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mugshotMKW has reached yet another milestone, at last all of the spritesheets for Mortal Kombat II are complete! Here’s the lastest addition:

Of course this is thanks to staff member Maggo, we’ll now begin uploading MK3 spritesheets until completion, stick around.

Update: I also put the following MKA Bios up:

39 responses to “All MKII Spritesheets are now Complete!”

  1. Murdoink says:

    Of course I’m not considering Noob Saibot as a legit spritesheet for the game, since he’s just a ninja painted all black (not like his UMK3 version), nevertheless, we’ll upload his spritesheet soon enough.

  2. Superawesomeness says:


  3. Superawesomeness says:

    wait, is Mileena’s gettin fat and exploding blood supposed to be…not red?

  4. chameleon says:

    Awesome job! Top notch! You also made a typo. You said “at las”. Get MK3 Cyrax after Noob Saibot.

  5. Murdoink says:

    Oops, typo fixed.

  6. chameleon says:

    You also forgot to put up Raiden’s bio and Mileena’s last victory pose [regular] sprite.

  7. chameleon says:

    Superawesomeness Says:
    May 21st, 2007 at 9:06 pm
    wait, is Mileena’s gettin fat and exploding blood supposed to be…not red?

    Sorry Superawesomeness. I just played MKII, did Kitana’s kiss fatality on Mileena, paused it just right, and saw that is really Mileena’s blown up sprite. Oh yeah. Murdoink, are you including MK3 Noob Saibot’s spritesheet?

  8. Murdoink says:

    Fixed, thanks for pointing it out.
    And I don’t think I’ll put up MK3 Noob Saibot’s sprites.

  9. chameleon says:

    Is that really Mileena’s soul stolen sprites? Hmm…

  10. Legend_armlet says:

    MK2 is finally done: But why didn’t u include Baraka’s combos and Raiden’s animality ,combos and MKT bodyparts as you put both their MK2 and MKT sprites together?

  11. Murdoink says:

    It’s because they’re not up yet, we’ll eventually upload MKT sprites (of MKII characters) but MKII (as it is) is complete.

  12. Malenko says:

    Well, I wouldn’t say its complete, there are in fact a few things missing. Firstly, Mileenas sheet isn’t complete, her “Soul Stole” sprites are incomplete (ie half there) and You lumped Shao Kahn’s MKII and MK3 sprites together and hes missing the sprites for his arrow toss. There may be more, but thats all Ive noticed. Im not complaining its still a fantastical collection

  13. reptile_master says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY mileena sprites!!!!

    oh yeah i agree with superawesomeness that this about the blood…same thing with jade

  14. Tetra_Vega says:

    If you wanna be real picky, you could point out that projectiles are missing, including some shadow move effects(Kahn’s Shadow shoulder, and Victory knee). Oh, lets not forget the still incomplete sections for some character’s.

    We’re not here to nitpick, we’re here to be thankful we have such a site.
    Unless you plan on ripping the missing sprites yourself, suck it up princess.

  15. Murdoink says:

    Haha I know, I thank you guys for pointing out what the site’s missing and what it needs to be added, you know we’ll get to that obviously.
    About the stolen soul sprites, that’s how the game shows it, check it yourself.

  16. chameleon says:

    Malenko, that’s how Shao Kahn appears in MK2 and MK3. His arrow toss sprites are there. If your looking for his arrow, go to MK2, scroll down a bit and find FIREBALLS. Wait a bit and you’ll see the arrow. Now Murdoink, since MK2 has all of the spritesheets, you should put the fireballs in the right spritesheets or remove them if there already there.

  17. chameleon says:

    Do you have Kintaro’s fireball? Speaking of fire, you haven’t forgotten about stage props and fire/body props? Plz include some for future updates.

  18. Malenko says:

    What I was saying is that the arrow sprite isn’t in the Kahn set, but Mileena’s sai shot is in hers, as is kitana’s fans etc. The reason why Kahns sprites shouldnt be lumped together is that he didn’t have the hammer move in MKII and he didnt have the arrow move in MK3. I honestly thought the arrow in the sprites section was nightwolfs *shrug*.

    as for the sole stole sprites appearing like that , there no way half the sprite disappears. I don’t have the time to play and check right now but Im 99.9% positive it was ripped improperly

  19. Patrick McInnes says:

    How about the selection sprites for Puzzle Kombat from Mortal Kombat Deception? Those would be neat although there are only a select few

  20. weaponlord says:

    MKII is not completed.
    MK II Kung Lao FriendShip is missing two sprites at the beginning.
    Sorry I been meaning to tell you this for a long while.

    For those arguing about the Mileena Soul stolen sprites.
    That’s how it is. It wasn’t ripped wrong, that’s how Midway programmed it so blame them :P
    Same goes for the “Kiss of Death” explosion. Which btw Murdoink it’s [Lk]F F D F[/Lk]

    @ Legend_armlet
    “Raiden’s animality”
    Woah Raiden has an animality? O_o

  21. BingD says:

    What’s next? I’m hoping UMK3 Sub-Zero’s next, I can’t wait for him.

  22. Malenko says:

    I now have a the reason WHY the sprites look the way they do, its because the sprite is covered by the green “soul” effect, I feel retarded I took the time to play in mame and advance 1 frame at a time during the move when if you go to Shang Tsung’s page they have a video clip of him stealing Kitana’s soul and you can see the sprites and why they do what they do.

    I think the sprite could have been ripped better (with the green effect) but thats not to say whats ripped is wrong.

  23. Legend_armlet says:


    I guess u did not play MK Trilogy.

  24. Superawesomeness says:

    I dunno if its been posted already but don’t you guys have to finish Jax?

  25. chameleon says:

    So, what’s next? MKT sprites or polishing of the remaining 3 spritesheets [Jax,Cyrax,Noob] of MK2/MK3? If MKT, you gotta try all the fatalities that have it’s own sprites (triple separation, super skinny, burned, shocked, blown away, head blown up, sucked in, no bones) on the classic characters. I don’t believe Baraka, Raiden[both], and MK2 Kung Lao have any combo sprites. They probally still will have special body part sprites. Don’t forget to look at News Archives, May 2006, MKII Johnny Cage’s spritesheet, comments, comment 7 by Hornbuckle. The links will be really helpful even though it won’t include MK1 Kano’s victory pose.

  26. AceKombat says:

    I gave some Kano MKT sprites to Maggo , and probably to Murdoink too . I have some shocked classic animations in the mko fan sub forums , just look for animation forum by Maggo , I included my shock animations of MKT classics in page 2 .

  27. Steel Jay says:

    Hey, didnt you miss the noob saibot sheet for mk 2? sorry i just am wondering

  28. Steel Jay says:

    never mind my last comment, cant wait for the next sheet!

  29. tonshaad1230 says:

    i think that having more spirtes for mileena is reall great today i finnaly did her altnate fight stance
    which is kitana`s fight stance

  30. unknownsolder says:

    you should still get noob Sprites cuz when i try to make it i just screw up

  31. classic sub zero says:

    hey,acekombat,do you have a website?

  32. Great! Any Chameleon Sprites later (Like i said)

  33. Murdoink says:

    There are no Chameleon sprites, because he’s transparent

  34. rotinaj says:

    Noob is the last sprite. Its pretty easy, get a ninja and paint it all black

  35. esrever says:

    If it works it could be used for noob saibot

  36. I Know how to make em’ Transparent, Murdoink!

  37. reply from: Murdoink asking me

    I said: I dunno i make more Chameleon Sprites

  38. jason bates says:

    is there goning to be a mythologies section?

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