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mugshotI know it’s kinda delayed but here it is:

This is of course thanks to our staff member Maggo, also thanks to the_shirt_ninja who submitted the sprites that were already up.
During these days I’ve been planning to do a major facelift to the site during next month, that includes uploading every (minor) sprite we’re missing from our completed spritesheets and maybe designing a new theme.
And before I forget: there’s a MK:Armageddon for Wii Fatality Movelist on Mortal Kombat Online, you should definitely check it out.

I’d also like to take advantage of this space and salute my Dad because today is his 42th birthday, so happy birthday, Dad!

56 responses to “MK3 Jax Spritesheet”

  1. classic sub zero says:

    murdoink,can you please get the gba sprites for mk:deadly alliance shang tsung???????

  2. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    classic sub zero Says:
    July 10th, 2007 at 9:54 pm
    who is hydro???????and is tremor a lin kuei?????

    Well, tremor was part of the black dragon clan… and hydro, i think someone made him up. :/

  3. classic sub zero says:

    ok,thanx,a friend of mine said that in mythologies,there is a guy named hydro

  4. classic sub zero says:

    does acekombat hav a website?

  5. Murdoink says:

    Nope, he doesn’t

  6. Kanoheart54 says:

    Hey,Murdoink,do you have all the games of mortal kombat?

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