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screenshotAs preparation for what will be the site’s fifth birthday this tuesday:

  • Mortal Kombat
    • 107 Animations for all ten characters (Around 9 for each one)

Maggo made those animations, while I ripped the MK:U bios since I got some emails requesting them.
We’ve got great plans for this tuesday so stay tuned!

24 responses to “MK:Unchained Bios and 107 MK1 Animations”

  1. Tetra_Vega says:

    Awesome! Will there be cyber cake?

  2. Ghost5 says:

    thanks :D
    the bios where a long time comming

  3. classik sub zero says:

    YAY,but,u know,noob saibot does have a fatality in mk4:it is the deep freeze uppercut(same button combination as sub-zero’s)

  4. classik sub zero says:

    and i think its the same thing with reiko’s shuriken blast

  5. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    Tetra, i bring the punch though! lol nice update w00t w00t

  6. nick09 says:

    nice update i have made some MKIII stage(about 14)if anyone wants them go to my website above and go to my mugen creations to download.

  7. Okoa says:

    Happy birthday, MKW!

  8. Arctic says:

    Great animation and bios! The bios have a much clearer render of the MK:D characters. Probably perfect for signatures!

    Good job! And Happy Almost 5th birthday to MKW!

  9. devil_egg says:

    on tuesday are you going to upload alot of sprites?

  10. classik sub zero says:

    um,when will you guys finally add the arenas for mk:deadly alliance?

  11. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    I just made (like 5 min ago) this sweet animation using the last updated sheet! it was also amazingly time consuming to save every one of the sprites on his page.

    in short, a good update and a better last update!

  12. JohnnyC says:

    Congratulations, MKW team! Excellent work so far! :)

  13. Weaponlord says:

    Jonny Cage’s getting hit animations are hilarious! XD

  14. devil_egg says:

    tomorrow there will be lots of mk animated gifs. maggo sent them to murdionk, so they should be there.

  15. Tetra_Vega says:

    Happy 5th Birthday MKW! This site has continued to be the #1 sprite resource for MK, which is largely ignored by most spriting sites. Total dedication to a unique community. Here’s to another 5, and a hell of a lot more.

  16. classik sub zero says:

    murdoink,u r so awesome!i bet hookers pay U to “take care” of them,lol

  17. classik sub zero says:

    ok,that last one was kind of sick,lol

  18. Good But The MK-U Bios are Gone

  19. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 4rm4gedd0n says:

    I Make Hydro Sprites…Ripped by me and one Credited Sprite is Mario Style with a Mortal Kombat

  21. subbbbbby says:


  22. Scorpion's Render says:

    Truley happy for the new sprites but i really didn’t want a MK Vs Dc thing i mean Dc is a kids thing and that sucks

    Also I wish for Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sprites Because it was truley a good Game

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