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mugshotThere’s always something else to add to this site. This time it’s something many people have asked for:

Thanks to RatonMalo and Maggo for this spritesheet!
I also updated the MK vs DC page with the lastest renders, and I should continue to update the site following your lastest suggestions.

32 responses to “MKT Khameleon Spritesheet”

  1. Murdoink says:

    I should also say I’m sorry for not paying enough attention to your feedback lately, I think I’ve been playing too much TF2 and GTAIV.

  2. FREEZE says:


  3. FREEZE says:


  4. joe says:

    Wow, another spritesheet!

  5. Maggo says:

    Attention everyone!!! Chameleon is just all the male ninjas, just transparent. He has no sprites of his own, technically speaking, so plz stop asking. And Mur, you didn’t give me & RatonMalo credit for the Khameleon sprites.

  6. BingD says:

    Khameleon. Nice.

  7. santiago says:

    ┬┐cuando se completara las finisher,dizzy y body parts de jonny cage?

  8. FREEZE says:

    make MK VS DC for PS2 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. FREEZE says:

    MKP MORTAL KOMBAT PROJECTGET CHAMELEON FROM THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. FREEZE says:

    have you heard of mk project anyway?

  11. G-mel 0010 says:

    Hey did you know that with MK1 Sub-Zero’s Fatality you are missing a sprite if you do the fatality look closly when he lifts the head off then you will see your missing sprite

  12. G-mel 0010 says:

    and if your gonna make chameleon make his colour black and his skin normal

  13. FREEZE says:

    no way make his colour more minty greenesh and and his skin pale

  14. FREEZE says:

    are thay making new characters on MK???????????????

  15. HOLA soy santiago y cambie mi nombre.bueno ┬┐cual sprite haran la proxima semana?

  16. Timothy says:

    Maggo!!! I want sprites of Ermac MK 1 and of Skarlet MK 2.

  17. guilherme s says:


    Eu amo ela!

  18. gariann says:

    please put johnny cage, ermac, rain, reptile, kabal, sindel, kung lao, cyrax, sector, and smoke. GO MORTAL KOMBAT!

  19. MK Web says:

    PLEASE get the following:

    *MK trilogy fatalities and animalities
    *Fix the stage fatalities in MK3 and UMK3
    *Please please PLEASE get those MKT and UMK3 fatalities!!!

    Thanks. Need ’em. PLEASE! I NEED THEM!!!

  20. warlord says:

    Would chameleon belong to the same place as khameleon and reptile?

  21. Sm0keH says:

    All of these posts reek of fail.

    On a lighter note, good job on getting Khameleon spritesheets. I believe lots of people have been waiting for it.

  22. mk fan says:

    Great spritesheet. I know everyone has been waiting for these. Any chance you’ll do Chameleon’s sprite sheet as well? Also are you going to add the trailers and commericials for MK VS DC to your movie section? Or can we look foward to this section becoming updated in the near future? I noticed this site has been updated on anything MK related in a while. Just wondering. Keep up the good work!

  23. marcus lane says:

    I have been wondering when you guys will get the sprtes for the male chameleon from the mortal kombat trilogy? if youve ever confrounted him, please give him some sprties.

  24. marcus lane says:

    oh! I almost forgot how do you keep one of the background themes to stay? when ever i click on something and i have a different background it always goes back to the armageddon one! can you please help me?

  25. Le@N says:

    I have many ripped sprites from arcade mks, how I can send it on this site??

  26. daniel says:

    hola, he visto todo los sprite de todos los perosonajes de mktrilogy y he visto q falta algunos sprite, como por ejemplo, el desmayo de reyden (MK2). por favor, espero q lo pongan, gracias

  27. mGlottalstop says:

    Is it just my computer, or are the Kitana’s Friendship sprites missing from Khameleon’s sheet?

  28. lucrecia says:

    me gusta ese juego
    para mi es el mejor juego de lucha mortal

  29. Murdoink, hi, I have recently created a new website, Mortal Kombat Guide Wikia. Can you plese go their?

  30. just type in “”

  31. i’m sorry, “”

  32. Ashanti Adams says:

    I Think Yall Should Bring Back Rain Please!!!!

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