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mugshotYet another great spritesheet submission by Maggo:

Also, sorry to tell you but I’m currently really busy with university-related stuff so I think I won’t be able to update ’til next weekend, we’ll continue our schedule of updates, which is: MK1 & MKII Animations and MK3 & MKT Spritesheets.

58 responses to “UMK3 Human Smoke Spritesheet”

  1. classic sub-zero says:

    is rain a lin kuei? cuz in mk:armageddon, he does the lin kuei victory pose.

  2. Someone says:

    of course rain is a lin kuei

  3. Does Chameleon have a website?

  4. Aaron says:

    The Human smoke looks to me like a GHOST

  5. Smokey.... says:

    i don’t know how to transform smoke robot into human in mortal kombat ultimate on my super nintendo

  6. marcus lane says:

    I demand a mk1 smoke sprite sheet.

  7. Ice of the Lin Kuei says:

    Rain is Lin Kuei? I always thought he is deserted Edenian (like Ruby) and his inappropriate biography in some UMK3 versions is Tremor’s.

  8. jordan shoes says:

    Thanks for good news!

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