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It’s time for some miscellaneous props that we were missing:

Thanks to my good ol’ pal interloko for these.

8 responses to “Various Props”

  1. AceKombat says:

    Great job . , the wait is almost coming to an end . BTW the Mortal Kombat Raiden props are linked wrong , and the title of Mortal Kombat as well . Fix plz and good work :) .

  2. interloko says:

    thanx for your cheats AceKombat ;)
    those help me a lot to re-rip kabal’s sprites (with pl2 pallete), as a funny note: when you are with kabal’s second pallete, not all of his sprites have blue pants XDDD (some of them has pl1 colours like some of decap etc.)
    also helped me to rip some sprites i sent to murdoink.

  3. Tetra Vega says:

    The link to Johnny’s Friendship sprites is broken.

  4. Murdoink says:

    Whoops, it’s fixed now.

  5. BingD says:

    Can you rip the rest of the MK warrior shrine? The middle part is there, but, the outer parts of the stage are not there, not from what I can see.

  6. interloko says:

    outer parts? can you post a pic to show me that?

  7. BingD says:

    I don’t know where there is a pic, but, the sides of the stage. Where the rest of the statues are.

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