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Here they are, by popular demand:

As usual these spritesheets were ripped by Staff Member Maggo, also thanks to some people who sent in some sprites.

42 responses to “Noob Saibot Spritesheets”

  1. BingD says:

    Alright! Noob saibot!

  2. noob_saibot says:


  3. chmeleon says:

    I like how there is blood in the body parts for noob. WTF? On MK3 Noob’s MAIN page 3 of his sprites won’t show up and two of them are really stretched. They’re fine on his sprite page though..XD

  4. Murdoink says:

    Whoops, my bad.
    The stretched sprites are fixed now.

  5. ssub-zzero says:

    great update!

    murdoink is it possible that u make zip files from the sprite sheets?


  6. chmeleon says:

    thnx. you’re doing an (shao kahn voice) OUTSTANDING! (end shao kahn voice) job. now there is just missing sprites like mkt or incomplete sprite sheets like umk3 rain’s.

  7. Error Macro says:

    i’m not “chmeleon” anymore.

  8. Timothy says:

    Will be Khameleon sprites?

  9. ilovegearsofwarandmk says:

    Timothy Says:
    October 16th, 2007 at 10:01 am
    Will be Khameleon sprites?

    WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS….. NO!!! >:-(

    anywho, i’m beggin for MKSZ sprites, and i might make a MUGEN character for yalls to use with it.
    Yes, it would me Sub-Zero

  10. superawesomeness says:

    Khameleon is RIPABLE but it’d take years to complete. She is transparent (see through)so whoever attempted to do it would have to rip her from EVERY arena, from every single spot in the arena, and…well you get the point. Both her and Chameleon are techinally un-ripable.

  11. reptile_master says:

    oh FINALLY,to be honest i forgot all about noob and thought reptile was the last.

  12. reptile_master says:

    Timothy there will be no chameleon or khameleon sprites since they’re transparent

  13. trynax says:

    Sweet the Noobs are up and looking great! Keep up the cool work!

  14. Noobsaibot444 says:

    Finally the thing what I’ve been waiting for, THANKS!!!

  15. banevsbat says:

    could there be a shaolin monks section

  16. ERror Saibot says:

    Are there going to be any prop/stage updates? If there is, don’t forget MKDA stages!

  17. ScapeRunePlaya says:

    Didn’t one of the Capcom fighting games have shadow characters such as The Hulk?

  18. WeaponTheory says:

    ScapeRunePlaya Says:
    October 22nd, 2007 at 7:09 pm
    Didn’t one of the Capcom fighting games have shadow characters such as The Hulk?

    I dunno what this have to do with Mortal Kombat but the game I can recall was Marvel vs Capcom.
    There were hidden characters, Shadow Lady which was basically Chun-Li darken. As for The Hulk, there was a Orange Hulk. And a character in Marvel vs Street Fighter called Shadow, who was basically the Street Fighter character name Charlie but darken.

  19. Arctic says:

    On topic. Thanks for the Noob sprites!

  20. The S says:

    You guys actually did MK3 Saibot and finished the MK2 one? o.o I LOVE YOU!

  21. Error Macro says:

    Do you plan on putting up music,sounds,fakes,palette swaps,etc.? After all, this is a “warehouse”.

  22. Legend_armlet says:

    Murdoink, There are still to many mistakes about the characters special moves section. Please, fix that.

  23. Murdoink says:

    What special moves?

  24. Error Macro says:

    Murdoink’s right. Noob only borrowed Scorpion’s spear which you can get in his section. Other than that, he doesn’t have special moves.

  25. Legend_armlet says:

    I wasn’t actually talking about Noob Saibot sprites.
    That’s what I meant: Just look at classic Sub-Zero in the UMK3 section for example. Not all his finishing moves are mentionned. And there are other characters where some of their special moves movement are not right. (Take Kitana’s kiss fatality in the MK2 section).

  26. SpikeUltralon says:

    You should put up sounds
    For example: FIGHT (Shoa Kahn) or sombody getting hit and stuff like that

  27. Burak says:

    Will be “Bloody Explore” sprites and “Other Bone” sprites?

    Bloody Explore and Other Bone Examples: “”

  28. Burak says:

    No! There is no this sprites.

    I request this, this and this. Please, rip these sprites with all condition. Thanks Murdoink! :) :) :)

  29. Noobsaibot444 says:

    When the new update?

  30. Error Macro says:

    Here are Rain’s missing sprites:
    7th punch sprite, some high kick sprites, scorpion combo kick sprites, last “being hit” sprite, scorpion spear pulling aprites, finsher sprites, and body part sprites. Post missing sprites from the link above to make life easier.

  31. interloko says:

    chamaleon and khameleon is un-ripeable but it’s possible to obtain the sprites since they are from the anothers male and female ninjas.
    i’ll try to do some of them.

  32. interloko says:

    two things:

    1 – we (the mkp team) have the “Bloody Explore” sprites and “Other Bone” sprites (the ones that said Burak)

    2 – yes, cham and kham are un-ripeable but i tried to make the sprites and had good luck… i guess :P

    finally, i don’t want to make the complete spritesheet of cham and/or kham. if someone else is interested.. go ahead ;)

  33. mk fan says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to say great site! I’m not a memeber, but I’ve been here many times for years now and I must say your site keeps getting better and better. I’m very impressed. It looks as though your very well close to completing your goal of having everything mk related from mk 1 to Armaggedon. However I have a suggestion. I was wondering if it were possible if you guys could capture sprites from the hand helds. What I mean is the Game Boy andvance and psp series. Examples include MK Deadly aliance, MK Tournament additon, and MK Unchained. I myself own MK Deadly Alliance for GBA and I have noticed the Midway team includes some neat things in it not seeen in their consol versions. For example MKDA for GBA includes the House of Pekara stage as well as the OIA Base that Hsu Hao blew up. On top of that the characters get some pretty wicked costumes that include animai and gothic appearnces. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play this game I suggest you do because it is pretty fun. Anyways if any of you guys could capture sprites from that it’d be cool. I know you guys managed to capture Scorpion and Kenshi already, but why not do the other characters? Just a suggestion that I thought would not only enhance your site more but also give you guys a chance to still update now that your Armaggedon section is nearly complete. I’m sure you guys will have PLENTY of time to capture these sprites, if you take my suggestion, since MK8 is a LONG, LONG way away. Sorry this is so long, but it’s my 1st time writing and I had much to say after observing this site all these years. Thanks for all your hardwork to all the guys on this site and I hope you’ll find my suggestion useful.
    A mysterious MK Fan with a past shrouded in Mystery.

  34. Noobsaibot444 says:

    anyway I’m begin to make edited sprites :P

  35. SanjiSasuke says:

    You should make different transparent color, when you use black they are almost impossible to use.

  36. big sub fan says:

    awsome work on those sprites

    but do you think you can get any mkt raiden sprites

  37. TaterTM says:

    I’m in the middle of making a complete Chameleon sheet from the UMK3 ninja sheets which are all basically the same. I’m not including any special moves or fatalities seeing as he wasn’t in the game, but all stances and basic attacks are included. Here’s a sample for everyone.

    If you guys want the sprite sheet let me know.

  38. TaterTM says:

    Sorry, the sprite link didn’t paste.
    Like I said, if you want the sheet just let me know.

  39. Mick-Lucifer says:

    Has anyone else been getting weird loading from pages on MKW? Loading that can’t be stopped.
    Specifically it won’t let me save from the main page (images try to save as “blank.png”).

  40. marcus lane says:

    I found some sprites on the internet of noob saibot as if he was from mk1! I also found mk1 sprites of ermac and ofcourse the secret fighter reptile. So is it possible to put mk1 noob,reptile,and ermac on to your website. i can tell you where to find them. i found them some where in the google images. i found noob by tipping this in: mk1 smoke.but i still cant find smoke.mabey you could find him?

  41. yashdixit says:

    if kung lao kills you

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