, another new spritesheet:

Also, something many people will love:

Yup, that’s right, the_shirt_ninja has ripped a ton of blood props, people that asked for those in the comments for the last update will rejoice when they find out that these props come in three red, green and black colors, this is indeed a great addition no one ripped those until now, thanks the_shirt_ninja! And once again, credits to staff member Maggo for his work with Kabal’s spritesheet.

As always, there’s more to come still for what’s left of February, stay tuned.

34 responses to “A Bloody Update”

  1. Darkness_Boy says:

    Great work guys, first rate! Thanks for this update, it’s brilliant. Thanks again

  2. Tetra_Vega says:

    Oh, bloody hell!

    Nice, now I don’t have to swap the blood myself anymore for my comics.

    Now the infadels will be whining about something else.

  3. JediTommy8 says:


    Geez Kabal is freaky without his mask O_O

  4. jay jay says:

    im so glad we have a full kabal sheet as well as the blood

  5. Daleon says:

    Kabal and blood… Blood and Kabal… Isn’t casual, don’t it? Good work!

  6. ScorpionMKSM says:

    Only a few more spritesheets for MK3 AND 3 for MK2. Keep up the good work.

  7. Nick_Scryer says:

    Fantastic Update!

  8. NoobSaibot says:

    Very good!!!

  9. Darkness_Boy says:

    Murdoink, did you get the edited Jade sprites I sent you?

  10. Tetra_Vega says:

    The last red blood prop, in the first set is showing as a red X.

  11. Garth says:

    Murdoink, your updates are getting cheaper! Everyone knows that you rush through getting updates and dating with women before they go and have a date with another man and trying to hurry watching your favourite shows that you want to catch on T.V! Please stop doing that so people won’t get pissed off by you!!!
    P.S.: I liked those green and black blood props that you put on there, they were awesome!!!
    P.S. (inserts Shao Kahn’s voice “again?”): By the way, where did you get those green and black blood props? (I’m talking about those MK2 blood props.)

  12. Garth says:

    No Tetra_Vega, you are just seeing things! XD

  13. borat says:

    very nice! :)

  14. Murdoink says:

    lol Garth, wtf dude, I haven’t been dating, actually most of the time I’m either sleeping or playing 360, and meh, no one has really got pissed at the lack of updates (not that I know of) despite the fact that getting pissed at that might be kinda dumb.
    Anyway, I personally don’t think the updates are getting cheaper, I mean come on, at least one new spritesheet per update
    About your second P.S., the_shirt_ninja should know better, but I think that the blood in MKII and MK3 are the same.

  15. the dragon prince says:

    yhea, it is good, i never expect to see it complete.

    plus, did you know that rain´s bio is in now

  16. subzero913 says:

    Um… The blood sprites that are used when an opponent explodes during a fatality, those sprites are missing (like Kano’s Laser Eye Beam fatality and Sheeva’s Animality). Thank you for the blood sprites and the MK3 Kabal spritesheet. So, can you rip the MK3 Nightwolf spritesheet for the next update and the rest of the MK3 Jax sprites?

  17. Garth says:

    No Murdoink, you are seeing things there buddy. Those blood sheets must have been hacked there.

  18. Darkness_Boy says:

    I’m most looking forward to a Mileena sprite sheet, that and a UMK3 Reptile sprite sheet.

    Oh and Murdoink, have you received the edited Jade sprites I emailed you?

  19. TylerXtreme says:

    MKII SUB-ZERO AND SCORPION! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE! btw What is the thing called that you rip sprites with and how do I get one?

  20. Chad says:

    You are missing a lot of the Armageddon bios. You should totally update those.

  21. Arctic says:

    Nice update. Blood is finally done, like we all asked. :-)

    And in all colors too… you do too much.

  22. Spatulade says:

    That’s a good update, oh by the way i made a human smoke fake character pic because i dont like the question marks, i’ll do more if you want, how do i send it?

  23. BingD says:

    Please oh please bring us MK 2 Scorpion. I really, really need those sprites.

  24. banevsbat says:

    kabal big head fatality scares me

  25. TylerXtreme says:

    Its been 8 days…Also is Classic MK3 Sub-Zero gonna be finished any time soon?

  26. TylerXtreme says:

    9 days…

  27. Tetra_Vega says:

    Murdoink will take as long as he fucking well pleases. Please quit pestering him for shit.
    He’ll add characters when someone rips them, and sends them in.

  28. TylerXtreme says:

    10 days

  29. BingD says:

    But Tetra_vega, whenever someone makes a website that people go to often, it is expected of you to please your viewers, is it not? I agree with you, but, he has a responsibility to his viewers.


  31. vempiroth says:

    hi u all. hey guys im searching for the voice pack of shao kahn ( flawless victory, fatality, finish him, HAHAHAA and bla bla lol) does anyone have it in here? im actually working on a clip and a really need it. pls reply

  32. Rex says:

    you guys rock out loud and I’m 9 years old and tell the Baraka Character I said hi

  33. zack says:

    make a mortal kombat armagedon2 and put evry guy in mortal kombat and make evry body with different coustumes not the ones on armagedon so later.

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