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Ashrah: What hell spawned you?
Ashrah: You will never find out.

Ashrah: You are all that remains of my sins.
Ashrah: The evil within you cannot be destroyed.

Ashrah: Quan Chi is to blame for this.
Ashrah: Who else wields such dark magic?

Ashrah: You also desire absolution?
Ashrah: I seek it with every swipe of my blade.

Ashrah: How is your soul already redeemed?
Ashrah: I am an unrelenting foe of evil.

Ashrah: Together we can rid all realms of evil.
Ashrah: It's a task I must face alone.

Ashrah: You must live in unbearable pain.
Baraka: The suffering makes me stronger.

Ashrah: How did a merchant learn to fight?
Baraka: I was once in Outworld's military.

Ashrah: Kombat won't ease your symptoms.
Baraka: But for a while, I will forget them.

Ashrah: Your kin have forsaken you?
Baraka: Down to the last member of my family.

Ashrah: The sorcerers made you their stooge.
General Shao: And for that, both will pay.

Ashrah: Your father's soul resides in the Netherrealm.
General Shao: Impossible. He died with honor.

Ashrah: Conquest is inherently evil.
General Shao: How can a demon be so naïve?

Ashrah: You fixed your sickly body, but not your sickly heart.
General Shao: Your judgement holds no water, Ashrah.

Ashrah: Was I alive in previous timelines?
Geras: You have sought absolution in all of them.

Ashrah: I have never met a being like you.
Geras: I am unique in all of creation.

Ashrah: I must know, Geras. Is my future set?
Geras: There is no fate but what you make.

Ashrah: Many would envy your eternal life.
Geras: It is not the utopia they think.

Ashrah: Why seek Seido's downfall?
Havik: Because its 'order' is actually oppression.

Ashrah: What purpose is served by killing innocents?
Havik: Their deaths pave the way for freedom.

Ashrah: The anger in your heart is evil.
Havik: My fury is righteous and pure.

Ashrah: I embrace your cause, not your methods.
Havik: You hypocrite, Ashrah.

Ashrah: You have poor taste in disguises.
Johnny Cage: When will you forgive me for that hat?

Ashrah: Your Hollywood is rife with evil.
Johnny Cage: You don't need your kriss to know that.

Ashrah: So you were once married?
Johnny Cage: Amazing anyone would let me go, right?

Ashrah: I will fight without fail until I am absolved.
Johnny Cage: You are truly a wonder, woman.

Ashrah: You fought bravely against Shang Tsung.
Johnny Cage: That's just life imitating art, sweetheart.

Ashrah: I am sorry your ancestors embraced wicked ways.
Kenshi: And I for the centuries of pain they caused.

Ashrah: Can I trust Johnny Cage?
Kenshi: He's got an ego, but he's as good as his word.

Ashrah: Your infirmity doesn't stop you.
Kenshi: Not as long as I wield Sento.

Ashrah: We have a long road ahead.
Kenshi: We'll travel it together, Ashrah.

Ashrah: To save those like him, Syzoth needs you.
Kitana: He has the Crown's backing, Ashrah.

Ashrah: My kriss senses no evil in you at all.
Kitana: That can't possibly be right.

Ashrah: You do not mind living in your sister's shadow?
Kitana: My only ambition is to serve the Empire.

Ashrah: If the Netherrealm can gain a foothold --
Kitana: It won't, as long as I command Outworld's army.

Ashrah: I'm sorry, Kung Lao, but I am spoken for.
Kung Lao: What's Syzoth got that I haven't got?

Ashrah: My lessons with Master Kai go well.
Kung Lao: Has he been teaching you my Leaping Cheetah style?

Ashrah: So you were a farm hand before this?
Kung Lao: From a humble start came greatness.

Ashrah: I've heard a lot about your Madam Bo.
Kung Lao: She is the toughest woman in Fengjian.

Ashrah: Yes, I was with the Earthrealmers that night.
Li Mei: Sun Do's First Constable never forgets a face.

Ashrah: I sense much evil in Sun Do.
Li Mei: Help me rid the city of it, Ashrah.

Ashrah: I admire how you rebuilt your life.
Li Mei: We must make the most of second chances.

Ashrah: Quan Chi is still in Outworld.
Li Mei: If he's in Sun Do, I'll find him.

Ashrah: I actually like Kung Lao's nickname for me.
Liu Kang: Shaolin Demon' is too irreverent.

Ashrah: It is an awesome burden, being Keeper of Time.
Liu Kang: That is why it can drive one mad.

Ashrah: Geras says I have never achieved absolution.
Liu Kang: I intend this timeline to be different.

Ashrah: I am proud to be one of your champions.
Liu Kang: You have earned it, Ashrah.

Ashrah: I sense a jealous heart, Empress.
Mileena: Of whom would I be jealous?

Ashrah: The Order of Light will capture Quan Chi.
Mileena: When you do so, turn him over to me.

Ashrah: There is nothing evil about you and Tanya.
Mileena: There is to those wedded to Umgadi tradition.

Ashrah: The magic that binds Ermac will corrupt your parents' souls.
Mileena: What can be done, Ashrah?

Ashrah: You know of my kriss?
Nitara: There's no Vaeternian who doesn't.

Ashrah: Destroying Vaeternus will assure my ascension!
Nitara: Committing genocide will expiate your sins?

Ashrah: Your kind belong in the Netherrealm.
Nitara: Shall we go to hell together?

Ashrah: Scurry back to the shadows, Nitara.
Nitara: You won't be the one to banish me.

Ashrah: The realms do not need another conqueror.
Omni-Man: You'll feel differently once I take over.

Ashrah: I, too, have walked in darkness. But I repented.
Omni-Man: Repent all you want, my conscience is clear.

Ashrah: You've not an ounce of compassion.
Quan Chi: I have no use for it, Ashrah.

Ashrah: Free my sisters of your bondage.
Quan Chi: Their lives belong to me.

Ashrah: There is no one in the Netherrealm more evil.
Quan Chi: You haven't met Valtik, have you?

Ashrah: It will please me to take your life.
Quan Chi: Spoken like a true demon.

Ashrah: Sareena deserves better than to be your slave.
Quan Chi: I will never grant her freedom, Ashrah.

Ashrah: You sent Moloch and Drahmin to assassinate me?
Quan Chi: Cleary they weren’t up to the task.

Ashrah: Do you ever miss Fengjian?
Raiden: I miss home every day.

Ashrah: Liu Kang has been so generous.
Raiden: Because he understands your true potential.

Ashrah: The Netherrealm horrors defy belief.
Raiden: I can only imagine.

Ashrah: Master Kai says I must defeat you to advance.
Raiden: Then give it your best, Ashrah.

Ashrah: Seido's destruction was an act of pure evil!
Rain: You're not the only one seeking absolution.

Ashrah: If you were to die today, your soul --
Rain: I know where it's going, demon.

Ashrah: Your gift with hydromancy: is it innate?
Rain: It took years of toil to make it look that way.

Ashrah: I could smite you, but I would rather see you redeemed.
Rain: What if the latter proves impossible?

Ashrah: Shao has twisted your virtues beyond recognition.
Reiko: You pontificate on things you don't understand.

Ashrah: What good is there in throwing Outworld into chaos?
Reiko: From it will rise a shining new order.

Ashrah: Each life you take draws your soul closer to the Netherrealm.
Reiko: My motives are no less pure than yours, Ashrah.

Ashrah: The Netherrealm, not Earthrealm, threatens the Empire.
Reiko: Neither is a friend of Outworld!

Ashrah: Must you return to Outworld?
Reptile: Yes, Ashrah. I have been appointed the Empress's emissary.

Ashrah: With you at my side, absolution seems within reach.
Reptile: I'll do whatever I can to help.

Ashrah: If you could become fully human, would you?
Reptile: In my heart, I am Zaterran.

Ashrah: The Order of Light needs you, Syzoth.
Reptile: I know, but my duties lie elsewhere.

Ashrah: Bi-Han can be redeemed.
Scorpion: I don't see how that's possible.

Ashrah: I would see all evil destroyed.
Scorpion: That fire burns with me, too.

Ashrah: How are you like a scorpion?
Scorpion: I have its strength and its sting.

Ashrah: I'd do well to follow your example.
Scorpion: Then start by studying my kombat.

Ashrah: You can't possibly explain away your evil.
Shang Tsung: How ignorant. You don't know me at all.

Ashrah: Are you not aware that you repulse people?
Shang Tsung: I am, Ashrah. I just don't care.

Ashrah: My kriss will slit your throat.
Shang Tsung: Poor Ashrah. You will be sorely disappointed.

Ashrah: You aren't born of the Netherrealm?
Shang Tsung: Not to the best of my knowledge.

Ashrah: Why do *you* require absolution?
Sindel: Even a good sovereign must occasionally do evil.

Ashrah: I am heartbroken that I could not save the Living Forest.
Sindel: You are not responsible for Quan Chi's crimes.

Ashrah: No Netherrealmer has fought in the tournament?
Sindel: Nor has any ever received an invitation.

Ashrah: Rain's change of heart is genuine.
Sindel: It may not be enough to save him.

Ashrah: Who was it that taught you magic?
Smoke: Xiaoqing, the Lin Kuei's Elder Arcanist.

Ashrah: Your anger with Bi-Han still smolders?
Smoke: Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Ashrah: Liu Kang expects us to defeat Shang Tsung?
Smoke: He won't overcome your sword and my smoke.

Ashrah: Beware of young Hanzo's rage, Tomas.
Smoke: Don't worry. Kuai Liang and I will tame it.

Ashrah: Your path leads only to darkness
Sub-Zero: A Lin Kuei finds strength in the shadows.

Ashrah: What kind of son betrays his father?
Sub-Zero: One who sees his father's time has passed.

Ashrah: There are many in the Netherrealm just like you.
Sub-Zero: You conflate ambition with evil, Ashrah.

Ashrah: We will break your grip on the Lin Kuei.
Sub-Zero: It will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Ashrah: A new evil rises to threaten the royal family.
Tanya: Elaborate, Ashrah.

Ashrah: To save the Empress, you must go with me to Nekros.
Tanya: The city is no myth? It exists?!

Ashrah: You find comfort in the divine.
Tanya: Not just comfort. Purpose.

Ashrah: Things have changed quickly since the Empress's ascension.
Tanya: She's determined to make the most of her rule.


Baraka: When Tarkat takes my mind, you must kill me.
Ashrah: You have my word.

Baraka: So I look like a demon to you?
Ashrah: How many times must I apologize, Baraka?

Baraka: I never wish to see the Netherrealm.
Ashrah: Then keep your soul pure of evil.

Baraka: Will this hasten your absolution?
Ashrah: This one is just for fun.

Baraka: You're not diseased?
Baraka: Diseased?! I was born this way!

Baraka: My Tarkatans aren't like yours.
Baraka: Then they'll be meat for the tribe.

Baraka: My people are hemmed in like cattle.
Baraka: Mine freely roam the Kuatan Plains.

Baraka: Every day, I'm more feral than the last.
Baraka: We are doomed to become monsters, Baraka.

Baraka: Teermakus?! Is that you?
Baraka: I now share your affliction, Brother.

Baraka: Seeing you reminds me how ugly I've become.
Baraka: There's a reason we don't own mirrors.

Baraka: And to think I once proudly served you.
General Shao: It's to your shame you don't again.

Baraka: As a soldier, I swore the same oath you did.
General Shao: But clearly only I remember what it means.

Baraka: To win, you'd tear Outworld down?
General Shao: To its foundations, if I have to.

Baraka: I doubt any Tarkatan would follow you.
General Shao: How poorly you know your people, Baraka.

Baraka: Why does Liu Kang let good people suffer?
Geras: Not even he controls everything, Baraka.

Baraka: How was my disease cured in prior timelines.
Geras: It wasn't. It didn't exist.

Baraka: If Liu Kang expects me to pray to him --
Geras: He wishes nothing of the kind.

Baraka: Tarkat is a cruel fate, Geras.
Geras: As Liu Kang has told you, we cannot cure it.

Baraka: You're giving my people bad ideas.
Havik: I'm teaching them to fight for their freedom!

Baraka: Stay away from the colony, Havik.
Havik: You've no right to give me orders.

Baraka: Your chaos is even worse than Tarkat.
Havik: Since when is freedom a disease?

Baraka: I can smell the blood on your hands.
Havik: What you smell is liberation.

Baraka: You're late, Earthrealmer.
Johnny Cage: Not my fault! My train to Busan got delayed.

Baraka: If Shang Tsung comes for me, I'll shred him to pieces.
Johnny Cage: You got some big ass maracas, Baraka.

Baraka: Why do Earthrealmers idolize you?
Johnny Cage: I'm just a big old pile of sexy goodness.

Baraka: Don't return to Outworld.
Johnny Cage: Why? Am I driving the ladies crazy?

Baraka: I was a tribune in the Empress's army, Cage.
Johnny Cage: And I played soldiers dozens of times. Big whoop.

Baraka: I should've gone with you into Shang Tsung's Laboratory.
Kenshi: That wouldn't have saved my sight, Baraka.

Baraka: You can fight me, without sight?
Kenshi: With Sento, I can.

Baraka: It's been said: better to be blind than to see a Tarkatan.
Kenshi: That's a horrible saying, Baraka.

Baraka: How will this fight aid your efforts?
Kenshi: I'll leave it better trained to battle the Yakuza.

Baraka: If the Empress fails me, there will be blood.
Kitana: You must be patient, Baraka.

Baraka: There are still those who deny that Tarkat exists.
Kitana: Some minds can never be opened, Baraka.

Baraka: If you need an executioner --
Kitana: Shang Tsung will die by the Crown's hands.

Baraka: The Empress wants to honor me?
Kitana: Much overdue recognition for your service as tribune.

Baraka: If the bloodlust consumes me, I'll lose control.
Kung Lao: This will be over before it gets that far.

Baraka: Picture your entire village, killed in an instant.
Kung Lao: Tarkat can kill that quickly?

Baraka: You're too young to be so arrogant.
Kung Lao: Whatever pride I have, I have earned.

Baraka: Remember who saved you from vivisection.
Kung Lao: How could I forget?

Baraka: I long for the days when I could serve the Empire.
Li Mei: You serve through the sacrifice you're making now.

Baraka: You shouldn't be this close.
Li Mei: If I was going to catch Tarkat, it would've happened by now.

Baraka: The constables I knew growing up were fierce.
Li Mei: Little has changed, Baraka.

Baraka: Those who preyed on my illness haven't faced justice.
Li Mei: Name them, and it will be done.

Baraka: As my creator, you're to blame for my affliction.
Liu Kang: It was an unforeseen consequence, Baraka.

Baraka: If you're a god, then cure me.
Liu Kang: I did not give myself that power.

Baraka: You owe me for saving your minions.
Liu Kang: Did we not free you of Shang Tsung's depredations?

Baraka: What are the odds I'd meet a demi-god?
Liu Kang: Let alone fight one.

Baraka: You still need our help, Empress.
Mileena: Your demands best not be extortionate, Baraka.

Baraka: Many oppose your mercy toward my kind.
Mileena: Rest assured, their threats won't stop me.

Baraka: Eventually, Tarkat will take your mind.
Mileena: If I succumb before you, kill me.

Baraka: Was Shang Tsung close to a cure?
Mileena: He could only treat my symptoms.

Baraka: Outworlders hate your kind even more than they hate mine.
Nitara: Which is why *we* should be allies.

Baraka: Vaeternians feel no guilt for the suffering they cause?
Nitara: We only do what we need to survive!

Baraka: My father died in the Battle of Chesna Fields.
Nitara: No wonder you despise us, Baraka.

Baraka: I will kill you for aiding Shang Tsung.
Nitara: You'll die before having vengeance, Baraka.

Baraka: You smell of old blood and dark wars.
Omni-Man: That should make you very, very afraid.

Baraka: Tarkat makes me no less worthy an opponent.
Omni-Man: I won't tolerate you spreading that plague.

Baraka: It was you who built Shang Tsung's vivisection chambers!
Quan Chi: Who else could devise such a treasure?

Baraka: I'm here to infect you, not kill you.
Quan Chi: You can do neither, Baraka.

Baraka: Beg for your life, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: As if I fear you, Baraka.

Baraka: Wish to say anything before you die?
Quan Chi: I have no intention of dying here.

Baraka: My appearance scares you.
Raiden: I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

Baraka: If I lose control, I could kill you.
Raiden: I'll take the risk, Baraka.

Baraka: Your friend is full of himself.
Raiden: Do you mean Johnny or Kung Lao?

Baraka: So you beat Shao in the tournament.
Raiden: I was fortunate things went my way.

Baraka: You aided Shang Tsung's experiments!
Rain: I thought we were trying to cure your disease.

Baraka: Shang Tsung's anti-Tarkat serum. How is it made?
Rain: If I knew, I would tell you.

Baraka: You're not afraid of catching Tarkat?
Rain: Not when I command cleansing waters.

Baraka: Outworld expects better from its High Mage.
Rain: Even Tarkatans judge me now?

Baraka: Afraid I might make you sick?
Reiko: I am afraid of nothing.

Baraka: I won't forget you helped Shang Tsung.
Reiko: You will when you're dead, Baraka.

Baraka: The new Empress is the first to aid Tarkatans.
Reiko: Which just shows how much a fool she is.

Baraka: You rebels should be rounded up, not Tarkatans.
Reiko: Try as she might, Mileena will fail.

Baraka: Your help freed my people. I must repay you.
Reptile: Start by going easy on me.

Baraka: We'll recapture Shang Tsung together?
Reptile: Before he can hurt anyone else.

Baraka: Zaterra didn't welcome you with open arms
Reptile: Outworlders treat your kind better than Zaterrans treat me.

Baraka: Will you ever forget the terrors you've seen?
Reptile: Shang Tsung's experiments are carved into my memory.

Baraka: You're one of Earthrealm's defenders?
Scorpion: As were my ancestors before me.

Baraka: My blades will taste your flesh!
Scorpion: Calm yourself, Baraka!

Baraka: I wouldn’t wish Tarkat on my worst enemy.
Scorpion: Then help me stop Bi-Han from weaponizing it.

Baraka: How do you know I'll fight fiercely?
Scorpion: Because you have nothing left to lose.

Baraka: I'll return the pain you've caused me ten-fold!
Shang Tsung: You should aim higher, Baraka.

Baraka: No more experiments, no more hybrids!
Shang Tsung: If you think I'll stop, you're horribly mistaken.

Baraka: You profited from my people's misery!
Shang Tsung: Well, someone should.

Baraka: How do we know *you* didn't create Tarkat?
Shang Tsung: It has been around far longer than I have.

Baraka: Give me one good reason to spare your life.
Shang Tsung: I won't insult you by pretending there are any.

Baraka: This is the last time we cross paths, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: I shall inform your next of kin.

Baraka: Tarkatan souls are not allowed in the Living Forest.
Sindel: We can't risk infecting the honored dead.

Baraka: Having Tarkat isn't a moral failure.
Sindel: No, but it does evidence a lack of care.

Baraka: An empress should have more compassion.
Sindel: There are limits to everything, Baraka.

Baraka: I risked my life for Outworld, Empress.
Sindel: And you now serve it by living apart.

Baraka: You need seasoning, Smoke.
Smoke: You mean practice, not flavor, right?

Baraka: You Earthrealmers scare easily.
Smoke: Huge fangs do that to us, Baraka.

Baraka: When he's found, Shang Tsung is mine.
Smoke: Giving him Tarkat will solve nothing.

Baraka: If you’re one of Earthrealm’s best, it’s vulnerable.
Smoke: In that, Baraka, you're mistaken.

Baraka: You stood with Shang Tsung?!
Sub-Zero: Because he alone offered unchecked power.

Baraka: Your brother seeks you.
Sub-Zero: I'll leave a trail of your blood to draw him.

Baraka: Your attack will be avenged.
Sub-Zero: I thought your kind welcomed the release of death.

Baraka: You're a cancer on your clan.
Sub-Zero: I am the cure for its mediocrity.

Baraka: Is your Order prepared if Tarkat reaches it?
Tanya: We have plans for every contingency.

Baraka: You know the Empress could pass you Tarkat…
Tanya: I am aware of the risk, Baraka.

Baraka: My great aunt was chosen to be Umgadi.
Tanya: If she was like you, she served with distinction.

Baraka: Today I teach you the Daybreak Legion's ways.
Tanya: You'll find me an eager student, Baraka.

General Shao

General Shao: I thought Quan Chi had control of his minions.
Ashrah: I am no longer under his spell.

General Shao: It's not evil to defend one's realm.
Ashrah: Was that what you were doing?

General Shao: Your intervention ruined my plans.
Ashrah: I am glad to have been part of the resistance.

General Shao: I've never battled a demon.
Ashrah: Then you have never been truly tested.

General Shao: You served in the Daybreak Legion?
Baraka: First to rise, first to fight, last to die.

General Shao: Your affliction cannot harm me.
Baraka: You're a fool to think yourself immune.

General Shao: You may have been a soldier, but now you're a beast.
Baraka: And I've never been more dangerous, General.

General Shao: You sabotaged my plans, Tarkatan.
Baraka: Don't think for a moment that I'm sorry.

General Shao: Here we are, born to be kings!
General Shao: We are princes of the universe!

General Shao: This is the last day you'll see.
General Shao: It won't be me who perishes.

General Shao: Two taigores can't share the same mountain.
General Shao: Then go. This one is mine.

General Shao: The greatest victories require no battle.
General Shao: I've never heard more ridiculous words.

General Shao: The drumbeats beckon. Can you hear them?
General Shao: Let us heed their call to war.

General Shao: The first blow is half the battle.
General Shao: And why you'll bleed before me.

General Shao: Join me, and we'll take the Hourglass.
Geras: Conquest is not in my nature.

General Shao: To defeat Liu Kang, I must destroy you first.
Geras: Are you aware I cannot be killed?

General Shao: I won't abide Liu Kang's limits.
Geras: I have no choice, then, but to enforce them.

General Shao: I'm told in past lives, I was a conqueror.
Geras: In past lives, you were evil incarnate.

General Shao: Swear fealty and I can help you.
Havik: I'll die before I owe allegiance to anyone!

General Shao: Laying waste to Seido was a masterstroke.
Havik: I didn't think it would earn your respect.

General Shao: Don't bring your campaign to Outworld, Havik.
Havik: Why not? It's people need freedom, too.

General Shao: You won the war, but you will lose the aftermath.
Havik: Because I won't impose your brand of order?

General Shao: Earthrealm will kneel, or it will burn!
Johnny Cage: Now *that's* how you chew scenery!

General Shao: An entertainer's life is a meaningless one.
Johnny Cage: Fuck that! I bring joy to millions.

General Shao: Ruin awaits those who defy me.
Johnny Cage: Someone's going all in on the supervillain.

General Shao: You haven't earned your swagger.
Johnny Cage: Like you've got any clue what it takes to be me.

General Shao: My war won't end until Liu Kang's corpse rots under my feet.
Johnny Cage: Damn. Someone needs a hug and a sandwich.

General Shao: A blind swordsman? Is this a joke?
Kenshi: No, General. It is deadly serious.

General Shao: I've had it with you Earthrealmers.
Kenshi: Can't stand the losing, can you?

General Shao: I'll pick off you champions one by one.
Kenshi: None of us will fall, General.

General Shao: Soon I'll bring the war to Earthrealm.
Kenshi: You need to survive this fight first.

General Shao: There are many Outworlders who've been left behind.
Kitana: War will not help them, General!

General Shao: If your sister won't defend Outworld, others will.
Kitana: Only a simpleton would question her resolve.

General Shao: Your sister is only empress because Liu Kang ordained it.
Kitana: Even if true, better her than you.

General Shao: Your family has soiled the throne for far too long.
Kitana: Soiled?! We've made it shine with glory.

General Shao: I don't take prisoners, Earthrealmer.
Kung Lao: Good thing you won't capture me.

General Shao: You wouldn't last a day in my army.
Kung Lao: Go ahead. Underestimate me.

General Shao: Mileena's government will be toppled.
Kung Lao: Not on our watch, General.

General Shao: I'll carve that smirk off your face.
Kung Lao: I hope you have brought your army.

General Shao: You are doggedly persistent, Li Mei.
Li Mei: I can't rest until you're behind bars.

General Shao: I regret not trying to bring you to my side.
Li Mei: It would've been a wasted effort.

General Shao: It's clear you have a death wish.
Li Mei: Is it, General?

General Shao: Why remain loyal to an ineffectual empress?
Li Mei: I disagree with your assessment.

General Shao: Your end game is Outworld's oppression.
Liu Kang: Nothing could be further from the truth.

General Shao: All my life I have wanted to take yours.
Liu Kang: Yours is an unhealthy obsession, General

General Shao: If you loathe me, why bring me into this timeline?
Liu Kang: Because I had hoped you could be redeemed.

General Shao: How is it you are my creator?
Liu Kang: It is a longer story than we have time for.

General Shao: A word from me, and your secret becomes public.
Mileena: No Outworlder will believe a traitor.

General Shao: Were it not for Liu Kang's aid to you --
Mileena: A pretender would now be on my throne.

General Shao: Your family won't hold the throne forever.
Mileena: You won't be the one to take it from us.

General Shao: In your hands, Outworld is doomed.
Mileena: I will usher in a second Golden Age.

General Shao: Kasomira was your mother?!
Nitara: Also the finest Vaeternian admiral to ever serve.

General Shao: When I'm Emperor, I'll make --
Nitara: Even more empty promises?

General Shao: Do you know the Battle of Chesna Fields?
Nitara: I know you killed many Vaeternians that day.

General Shao: If you despise me, why did you join me?
Nitara: You were worth more to me alive than dead.

General Shao: Slaying you will make me a legend.
Omni-Man: Yet when I slay you, no one will remember.

General Shao: Steel sharpens steel--we are equally matched.
Omni-Man: The feeling is decidedly not mutual.

General Shao: How do we solve a problem like Mileena?
Quan Chi: I'll strike her with a moonbeam from my hand.

General Shao: I'm done with both of you sorcerers.
Quan Chi: That would be a grievous mistake.

General Shao: What magic did Shang Tsung find on that island?
Quan Chi: I don't know. He's been silent.

General Shao: If I had known what you were truly up to --
Quan Chi: Why do you think we lied to you?

General Shao: *This* tournament has no rules.
Raiden: You'll do no better in Mortal Kombat.

General Shao: You're scrawny and pathetic.
Raiden: Why then, General, did you lose to me?

General Shao: Sindel is your master's puppet, Raiden.
Raiden: No, they are partners in peace.

General Shao: You haven't long to live.
Raiden: I won't be cowed by your bluster, Shao.

General Shao: Your loyalty is fickle, Rain.
Rain: I've realized you're not what's best for Outworld.

General Shao: Return to my side or pay the price.
Rain: You can't intimidate Outworld's High Mage.

General Shao: Without me, you'd never have become High Mage.
Rain: Am I to be in your debt for life?

General Shao: Forsake me, and you forsake Outworld.
Rain: That assertion holds no water.

General Shao: I've commanded no finer soldier.
Reiko: I am what you made me, sir.

General Shao: Our victory must be total, Reiko.
Reiko: We'll rout Mileena's troops as we did the Kytinn.

General Shao: All's too quiet on our western front.
Reiko: Then command us into battle.

General Shao: Together, we have trod paths of glory.
Reiko: How many more await us, General?

General Shao: Fight on your terms, or don't fight at all.
Reiko: Excellent advice, General.

General Shao: I've treated you like a beloved son.
Reiko: And I will follow you into the deepest valley.

General Shao: Join Liu Kang, and you board a sinking ship.
Reptile: I couldn't disagree more.

General Shao: Shang Tsung erred severely by not killing you.
Reptile: It wasn't for lack of trying.

General Shao: Mileena sent you? She must be desperate.
Reptile: She sees in me what you can’t, General.

General Shao: You won't escape me this time.
Reptile: Care to wager on that, General?

General Shao: I still owe you for the fight at Ying Fortress.
Scorpion: The sting of your failure still hurts?

General Shao: I knew you would cause trouble.
Scorpion: Good and necessary trouble, General.

General Shao: You should have followed your brother's lead.
Scorpion: Down a path of shame and dishonor?

General Shao: Can't you see that Liu Kang's a devil?
Scorpion: He is one only in your warped reality.

General Shao: If only you'd fathomed the Dragon Army's power.
Scorpion: I did, which is why I feared it.

General Shao: What happened to you after Lei Chin?
Shang Tsung: I found my destiny.

General Shao: Earthrealm must suffer an apocalypse! Now!
Shang Tsung: Be patient, General.

General Shao: You've been whispering in Reiko's ear.
Shang Tsung: Fortunately for you, to little effect.

General Shao: You were scheming against me from the moment we met.
Shang Tsung: We all have our agendas, don't we?

General Shao: There are few who would dare double-cross me.
Shang Tsung: It thrills me to be in such elite company.

General Shao: Once I rule, Outworld won't be submissive.
Sindel: The throne will never be yours.

General Shao: If we don't conquer, *we* will be conquered.
Sindel: Why must Outworld be aggressive to be strong?

General Shao: You think Earthrealmers' morals are superior to ours?
Sindel: No, I find Liu Kang's superior to yours.

General Shao: Despite my many victories, you refuse to heed my counsel.
Sindel: In matters of diplomacy, yes.

General Shao: When Jerrod died, you lost your nerve.
Sindel: Do not invoke my husband's name!

General Shao: My family has served Outworld for generations.
Sindel: Which is why your treason is so tragic.

General Shao: Smoke is merely a defensive weapon.
Smoke: You won't think so once you're choking on it.

General Shao: You cannot hide, Earthrealmer.
Smoke: Good luck trying to smoke me out.

General Shao: Neither the Lin Kuei nor the Shirai Ryu concern me.
Smoke: You sleepwalk to disaster, General.

General Shao: Me, lose to you?
Smoke: Enjoy that feeling while it lasts.

General Shao: Finally, the chance to test the Lin Kuei's mettle.
Sub-Zero: It will end with your humiliation.

General Shao: I owe you nothing, Bi-Han.
Sub-Zero: You would still be in prison, were it not for me!

General Shao: If I *ever* see your brother --
Sub-Zero: You won't unless you visit his grave.

General Shao: So you're the Umgadi's new Matron Superior.
Tanya: And I've made us deadlier than ever, General.

General Shao: I know more than you realize, Tanya.
Tanya: I'll spill your blood before you can spill my secrets.

General Shao: If you're against me, you're against Outworld.
Tanya: Too bad you can't weaponize your ego.

General Shao: It gives me no pleasure, starting civil war.
Tanya: It doesn't, General?


Geras: Liu Kang is pleased that you have joined him.
Ashrah: Was that always part of his plan?

Geras: You are not ready to face Quan Chi.
Ashrah: Then why won’t you aid me, Geras?

Geras: Kronika never meant for you to attain absolution.
Ashrah: As it would have disrupted her golden balance.

Geras: Your spiritual journey will be long and arduous.
Ashrah: Whatever it takes, I will cleanse my soul.

Geras: Tarkatans are fortunate to have you.
Baraka: If only their creator cared for them as much.

Geras: If cured, what would you do?
Baraka: Why taunt me with impossibilities, Geras?

Geras: I understand your rage, Baraka.
Baraka: How can you? You've never faced death.

Geras: Would you rather have been excluded from this timeline?
Baraka: Better nonexistence than Tarkat.

Geras: When the universe dies, only I will remain.
General Shao: It's impossible that you're eternal.

Geras: Do you not see that Titan Shang Tsung would have killed you?
General Shao: He would have tried.

Geras: Had you respected the contours of this timeline --
General Shao: I'd still be the lap dog of a good-for-nothing empress.

Geras: You could have been part of the grand design.
General Shao: As Liu Kang's vassal?! Ha!

Geras: We do not owe Liu Kang loyalty.
Geras: Without him, we wouldn't exist.

Geras: My presence in this moment threatens the timeline.
Geras: We must get you back to the future.

Geras: You serve Titan Shang Tsung?
Geras: I command his legions.

Geras: Your Kronika lives?
Geras: And still reigns as Keeper of Time.

Geras: Return to your timeline of origin!
Geras: Not until I have destroyed this one.

Geras: You're from a previous timeline?
Geras: Here to warn you that this one is in peril.

Geras: I cannot aid your uprising.
Havik: Then you're on the wrong side of history.

Geras: Anarchy won't bring peace.
Havik: But it will bring freedom.

Geras: You unleash forces you can't control.
Havik: Exactly, Geras.

Geras: Be patient. Deliverance is coming.
Havik: My people won't wait any longer!

Geras: What happens in your future is devastating.
Johnny Cage: What? Do I become an asshole or something?

Geras: I cannot reveal more details of prior timelines.
Johnny Cage: C'mon, at least tell me if she was hot.

Geras: You want a sports almanac from the future?
Johnny Cage: Forget it. It was just an idea.

Geras: The Hourglass is beyond your understanding.
Johnny Cage: Please. I've gotta Ph.D. in quantum mechanics, bitch.

Geras: Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.
Johnny Cage: Which is why my movies always feel so well paced.

Geras: The Yakuza left scars on your body.
Kenshi: But it couldn't break my spirit, Geras.

Geras: Are you prepared for this battle?
Kenshi: Is this how Liu Kang tests his champions?

Geras: You have been warned about the Black Dragon.
Kenshi: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

Geras: You will meet others like Jackson Briggs.
Kenshi: Now I'm intrigued, Geras.

Geras: You have met your Titan counterpart.
Kitana: She was me. Perfected!

Geras: Your mother's death was unanticipated and untimely.
Kitana: Is that supposed to ease the pain?

Geras: I understand you have met Countess Jade.
Kitana: Is that important? Who will she be to me?

Geras: To secure Outworld, bring its warring factions together.
Kitana: Get Shokan, Osh-Tekk, and Naknadans to play nice? Please.

Geras: Liu Kang has assembled excellent champions.
Kung Lao: Though we all know who is the best.

Geras: Your Titan counterpart was most impressive.
Kung Lao: Of course he was, Geras.

Geras: Your future is at Raiden's side.
Kung Lao: Not stuck in his shadow, I hope.

Geras: Your boldness has been constant across timelines.
Kung Lao: Is that critique or praise, Geras?

Geras: Empress Mileena offered you a bright future.
Li Mei: It didn't feel like it was mine.

Geras: Your leap of faith saved Outworld.
Li Mei: And here I nearly rejected Liu Kang's request.

Geras: In a way, we are both First Constables.
Li Mei: Your responsibilities far exceed mine

Geras: The Sun Do you know didn't exist in past timelines.
Li Mei: How was it different, Geras?

Geras: Titan Onaga is the most powerful yet.
Liu Kang: We will defeat him, Geras.

Geras: You required my presence?
Liu Kang: To help me sharpen my skills.

Geras: Losing immortality does not worry you.
Liu Kang: All good things must end, Geras.

Geras: Shall we make use of this time?
Liu Kang: We shall let no advantage slip.

Geras: Any advice for when I control the Hourglass?
Liu Kang: Let all people be masters of their fate.

Geras: Do not blame yourself for Shujinko.
Liu Kang: If only I had found a less radical solution.

Geras: You fare better in this timeline than in others.
Mileena: Though I have Tarkat? That is hard to believe.

Geras: Prior Mileenas were all malice and spite.
Mileena: Why tell me this, Geras?

Geras: Ruling Outworld will take maturity and grace.
Mileena: You sound like one of my sister's boosters.

Geras: Liu Kang earnestly wants Outworld to do well.
Mileena: Then he shouldn't be keeping secrets from us.

Geras: History will judge the Coven harshly.
Nitara: Only if you're the one writing it.

Geras: Your people can't escape their choices.
Nitara: Our fate isn't sealed, Geras.

Geras: Abandon vampirism, and Vaeternus can be saved.
Nitara: We will never change what we are!

Geras: There are other ways to feed Vaeternus.
Nitara: None of them will sustain our immortality!

Geras: Your timeline is unlike any I have encountered.
Omni-Man: If you think you know me, trust me, you don't.

Geras: Viltrumite rule would break the timeline.
Omni-Man: You can't perfect something without breaking it first.

Geras: Liu Kang wanted your life to be hard, not harsh.
Quan Chi: Did it never occur to him to check on my progress?

Geras: History will not bend to your whims.
Quan Chi: Once I command the Hourglass, it will.

Geras: Your transgressions are constant across timelines.
Quan Chi: What does that tell you about my power?

Geras: The Void awaits you and Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi: It will hold me no better than Lei Chin.

Geras: Liu Kang’s plans for you are grand.
Raiden: Any tidbits you wish to share?

Geras: Your thunder will be felt for centuries.
Raiden: What makes me so important, Geras?

Geras: The prior Raiden was overwhelmed by darkness.
Raiden: I won't make that same mistake, Geras.

Geras: Now we begin your next lesson.
Raiden: Will I learn to wield time as you do?

Geras: If only you could moderate your ambitions.
Rain: Is it my fault I can't? Or is it Liu Kang's?

Geras: My sole duty is to preserve this timeline.
Rain: Have you no other ambitions, Geras?

Geras: Your future now holds only ignominy.
Rain: There's no way I can change my fate?

Geras: You were a poor boy, from a poor family.
Rain: <>

Geras: Your parents would not want this life for you.
Reiko: Do not dare speak for them, Geras!

Geras: Shao will not sit on Outworld's throne.
Reiko: I thought the future wasn't written.

Geras: There are more noble pursuits than war.
Reiko: I can think of none, Geras.

Geras: The right path is still open to you.
Reiko: The right path? Or the submissive path?

Geras: Liu Kang has been kinder to Zaterrans than Kronika.
Reptile: What did she do to us, Geras?

Geras: You must be vigilant to avoid future tragedy.
Reptile: Why must you be so cryptic?!

Geras: Your work as the Empress's emissary goes well
Reptile: It's a life I could never have dreamed of.

Geras: Your liaison with Ashrah concerns me.
Reptile: I don't recall asking yours or Liu Kang's opinions.

Geras: Your brother's Lin Kuei are an obstacle to peace.
Scorpion: It is *my* duty to deal with them.

Geras: We are both sworn to serve.
Scorpion: May neither of us neglect our duties.

Geras: I am concerned about Tomas.
Scorpion: What has the Hourglass shown you, Geras?

Geras: You are the first-ever Kuai Liang Scorpion.
Scorpion: Am I also to be the last?

Geras: This timeline's course has been forever altered.
Shang Tsung: Good.

Geras: To protect history, you will be imprisoned in the Void.
Shang Tsung: Because that worked so well the last time.

Geras: With his Titan power restored, Liu Kang is invulnerable.
Shang Tsung: Kronika wasn't. And neither is he.

Geras: By defying your destiny, you have shortened your existence.
Shang Tsung: Is that a polite way of saying you’re here to kill me?

Geras: Your fate has always been tragic.
Sindel: In every single timeline?

Geras: It is a pleasure to know this iteration of you.
Sindel: What was wrong with the others?

Geras: Do not become obsessed with the sorcerers.
Sindel: I cannot rest until they die, Geras.

Geras: Are you prepared for the transition of power?
Sindel: My daughters are ready to succeed me.

Geras: Kuai Liang's future depends on yours.
Smoke: What must I do, Geras?

Geras: You are not prepared for the battles to come.
Smoke: Then train me, Geras.

Geras: Inevitably, the brothers will again clash.
Smoke: There's no way I can stop them?

Geras: My vision of the future is hazy.
Smoke: Is that because it's filled with Smoke?

Geras: Your future has been damaged beyond repair.
Sub-Zero: Are you here to end it?

Geras: In prior timelines, the Lin Kuei were assassins.
Sub-Zero: Mine are no less deadly.

Geras: Your actions disappoint my creator.
Sub-Zero: I care nothing for Liu Kang's approval.

Geras: Kuai Liang was not destined to be your enemy.
Sub-Zero: That was his choice, not mine.

Geras: The Umgadi was one of Liu Kang's best innovations.
Tanya: My order sprung from his mind?

Geras: Your future with the Empress is not set.
Tanya: She and I will overcome all obstacles.

Geras: There are enemies within the palace.
Tanya: Who, Geras? I need names.

Geras: It is imperative that you protect Kitana, too.
Tanya: What becomes of her in the future, Geras?


Havik: My wounds are a badge of honor.
Ashrah: I can only imagine your suffering.

Havik: You are either with me or against me.
Ashrah: Then I am against you, Havik.

Havik: Seido treats my kind like dogs.
Ashrah: Quan Chi will treat you no better.

Havik: My people would do better in the Netherrealm.
Ashrah: Hyperbole destroys your credibility, Havik.

Havik: Join me in the pursuit of freedom.
Baraka: After you partnered with Shang Tsung? Never!

Havik: Your people are as oppressed as mine.
Baraka: Taking lives won't ease our burdens.

Havik: To lift up your people, tear the system down!
Baraka: What's gained by plunging Outworld into chaos?

Havik: Outworld's indifference demands action!
Baraka: But not the kind you encourage, Havik.

Havik: Mature adults don't need leaders.
General Shao: But most aren't, which is why they do.

Havik: I can offer your army refuge in Seido.
General Shao: Outworld soldiers never retreat!

Havik: I can't wait for the chaos Onaga will unleash.
General Shao: You know I plan to release him?

Havik: How will your rule be less oppressive than Sindel's?
General Shao: Because Outworld won't genuflect to Liu Kang any longer.

Havik: If Liu Kang's the creator, my life is his fault!
Geras: He is not the architect of your oppression.

Havik: It's wrong to obey Liu Kang's will.
Geras: Should I not be free to make that choice?

Havik: Now I see it. The Hourglass is the source of all oppression.
Geras: You see nothing, Havik.

Havik: How can you spend eternity obeying another?
Geras: Why presume that's the sole purpose of my existence?

Havik: You're a traitor to the cause!
Havik: Our endgame can't be anarchy!

Havik: It's suffering that brings us together.
Havik: And I won't stop until all Seidans feel our pain!

Havik: A radical is a doomed man.
Havik: Not in our case, comrade.

Havik: Anarchy is order!
Havik: And government is war.

Havik: Your revolution has succeeded
Havik: My Seido is now blessed by Chaos.

Havik: I won't take help from outside agitators.
Havik: Then your uprising is doomed to fail.

Havik: My actions aren't driven by faith.
Johnny Cage: And I so wanted to call you the Cleric of Chaos.

Havik: Shall we let slip the dogs of war?
Johnny Cage: I'm gonna make you cry, Havik.

Havik: You'll document my revolt for posterity!
Johnny Cage: Talk about delusions of grandeur.

Havik: You're as bad as Seido's oppressors.
Johnny Cage: I am the best boss in Hollywood, okay? People love me!

Havik: You don't take me seriously?
Johnny Cage: Have you looked in a mirror?

Havik: Your family, your realm. No one will be spared!
Kenshi: Don't include us in your fight, Havik.

Havik: If you're Liu Kang's ally, you're my enemy.
Kenshi: Then we're enemies, Havik.

Havik: The future I'm birthing will be glorious.
Kenshi: It sounds like a living hell.

Havik: When Chaos reigns, people will --
Kenshi: Live in fear for their lives.

Havik: Your family's rule is as tyrannical as Orderrealm’s.
Kitana: Outworld is not Seido, Havik.

Havik: Outworld's lowest will rise against you.
Kitana: No, they won't. We care for them.

Havik: Few are born to privilege as you were.
Kitana: You think I am not aware?

Havik: Unlike you, I have nothing to lose.
Kitana: I'll still be the one who fights harder.

Havik: Your ancestors' accomplishments aren't yours.
Kung Lao: Does that make them any less impressive?

Havik: My so-called betters can't break my will.
Kung Lao: How is that the one thing we have in common?

Havik: The costs of refusing me will be high.
Kung Lao: You cannot scare us into being your ally.

Havik: Quan Chi empowered me when no one else would.
Kung Lao: He has only corrupted you.

Havik: You're the tool of an oppressor, Constable.
Li Mei: Empress Mileena is no despot.

Havik: Do you wish Sun Do to suffer Seido's fate?
Li Mei: Careful, Havik. The penalty for such threats is execution.

Havik: Banish laws and there would be no crime!
Li Mei: Or a way to protect the weak from the powerful.

Havik: Police only serve to enforce the wealthy's delusions.
Li Mei: A clueless and dangerous statement, Havik.

Havik: No realms, no borders, no gods!
Liu Kang: A fantasy born of self-delusion, Havik!

Havik: Seido won't be free until its last priest is dead!
Liu Kang: Faith ennobles, Havik! It does not oppress.

Havik: There can be no liberty when people worship tyrants.
Liu Kang: I am neither worshipped nor a tyrant, Havik.

Havik: If you'd add your magic to Rain's --
Liu Kang: I will not abet mass murder, Havik!

Havik: Produce Hotaru or watch Outworld burn.
Mileena: Seidan refugees will not be returned.

Havik: All your words are lies, all your wealth is stolen.
Mileena: I rule Outworld for its benefit, not mine.

Havik: You *will* accept Chaos, by choice or by force.
Mileena: I won't be threated by the likes of you.

Havik: Why should you be entitled to inherit Outworld?
Mileena: Because that is the will of Delia and Argus.

Havik: Your Coven should be overthrown.
Nitara: No Vaeternian would ever turn against it!

Havik: Rain assists me, why won't you?
Nitara: It won't aid my cause, Havik.

Havik: My attack on Seido's capital killed thousands!
Nitara: What a tremendous waste of food.

Havik: It's a shame we can't come to terms.
Nitara: Is it? I intend to enjoy this fight.

Havik: I bow to no one, Omni-Man.
Omni-Man: Then I'll pluck your legs off at the knees.

Havik: Obeying Thragg's orders makes you a servant.
Omni-Man: And I serve proudly as a son of Viltrum.

Havik: Why would I help bring Ermac to heel?
Quan Chi: Do you wish to keep the powers I gave you?

Havik: Now that you need me, I'll be dictating terms.
Quan Chi: Don't overplay your hand, Havik.

Havik: If you move against me, I --
Quan Chi: You'll what. Kill me?

Havik: I'll liberate Outworld starting with the mines.
Quan Chi: My former brethren aren't worthy of freedom.

Havik: Disobedience is a virtue.
Raiden: Not when it costs innocent lives.

Havik: What do you know of revolution, Earthrealmer?
Raiden: Enough to know that you're making a mistake.

Havik: Seidans like me have suffered for centuries!
Raiden: For that you deserve justice, not revenge.

Havik: Why can't you see my realm is broken?
Raiden: Then fix it, don't destroy it!

Havik: I thought you were a true believer.
Rain: I was, and now I'm not.

Havik: The destruction you wrought exceeded my expectations.
Rain: It is the stuff of nightmares, Havik.

Havik: Your guilty conscience won't stop me, Rain.
Rain: No, but my hydromancy will.

Havik: Turning against me is a fatal mistake.
Rain: We shall see.

Havik: Chaos is an effective weapon.
Reiko: I am well aware, Havik.

Havik: Outworld also needs liberation.
Reiko: It does, but is not your fight.

Havik: Rain's joined my fight, so could you.
Reiko: I won't be distracted, Havik.

Havik: Whatever order Shao brings will inevitably fall apart.
Reiko: If only you appreciated his genius.

Havik: You've been made emissary to a corrupt regime.
Reptile: Burning it down won't fix it, Havik.

Havik: Others like you are slaughtered daily. You must rise up!
Reptile: Against whom? The killers remain a mystery.

Havik: When Mileena's regime falls, you'll fall along with it.
Reptile: It's more than worth the risk.

Havik: Outworld will be liberated next.
Reptile: Fewer desire that than you think.

Havik: You let yourself be Liu Kang's slave.
Scorpion: An opinion shared by my brother.

Havik: When you and I are finished --
Scorpion: Even more of you will be burned!

Havik: I need partners in rebellion.
Scorpion: You'll find none here, Havik.

Havik: Earthrealm shouldn't hide Seidan exiles.
Scorpion: We won't subject them to your justice, Havik.

Havik: We all bleed the same color.
Shang Tsung: And yet, I'm your superior.

Havik: I thought you were a fellow traveler.
Shang Tsung: In that, as in other things, you were wrong.

Havik: You don't approve of what I did to Seido's capital?
Shang Tsung: I have no taste for senseless destruction.

Havik: You would terminate our agreement?
Shang Tsung: I plan also to terminate you.

Havik: Anarchy is nothing to fear.
Sindel: It is the stepping stone to absolute power.

Havik: No one has the right to rule over others!
Sindel: Without government, society can't thrive!

Havik: Outworlders are slaves to your tyranny.
Sindel: You know nothing of my rule, Havik.

Havik: Leaders should be chosen by people, not gods.
Sindel: I prefer those who aren't self-appointed.

Havik: Free yourself from your clan's bondage.
Smoke: Why do you believe I'm enslaved?

Havik: The Shirai Ryu, the Lin Kuei: both are oppressors!
Smoke: There's no comparison, Havik.

Havik: You reject liberation?!
Smoke: I want no part of your chaos.

Havik: Oppose me, and you'll be killed.
Smoke: Shouldn't I be free to choose?

Havik: Join my cause, and you'll be paid well.
Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei are not mercenaries.

Havik: We were both played for fools.
Sub-Zero: Shang Tsung and Quan Chi will pay.

Havik: Aid me, and I'll destroy the Shirai Ryu.
Sub-Zero: That is *my* privilege, Havik.

Havik: Deny me and become my enemy.
Sub-Zero: Watch me shiver with fear.

Havik: Oppose the revolution, and you'll die where you stand.
Tanya: I like my chances, Havik.

Havik: Those you serve are oppressors.
Tanya: Privileged, yes. Oppressors, no.

Havik: Renounce Delia and be free of her strictures.
Tanya: My faith in the Goddess is what gives my life meaning!

Havik: You are blind to the chains that shackle you.
Tanya: Or perhaps you see some where none are.

Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage: It's hard to believe there's a demon inside there.
Ashrah: My true face would horrify you, Cage.

Johnny Cage: I love redemption stories.
Ashrah: Yet mine is not for sale.

Johnny Cage: C'mon, a tour would really help my story research.
Ashrah: No living creature should visit the Netherrealm.

Johnny Cage: I've been in recovery too, y'know.
Ashrah: We all have our inner demons.

Johnny Cage: Your kriss would look outstanding on my mantel.
Ashrah: I could never part with Datusha.

Johnny Cage: You should see the Tarkatan cosplay at CageCon. Chef’s kisses!
Baraka: Your followers mock my affliction?!

Johnny Cage: So far, I've got no signs of Tarkat.
Baraka: Perhaps Earthrealmers are immune…

Johnny Cage: You're about as stock as they come, villain.
General Shao: What does that even mean?!

Johnny Cage: Woah! And I thought Bi-Han needed a breath mint.
General Shao: Silence, Earthrealmer!

Johnny Cage: I was kidding about the tiny muscles, dude. You are like RIPPED.
General Shao: You think flattery will save you?

Johnny Cage: It's like toxic and masculine had a meet cute!
General Shao: You have insulted me for the last time, Cage!

Johnny Cage: Your boy Liu seems to have big plans for you.
Geras: They are not for you and I to discuss.

Johnny Cage: You'll only be on set a day, buddy. In and out.
Geras: The answer is still no.

Johnny Cage: You liking how Liu Kang rewrote your character?
Geras: It suits me, Johnny Cage.

Johnny Cage: Must be hard staying sharp after a billion lives.
Geras: Yet the show must go on.

Johnny Cage: I don't buy Liu Kang's tournament wasn't fixed.
Geras: Accept that you squandered your chance.

Johnny Cage: As ring names go, Havik's a wee bit on the nose.
Havik: My given name didn't inspire the necessary fear.

Johnny Cage: Well I guess we know who lost the face-off with Kuai Liang!
Havik: And he will burn like I did.

Johnny Cage: You are one ugly mother --
Havik: My face won't be the only thing you dread.

Johnny Cage: The body horror thing. That, uh, that works for you?
Havik: You should see how Seido cowers before me.

Johnny Cage: Upon further review, I'm digging your grindhouse vibe.
Havik: What is a grindhouse, Earthrealmer?

Johnny Cage: So…Thoughts on the Temple of Katara Vala?
Johnny Cage: Would've been a better indie film.

Johnny Cage: Whoa, dude! You are so cut!
Johnny Cage: Yeah! I'm on the Santa Clarita diet.

Johnny Cage: I finally meet Hollywood Boulevard Johnny!
Johnny Cage: Fans love me! Do you know what they'll pay for a selfie?

Johnny Cage: I still say I should play me in the biopic…
Johnny Cage: But I look just like you! And fight like you, too!

Johnny Cage: Two Johnnies. One Timeline.
Johnny Cage: Man, this has megahit written all over it.

Johnny Cage: I'm still sleeping off CCA's holiday party, right?
Johnny Cage: Nope! I'm as real as it gets, bro!

Johnny Cage: Thanks so much for taking this part.
Kenshi: Thank *you* for the points.

Johnny Cage: No! Ninja Priest 4 was Full Confession, 3 was Last Rites.
Kenshi: You've seen one, you've seen them all.

Johnny Cage: This Jax guy you're working with…Is he good people?
Kenshi: He's quite the all-American hero.

Johnny Cage: You're coming to Outworld for the shoot, right?
Kenshi: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Johnny Cage: Well, if it isn't Special Agent Takahashi of the F.B.I.
Kenshi: It's not funny anymore, Cage.

Johnny Cage: I saw that smile at dinner. You like me.
Kitana: No, Cage. You amuse me.

Johnny Cage: How is a dream of my death funny, Princess?
Kitana: I dreamt you suffocated under a pile of women.

Johnny Cage: You're wearing that outfit like you're doing it a favor.
Kitana: You did not just say that. Are you a child?

Johnny Cage: C'mon. A woman like you belongs with a man like me.
Kitana: Earthrealmer, you have lost your mind.

Johnny Cage: Check. Us. Out. Two dripilicious, single people --
Kitana: You are truly relentless Cage.

Johnny Cage: Are you sure you don't want to be an action star?
Kung Lao: The monks forbid it, Johnny.

Johnny Cage: Was Madam Bo flirting with me?
Kung Lao: For sure. You are completely her type.

Johnny Cage: I need a great female martial artist. Know any?
Kung Lao: You need to meet Raiden's sister.

Johnny Cage: Doing my own stunts has been hell on my back.
Kung Lao: You already are making excuses?

Johnny Cage: My hometown is a lot like yours.
Kung Lao: No wonder you got yourself out.

Johnny Cage: It'll be Sun Do-set police drama: *First Constable*
Li Mei: Earthrealmers are entertained by such drivel?

Johnny Cage: Li, Mei I have this fight?
Li Mei: That was criminal, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: You must have, like, a million stories.
Li Mei: None of them are for you.

Johnny Cage: Usually with über-celebrities, cops look the other way.
Li Mei: That isn't how justice should be blind.

Johnny Cage: Megastars like me need round-the-clock protection.
Li Mei: I can't think of a more thankless task.

Johnny Cage: You cool with me posting Outworld pics on social?
Liu Kang: Social what, Johnny Cage?

Johnny Cage: So last time around, I hooked up with someone else?
Liu Kang: Spoilers, Johnny Cage.

Johnny Cage: I don't know how, but you made me even more perfect.
Liu Kang: If only I had made you more humble.

Johnny Cage: Are you sure your mini-tournament wasn't rigged?
Liu Kang: Raiden's victory was honestly earned.

Johnny Cage: I'm telling you, Geras is leading man material.
Liu Kang: Much more so than you grasp…

Johnny Cage: There ain't nothing hotter than a warrior princess.
Mileena: Careful, Cage, Lest you get burned.

Johnny Cage: Okay, I'll say it. That look's got me bugging.
Mileena: Are all Earthrealm males so easily frightened?

Johnny Cage: Where I'm from, princesses aren't taught to kick ass.
Mileena: What a failure of imagination.

Johnny Cage: What would you say to a little slap and tickle?
Mileena: You're not my type, Cage. Pay attention.

Johnny Cage: Vampire stories never get old.
Nitara: Nor do Vaeternians, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: The wings? The fangs? Girl, you're gonna own awards season.
Nitara: I'm so glad I please you, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Why are vampires always such foxes?
Nitara: How better to lure you in?

Johnny Cage: You go near Cristina, and I'll show you a new level of hurt.
Nitara: Struck a vein, haven't I?

Johnny Cage: Well, that look's no crime of fashion.
Nitara: Kind words won't save your life, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: You look like the dad I never had.
Omni-Man: You're fragile. *MY* son… is Invincible.

Johnny Cage: You know, you could use some anger management training.
Omni-Man: Get out of my sight before I demolish you.

Johnny Cage: Oo! Oo! Can we wand duel!? I'd love to try that!
Quan Chi: I am a sorcerer, not a wizard, Cage.

Johnny Cage: You'd kill your own mother to get ahead, wouldn't you?
Quan Chi: I would, and I have.

Johnny Cage: I hear the Netherrealm's freaking hotter than the Valley.
Quan Chi: You should judge that for yourself.

Johnny Cage: Usually I don't hate on people. But you --
Quan Chi: I'm glad to have made an impression.

Johnny Cage: Bleached Bone' is a good color on you.
Quan Chi: Then it's fitting I'll adorn myself with yours.

Johnny Cage: I saw you eyeing Kitana at the tournament.
Raiden: Was I that obvious, Johnny?

Johnny Cage: What's up, Thunder Lad?
Raiden: By the Elder Gods, I hate that nickname.

Johnny Cage: C'mon, I'll get you the Timequake All-Access Pass.
Raiden: I doubt Lord Liu Kang wants me at CageCon.

Johnny Cage: You are the champion, my friend.
Raiden: I'll keep on fighting until the end.

Johnny Cage: What I saw in Outworld flipped my mind upside down.
Raiden: I'm told there's more, even stranger things.

Johnny Cage: Here comes that Rain again.
Rain: I'll fall on your head like the Nuem Ocean!

Johnny Cage: So you want to be Earthrealm's BFF now?
Rain: I didn't turn toward you, I turned way from Shao.

Johnny Cage: Come rain, come shine, your ass is mine.
Rain: Your dry wit parches me, Earthealmer.

Johnny Cage: Water Wielder' is a great nickname! The alliteration alone --
Rain: I prefer Rain.

Johnny Cage: You're all wet if you think you can beat me.
Rain: I've had enough of your posturing, Cage.

Johnny Cage: And here I thought you were some kind of super soldier.
Reiko: You'll marvel at my skills, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: What made you such a war horse?
Reiko: The General's guidance and discipline.

Johnny Cage: Don't think you can toy with me, soldier.
Reiko: I will crush you, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: Time to dress you up in a full metal jacket.
Reiko: Is that supposed to threaten me?

Johnny Cage: I did not see you and Ashrah coming. Kudos, sir.
Reptile: What are kudos, Johnny?

Johnny Cage: Syzoth is a mouthful. Can I just call you Reptile?
Reptile: Only if you beat me.

Johnny Cage: Chillaxing with Kang must beat slaving for Shang.
Reptile: It's a significant improvement.

Johnny Cage: Chuck left: yeah! But I need a new assistant. You game?
Reptile: Oh, I've had my fill of toiling for others.

Johnny Cage: Humanoid or reptiloid, I'm gonna take you.
Reptile: I'm guessing you've never fought a Zaterran.

Johnny Cage: Y'know my big brother was an asshole, too.
Scorpion: One of the few things we have in common.

Johnny Cage: Bi-Han's got you all fired up, eh?
Scorpion: He'll burn for betraying my father.

Johnny Cage: With your skills you'd be a hit, Kuai Liang.
Scorpion: Do I look like an entertainer?

Johnny Cage: Now what's the harm in me riding along?
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu's secrets must remain so, Cage.

Johnny Cage: You haven't lived until you've walked the red carpet.
Scorpion: Fame is but a fleeting mirage.

Johnny Cage: You ever count up the lies you've told?
Shang Tsung: I doubt a number that large exists.

Johnny Cage: Your lab is the filthiest place I've ever seen
Shang Tsung: I'm sure your creative process is just as messy.

Johnny Cage: You ever thought of using that big brain for good?
Shang Tsung: I do, Mr. Cage. My own good.

Johnny Cage: You're who'd know! Is ensorcelled, like, even a word?
Shang Tsung: I won't dignify that question with an answer.

Johnny Cage: I have had enough of your reindeer games.
Shang Tsung: Then I shall eliminate you, Mr. Cage.

Johnny Cage: If Tanya doesn't work out, I will happily guard that body.
Sindel: You embarrass yourself, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: It's what's called a reality show, okay? We follow you and the girls --
Sindel: I won't allow Earthrealmers into my inner sanctum.

Johnny Cage: If I had a queen, she'd be just like you.
Sindel: As if you could have one like me.

Johnny Cage: It's gotta be hard, running Outworld.
Sindel: A woman's job is never done.

Johnny Cage: How goes it with the new boy, Hanzo?
Smoke: He'll soon be a full Shirai Ryu.

Johnny Cage: You and Kuai Liang have been MIA.
Smoke: We've had our hands full fighting Bi-Han.

Johnny Cage: Win and you'll get a speaking part in my next movie.
Smoke: That would be amazing, Johnny.

Johnny Cage: Now that I'm single, I could sure use a wingman.
Smoke: Wait? Are you asking me?!

Johnny Cage: That Harumi is quite the catch.
Smoke: I doubt Kuai Liang could've done better.

Johnny Cage: Y'know you still owe me for that Hichuli.
Sub-Zero: You'll never see payment, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Why'd you go rogue? I could've made you a star.
Sub-Zero: I want power, not fame.

Johnny Cage: Time for your close up. Camera's rolling.
Sub-Zero: It will capture your final act.

Johnny Cage: I thought I had daddy issues. But you?
Sub-Zero: My family is none of your business.

Johnny Cage: You can’t stand it that Liu Kang picked me, can you?
Sub-Zero: Easily his worst ever decision.

Johnny Cage: I need a new bodyguard. You hire out?
Tanya: A ludicrous question, Cage.

Johnny Cage: Are you sure I can't get cameras inside?
Tanya: Only Umgadi may enter the Cenobium.

Johnny Cage: Are you sure Kitana doesn't dig me?
Tanya: She has her eyes on another, Earthrealmer.

Johnny Cage: In this corner, four-time world champ Johnny Cage.
Tanya: In this one, someone truly unimpressed.

Johnny Cage JCVD

Johnny Cage JCVD: Two Johnnies. One Timeline.
Johnny Cage JCVD: Now that's a double team!

Johnny Cage JCVD: I finally meet Hollywood Boulevard Johnny!
Johnny Cage JCVD: Be glad I'm not some cheap-ass knock off.

Johnny Cage JCVD: I still say I should play me in the biopic…
Johnny Cage JCVD: But I look just like you! And fight like you, too!

Johnny Cage JCVD: Take your mustache and cape and find a bus to catch.
Omni-Man: Oh, this guy's funny.

Johnny Cage JCVD: I'll kick your ass so hard your kids will feel it.
Omni-Man: You'd have more luck kicking a tree.


Kenshi: This is a battle of magic swords.
Ashrah: We’ll see which is more enchanted.

Kenshi: Your kriss senses Sento's souls?
Ashrah: There are evil ones hiding among them.

Kenshi: Just how big is the Netherrealm?
Ashrah: I do not think anyone has found its borders.

Kenshi: You and Syzoth are an interesting match.
Ashrah: I find him to be a kindred spirit.

Kenshi: What happened to the hybrids Shang made from you?
Baraka: They will be seen no more.

Kenshi: No one welcomes your people, do they?
Baraka: Only other Tarkatans.

Kenshi: As a tribune, you fought Vaeternians?
Baraka: There are few in the realms more wicked.

Kenshi: With Liu Kang's help, maybe they'll find a cure.
Baraka: If he could've helped, he would have done so by now.

Kenshi: Today, you lose to another Earthrealm champion.
General Shao: Today I'll crush your skull in my hands.

Kenshi: There are more like you at home?
General Shao: My many siblings are just as strong and fierce.

Kenshi: You're helping Outworld by plunging it into civil war?
General Shao: And wiping out the cancer that is the current regime.

Kenshi: Peace is preferable to war, General.
General Shao: Not when you live on your knees.

Kenshi: You've literally seen it all, haven't you?
Geras: Every minute, every moment, for eternity.

Kenshi: How am I supposed to beat *you*?
Geras: Trust your instincts, Kenshi Takahashi.

Kenshi: Some days I wonder if I’m Earthrealm’s greatest swordsman.
Geras: Do not be consumed by proving that true.

Kenshi: Is it my destiny to free the Taira?
Geras: That question is for Liu Kang.

Kenshi: Why did you come to Earthrealm, Havik?
Havik: To wipe the slate clean.

Kenshi: Scorpion did that to your face?
Havik: I plan to repay him soon.

Kenshi: Your New Era isn't something I'd like.
Havik: Are you mad? It will be paradise!

Kenshi: You won't find many allies in Earthrealm.
Havik: I only need a few.

Kenshi: C'mon, Johnny. Forty takes is enough.
Johnny Cage: We don't wrap until it's perfect.

Kenshi: You ever talk to Cristina?
Johnny Cage: I can't. It's too damned hard.

Kenshi: You really thought it was a gag, didn't you?
Johnny Cage: Two ninja and a fire god showed up at my door.

Kenshi: Sorry you had to sell the mansion.
Johnny Cage: Yeah, divorce is expensive my friend.

Kenshi: How are you reading my thoughts?!
Kenshi: You're not a telepath too?

Kenshi: Is your Cage as bad as mine?
Kenshi: As bad? He's worse.

Kenshi: If a man named Song approaches you, kill him.
Kenshi: Why? Who is he?

Kenshi: I can't believe you're still Yakuza.
Kenshi: Without them, I'd be nothing.

Kenshi: You can't be real. It's impossible!
Kenshi: After all you've seen, how can you say that?

Kenshi: Who's Keeper of Time where you're from?
Kenshi: Until recently, it was Kano.

Kenshi: Ever battle a blind swordsman?
Kitana: You aren't the first, Takahashi.

Kenshi: Will others challenge your sister?
Kitana: After Shao's failed coup, far fewer.

Kenshi: The OIA isn't a threat, Your Highness.
Kitana: Then Liu Kang won't mind we do something similar?

Kenshi: I've been looking forward to this fight.
Kitana: You enjoy losing that much, Earthrealmer?

Kenshi: You've a lot to learn about the world, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: I am not as sheltered as you think.

Kenshi: Sento’s souls aren’t impressed with your hat.
Kung Lao: How quickly that will change.

Kenshi: You came so close to being Earthrealm's champion.
Kung Lao: It would have been awesome. That amulet paired with my hat!

Kenshi: I would pay to see your ego fight Johnny's.
Kung Lao: Not too much, I hope. It would be a short fight.

Kenshi: My past crimes are catching up to me.
Li Mei: No one can escape justice.

Kenshi: Outworld has organized crime?
Li Mei: Its curse isn't unique to Earthrealm.

Kenshi: Jax and the OIA want us to cooperate.
Li Mei: Only with the Empress's blessing.

Kenshi: I've never met a cop I couldn't take down.
Li Mei: There's a first time for everything.

Kenshi: Kuai Liang says I shouldn't trust the Black Dragon.
Liu Kang: In this, as in all timelines, they are scoundrels.

Kenshi: Suchin wants me back?
Liu Kang: You made as strong an impression as she did.

Kenshi: Will I ever be free of the Yakuza?
Liu Kang: It depends upon the road you choose.

Kenshi: You set things up so I’d fight Johnny for Sento.
Liu Kang: I wanted you to meet. The fight was your decision.

Kenshi: May this fight be less exciting than our last.
Mileena: Where's your sense of adventure, Kenshi?

Kenshi: Have you been back to Shang's lab?
Mileena: Once. To monitor its destruction.

Kenshi: One doesn't forget almost being vivisected.
Mileena: Nor almost having one's throne stolen.

Kenshi: I doubt I'll ever fight another empress.
Mileena: Then I'll make this fight one to remember.

Kenshi: You won't get a foothold in Earthrealm.
Nitara: Won't we, Kenshi?

Kenshi: Shouldn't you be allergic to sunlight?
Nitara: Thanks to Quan Chi, I no longer am.

Kenshi: Tell me where to find Shang Tsung.
Nitara: Why would I know where he is?

Kenshi: Vaeternus first attacked Earthrealm centuries ago?
Nitara: Where else would your vampire myths come from?

Kenshi: Are you from Johnny's new superhero movie?
Omni-Man: I'm here to save you all from yourselves.

Kenshi: Ever tire of ending fights with one punch?
Omni-Man: Maybe I'll draw this one out.

Kenshi: It's too bad that Soul Stealer didn't finish you.
Quan Chi: I am difficult to kill.

Kenshi: It's people like you that make peace impossible.
Quan Chi: Very quick to judge, aren't you Takahashi?

Kenshi: I don't want to see you in Earthrealm or near it.
Quan Chi: You can't see me at all.

Kenshi: Why couldn't you stay locked up?
Quan Chi: What would be the fun in that?

Kenshi: Shang Tsung's lab was terrifying.
Raiden: He can't ever practice sorcery again.

Kenshi: Truthfully, did you think you would win?
Raiden: Not until *after* I defeated the General.

Kenshi: Johnny's helping me. Why won't you?
Raiden: It's not for the Shaolin to battle the Yakuza.

Kenshi: There's another tournament coming up?
Raiden: In the next one, we fight Seido.

Kenshi: Water should cleanse, not kill.
Rain: The former often requires the latter.

Kenshi: I learned your real name. No wonder you don't use it.
Rain: Do not mock what you don't understand.

Kenshi: If Rain's a nickname, what's your real one?
Rain: My parents named me Zeffeero.

Kenshi: A lot of people are looking to nab you.
Rain: Like water, I will slip through their fingers.

Kenshi: You really love being a soldier, don't you?
Reiko: Every meal's a banquet. Every formation a parade.

Kenshi: Your Black Hawks are down.
Reiko: That was just the first wave, Earthrealmer.

Kenshi: We've got your army on the run.
Reiko: If you say so, Earthrealmer.

Kenshi: It's immoral for children to fight wars.
Reiko: How else should I have spent my youth?

Kenshi: There were safer ways to create that diversion.
Reptile: I did what I thought I had to, Kenshi.

Kenshi: I’d still love to know how you become invisible.
Reptile: No experiments, Kenshi.

Kenshi: Kung Lao wanted you to scare Raiden's sister?
Reptile: He can be so immature.

Kenshi: So Ashrah is now a Shaolin.
Reptile: I couldn't be happier for her.

Kenshi: Why won't you help train the Taira?
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu's methods aren't to be shared.

Kenshi: Liu Kang's revelation stunned me, too.
Scorpion: I fear there are other truths he's hidden.

Kenshi: My war on the Yakuza has a new ally.
Scorpion: You cannot trust the Black Dragon, Kenshi.

Kenshi: How is it you haven't been to Outworld?
Scorpion: Earthrealm's defense has never required it.

Kenshi: Your mind's diseased, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Like many great artists, I'm so misunderstood.

Kenshi: Your lab is gone, your experiments are finished.
Shang Tsung: You think that was my only facility?

Kenshi: What's your plan, sorcerer?
Shang Tsung: Kill you, then take your place.

Kenshi: You'd be right at home in the Yakuza.
Shang Tsung: Who are they? And how might I find them?

Kenshi: I'm sure losing the tournament stung.
Sindel: You have no idea how much.

Kenshi: Who is this Onaga Shao wants to tame?
Sindel: The most dangerous creature to ever roam Outworld.

Kenshi: I'm told your evil twin was something else.
Sindel: The thought of her repulses me.

Kenshi: I didn't know kombat was one of your hobbies.
Sindel: A hobby? It is a vocation.

Kenshi: Kung Lao and Raiden mistook *you* for a gangster?
Smoke: Johnny isn't the only one who can act.

Kenshi: Why keep the Shirai Ryu's location secret?
Smoke: So that the Lin Kuei can't find it.

Kenshi: A war between clans isn't good for anyone.
Smoke: How else can Bi-Han be stopped?

Kenshi: Your smoke against Sento's steel
Smoke: Care to put your money where that mouth is?

Kenshi: My ancestors say they've tangled with yours.
Sub-Zero: Has it occurred to you to ask them why?

Kenshi: Why do you so resent Liu Kang's authority?
Sub-Zero: Give it time. You will understand.

Kenshi: Your Lin Kuei are now outlaws.
Sub-Zero: We answer to none but our own.

Kenshi: You know I'm fighting blind, right?
Tanya: Not with Sento, you're not.

Kenshi: Umgadi come from all over Outworld?
Tanya: All first-born females become postulants.

Kenshi: You need us to test your defenses?
Tanya: I'm concerned the Umgadi have lost their edge.

Kenshi: Becoming Matron Superior is the pinnacle of your career?
Tanya: There is nowhere to go but down.


Kitana: You are the first demon I've met.
Ashrah: May you not have the misfortune of meeting others.

Kitana: Can all demons assume humanoid form?
Ashrah: Only those of us who are cambions.

Kitana: I question whether Liu Kang should believe in you.
Ashrah: An understandable but ignorant concern.

Kitana: If I had sisters like yours --
Ashrah: Outworld would be a very different place.

Kitana: I see you, and I worry about my sister.
Baraka: You're right to be concerned.

Kitana: The changes you seek must be made slowly.
Baraka: My patience wears thin, Princess.

Kitana: When you became ill, your assets were taken?
Baraka: As required by your mother's edict, Princess.

Kitana: Shang Tsung has retreated to an island.
Baraka: Give me three days. I will raise an armada.

Kitana: Your family's disowned you.
General Shao: Wealth and comfort have made them timid.

Kitana: Outworld will close ranks against you.
General Shao: Support for your regime is thinner than you realize.

Kitana: Of all your enemies, it was vanity that felled you.
General Shao: I am not finished, Kitana.

Kitana: Who wishes to fight must first count the cost.
General Shao: You intend to teach me about war?

Kitana: My Titan and Liu Kang have a history, don't they?
Geras: Very observant, Princess.

Kitana: How much longer will my family's reign last?
Geras: It will last until it is over.

Kitana: Have I seen Liu Kang's true face? Or is there more?
Geras: It is not for me to say.

Kitana: The battle at the pyramid --
Geras: Will hopefully never be repeated.

Kitana: Seido's capital was a beautiful place.
Havik: It was built on the back of slaves like me.

Kitana: Societies need rules, need order.
Havik: Only to protect the privileged, Princess.

Kitana: I have empathy for your plight, but --
Havik: You need not finish that sentence.

Kitana: After Seido, cooperation is impossible.
Havik: I seek confrontation, not cooperation.

Kitana: It is the height of impertinence to call me 'eye candy'!
Johnny Cage: Easy, Kitty. It's just an expression.

Kitana: Your film crew is overrunning the palace!
Johnny Cage: That's how the sausage gets made, Princess.

Kitana: Some may swoon for you, but I will not.
Johnny Cage: Challenge accepted.

Kitana: You were right! Seeing a film is a transcendent experience.
Johnny Cage: Hollywood magic for the win.

Kitana: You couldn't handle an Outworld woman.
Johnny Cage: Shokan, Centaurians, Edenians. Yeah, I got this.

Kitana: Losing your sight, I can't imagine --
Kenshi: If I can't stand one thing, Princess, it's pity.

Kitana: There are Outworld souls inside Sento?
Kenshi: Taken from Ermac during our battle.

Kitana: These Yakuza you speak of sound dangerous.
Kenshi: I'm relieved to no longer be one of them.

Kitana: I misjudged you and your comrades.
Kenshi: Didn't help you had a snake hissing in your ear.

Kitana: I can feel the bond between us.
Kitana: We are sisters in arms across timelines.

Kitana: Shao is your father?!
Kitana: And the one, true Kahn of Outworld.

Kitana: My Mileena's not a clone. We are sisters.
Kitana: Someone has been feeding you lies.

Kitana: Your Outworld sounds like a hellish place.
Kitana: It might as well be part of the Netherrealm.

Kitana: Liu Kang isn't a god in your timeline?
Kitana: A god? He's my consort.

Kitana: You look like me, but can you fight like me?
Kitana: Don't be surprised when I prove better.

Kitana: I hope that Earthrealm won't be a fair-weather friend.
Kung Lao: There is no chance of that, Princess.

Kitana: I have been training for several of your lifetimes.
Kung Lao: Which means losing to me is going to sting.

Kitana: One should show royalty deference, Earthrealmer.
Kung Lao: As should one in the presence of greatness.

Kitana: Your friend is humble. Why are you not?
Kung Lao: You should ask why he is not more self-confident.

Kitana: Corruption's taken root in your ranks.
Li Mei: It's being weeded out, Princess.

Kitana: Resuming your old role is a waste of material.
Li Mei: Being First Constable is my first, best destiny.

Kitana: My entire life is supporting my sister.
Li Mei: All of Outworld is grateful for your service.

Kitana: Is it odd for kombat to make one nostalgic?
Li Mei: I fondly remember training you and your sister.

Kitana: Will the suffering of the realms ever cease?
Liu Kang: Those who live in them will decide.

Kitana: It's not fair that both my parents were murdered.
Liu Kang: You are right, Kitana. It is not.

Kitana: You and my Titan double seemed very familiar.
Liu Kang: *Why* shall remain shrouded in mystery.

Kitana: I hope my sister's reign will succeed.
Liu Kang: As do I. Long live the Queen.

Kitana: We've tracked Shang Tsung to an island.
Mileena: Capturing him will be a most dangerous game.

Kitana: Your subjects can't see this side of you.
Mileena: For the good of all, perhaps they must.

Kitana: Father's lost control of Ermac!
Mileena: Good thing I know what to do.

Kitana: I only want what's best for you.
Mileena: Or do you secretly covet my throne?

Kitana: Here to start another war between realms?
Nitara: Why would I tell you my plans?

Kitana: You conspired against my family!
Nitara: Better yours should suffer than mine.

Kitana: If you move against my sister, I'll --
Nitara: I already have, Princess.

Kitana: Millenia ago, our realms were allies.
Nitara: Until mine evolved beyond yours.

Kitana: My sister will never abdicate her throne.
Omni-Man: I'll crush you, your sister, and that throne.

Kitana: What right have you to claim dominion?
Omni-Man: More right than you mewling children.

Kitana: Now I see why Liu Kang chose to neuter you.
Quan Chi: He did a poor job, didn't he?

Kitana: Perhaps we'll banish you to the Netherrealm.
Quan Chi: Do so and you'll make me stronger.

Kitana: Now that you're exposed, you're not a threat.
Quan Chi: Believe whatever makes you happy, Princess.

Kitana: I know how years ago you betrayed your fellow miners.
Quan Chi: Betrayed? I was not obliged to them.

Kitana: Your friend says that you're interested in me.
Raiden: Me?! I don't know what he's talking about.

Kitana: Think you'll win this rematch?
Raiden: I thought so. But you sound very confident.

Kitana: Will you defend my sister as ardently as you did my mother?
Raiden: What are friends for, Princess?

Kitana: I should've defeated you in the tournament.
Raiden: You came a lot closer than you think.

Kitana: My family won't ever forgive you.
Rain: No, I expect not.

Kitana: With your power, Rain, came resp --
Rain: Spare me the lecture, Princess.

Kitana: The Imperial Academy has stripped you of your titles.
Rain: Let it. I still have my skills.

Kitana: You're not safe in Outworld.
Rain: It's a risk I must take.

Kitana: Outworld and Earthrealm must stand together.
Reiko: Why can't you see they're our enemy?

Kitana: I once would've thanked you for your service.
Reiko: Should I be wounded by your disdain?

Kitana: Your rebellion's been put down like a lame Vaktor.
Reiko: It is not dead yet, Princess.

Kitana: I had hoped it wouldn't come to this.
Reiko: Scared, Princess?

Kitana: My sister told me of the conspiracy you uncovered.
Reptile: Zaterrans like me won't be safe until it's smashed

Kitana: The chaos you caused at the lantern festival --
Reptile: Luckily, no one was hurt.

Kitana: Being the Empress's emissary is a great responsibility.
Reptile: I am ready for it, Your Highness.

Kitana: Is it true you've taken up with a demon?
Reptile: I prefer not to dwell on her past.

Kitana: Do the Shirai Ryu have a code?
Scorpion: Death before dishonor.

Kitana: Weapons. Soldiers. Whatever you --
Scorpion: I have all that I need to defeat Bi-Han.

Kitana: I understand congratulations are in order.
Scorpion: How did news of my marriage reach Outworld?

Kitana: Training your new clan will take years.
Scorpion: It can't. I don't have that much time.

Kitana: You deceived my mother, you deceived us all!
Shang Tsung: It is what I do, Kitana.

Kitana: Nothing you can say will save your life.
Shang Tsung: Then let us dispense with the pleasantries, Princess.

Kitana: Titan Shang Tsung should have left you to rot.
Shang Tsung: Shall I infer we're no longer friends, Princess?

Kitana: Yours is a callous heart, sorcerer
Shang Tsung: If you truly knew it, you wouldn't think so.

Kitana: Discontent is brewing in the northern cantons.
Sindel: As it has for centuries. Pay it no mind.

Kitana: There isn't a day I don't miss Father.
Sindel: May you find yourself as good a partner.

Kitana: Mileena won't give up on Tanya, Mother.
Sindel: Why did she give her heart to an Umgadi?

Kitana: Are you sure we can trust Liu Kang?
Sindel: I am not sure we have a choice.

Kitana: You displayed valor against the sorcerers.
Smoke: Thank you, Your Highness.

Kitana: You are Kuai Liang's adopted brother?
Smoke: His father's honor demanded that he take me in.

Kitana: I'm curious to learn the Lin Kuei's secrets.
Smoke: Despite all that's happened, I won't reveal them.

Kitana: I need your help to train the Empress.
Smoke: What can your sister possibly learn from me?

Kitana: You'll never be welcome in Outworld.
Sub-Zero: Perhaps after a change in regime.

Kitana: Your clan used to serve a noble cause.
Sub-Zero: It is better now that we serve ourselves.

Kitana: You've broken Kuai Liang's heart.
Sub-Zero: It won't be the only part of him I damage.

Kitana: Why are Lin Kuei never Earthrealm champions?
Sub-Zero: So that Outworld doesn't lose every tournament.

Kitana: It's time to gather the First Born.
Tanya: And train the next generation of Umgadi.

Kitana: What you've learned of the Matrons' corruption --
Tanya: Is just the beginning, I fear.

Kitana: If you are toying with my sister's emotions --
Tanya: Rest assured, Princess. I am not.

Kitana: My skills must be honed if I'm to lead the army.
Tanya: Allow me to help forge them, Princess.

Kung Lao

Kung Lao: Being prideful doesn't make me evil.
Ashrah: But it does make you insufferable.

Kung Lao: Shaolin Demon' has a nice ring to it.
Ashrah: Master Kai agreed to teach me?

Kung Lao: Your kriss is no match for my hat.
Ashrah: We'll soon find out, won't we?

Kung Lao: I have never met anyone like you.
Ashrah: Are you flirting with me, Kung Lao?

Kung Lao: What was it like, being tribune in Sindel's army?
Baraka: I've had no harder job, no greater honor.

Kung Lao: Up this close, should I have a mask?
Baraka: It's too late for that question.

Kung Lao: You know fighting me is an honor.
Baraka: I can't wait to puncture your inflated ego.

Kung Lao: I never want to be inside a cell again.
Baraka: Tarkat is an even worse prison.

Kung Lao: Some general you turned out to be.
General Shao: Best not to question my leadership, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: We both have storied families.
General Shao: Yours will be wiped out today

Kung Lao: If Raiden can beat you, so can I.
General Shao: Lose to a fool in a silly hat?

Kung Lao: You aren't the answer to Outworld's prayers.
General Shao: I am its only salvation.

Kung Lao: I should have been told sooner that realms exist.
Geras: Liu Kang knew you weren't ready.

Kung Lao: One day, my star will outshine Johnny's.
Geras: Seek purpose, not fame, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: Lord Liu Kang won't say much about past timelines.
Geras: He would prefer the past not be prologue.

Kung Lao: Just how old are you, Geras?
Geras: Old enough that time has ceased to have meaning.

Kung Lao: You are not the only one who has worked dirty jobs.
Havik: My kind were doomed to a lifetime of them.

Kung Lao: If your kind is on the bottom, pull yourselves up.
Havik: How can we? The ropes have been cut!

Kung Lao: What if Liu Kang sent peacekeepers to Seido?
Havik: Occupation is also oppression, Earthrealmer.

Kung Lao: You act like some kind of messiah.
Havik: Because I am my kind's savior!

Kung Lao: One day, I will be more famous than you.
Johnny Cage: You been sipping Madam Bo's special tea?

Kung Lao: Is there truly a price to fame?
Johnny Cage: Nothing comes for free, my friend.

Kung Lao: So what's the name of your film about us?
Johnny Cage: Mortal. Kombat.

Kung Lao: What does it take to be a movie star?
Johnny Cage: It's easy. Be me.

Kung Lao: This fight will prove that I am best.
Johnny Cage: At getting your ass kicked.

Kung Lao: While a Yakuza, did you kill anyone?
Kenshi: Pick a different topic, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: Tell me more about this Suchin.
Kenshi: She is one of a kind, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: I hope we get sent on another secret mission.
Kenshi: Maybe you should join the OIA.

Kung Lao: My cousin, Kung Jin, is fascinated by the Yakuza.
Kenshi: Do whatever it takes to quash that interest.

Kung Lao: To command an entire army --
Kitana: Is a serious responsibility.

Kung Lao: I think Raiden has a crush on you.
Kitana: While sweet, it is unwelcome.

Kung Lao: If Shao deposes your sister, what would happen?
Kitana: Bloodshed on a scale not seen in millennia.

Kung Lao: If Raiden impressed you, you should see me fight.
Kitana: So that I'll respect him even more?

Kung Lao: One of me is more than enough.
Kung Lao: Madam Bo sure seems to think so.

Kung Lao: Are *you* the Great Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: Are you kidding? I am the greatest.

Kung Lao: I thought it fitting that you die by your own hand.
Kung Lao: I am not flattered by your imitation, Shang Tsung.

Kung Lao: You are the fourth me I have met this week.
Kung Lao: I will also be the last.

Kung Lao: Admit it. You have never had a greater hallucination.
Kung Lao: Raiden wasn't kidding about Madam Bo's special tea.

Kung Lao: Amazing! You look just like me, Johnny!
Kung Lao: Gotta love those Hollywood makeup wizards.

Kung Lao: I would have won the tournament, too.
Li Mei: We'll see if you're as good as Raiden.

Kung Lao: Want help patrolling Sun Do's streets?
Li Mei: It’s arrogant presumption to think you could.

Kung Lao: Sun Do is a beautiful city.
Li Mei: Its façade hides an unseemly underworld.

Kung Lao: Can Mileena succeed as Outworld's empress?
Li Mei: That judgement has yet to be made.

Kung Lao: You trained my ancient ancestor?
Liu Kang: The Great Kung Lao was my grandest champion.

Kung Lao: How much longer will Raiden be champion.
Liu Kang: Until someone more worthy takes his place.

Kung Lao: Why are the Great Kung Lao's victories hidden?
Liu Kang: The world is not yet ready to know them.

Kung Lao: Can I play a part, when Raiden's sister is tested?
Liu Kang: The exam scenario is up to Madam Bo.

Kung Lao: Quan Chi and Shang Tsung are still out there.
Liu Kang: We must prepare for when we find them, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: I could get used to living like you do.
Mileena: What makes you deserving of royal privileges?

Kung Lao: Had I been champion, the tournament --
Mileena: Since you weren't, your point is moot.

Kung Lao: Is it safe for the two of us to fight?
Mileena: For me it is.

Kung Lao: When Tarkat takes hold, you are intimidating.
Mileena: Do you imply that otherwise I am not?

Kung Lao: Madam Bo taught me how to beat you.
Nitara: Her lessons will fail you.

Kung Lao: If your realm is so hungry, why did it only send you?
Nitara: Few of us can survive outside its borders.

Kung Lao: Have Vaeternians always had wings?
Nitara: Do Earthrealmers always ask such stupid questions?

Kung Lao: What did you do with Jen's body?!
Nitara: Poor Kung Lao, you'll never see her again.

Kung Lao: Seeking a worthy challenge? Here I am.
Omni-Man: Okay, Kung Lao. Prove your worth.

Kung Lao: Madam Bo says everyone has a weakness.
Omni-Man: Then she's never met a Viltrumite.

Kung Lao: We beat you once, we will beat you again.
Quan Chi: Kung Lao. So certain in your confidence.

Kung Lao: You think you scare me, sorcerer?
Quan Chi: I would never mistake you for someone so wise.

Kung Lao: After this fight, you will remember my name.
Quan Chi: Only long enough to carve on your tombstone.

Kung Lao: The Shaolin do not run from danger.
Quan Chi: Do you flee from certain death?

Kung Lao: It's not too late to be in Johnny's movie.
Raiden: We have other priorities, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: I still think I should have been champion.
Raiden: Then you shouldn't have lost our fight.

Kung Lao: Teaching the initiates is hard work.
Raiden: It makes me truly appreciate Madam Bo.

Kung Lao: Now isn't this better than working in the fields?
Raiden: This life does have its advantages.

Kung Lao: Haven't we trained enough?
Raiden: Vigilance requires diligence.

Kung Lao: Did you know about Ashrah and Syzoth?
Raiden: I'm happy for them both, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: What does a mage know about kombat?
Rain: More than enough to keep you at bay.

Kung Lao: Your replacement has been selected
Rain: Dorfen isn't ready to be Outworld's High Mage.

Kung Lao: Is there anything with water you cannot do?
Rain: You want me to reveal my limits?

Kung Lao: This fight is dedicated to the Great Kung Lao.
Rain: Shouldn't you wait to see if you win?

Kung Lao: What will it take for you to surrender?
Reiko: That will never happen!

Kung Lao: Liu Kang is not your enemy.
Reiko: His boot is on the neck of Outworld!

Kung Lao: I could never betray Liu Kang as you have Sindel.
Reiko: Every bond has its breaking point, Earthrealmer.

Kung Lao: I, too, once thought war was glorious.
Reiko: What dullard convinced you otherwise?

Kung Lao: Join us at Madam Bo's. Her cooking is --
Reptile: No, thank you. I can't stomach human food.

Kung Lao: It is clear you are in awe of my hat.
Reptile: Is it, Kung Lao?

Kung Lao: Wait until you fight Scorpion. He is a beast.
Reptile: What kind of beast?

Kung Lao: Please, Syzoth? Raiden's sister will jump out of her skin.
Reptile: My shapeshifting's not for practical jokes.

Kung Lao: I bet I could be Shirai Ryu.
Scorpion: First, you must learn humility.

Kung Lao: There is nothing you can do that I can't do better.
Scorpion: It won't take long to prove that claim false.

Kung Lao: Master Kai said he taught you as well.
Scorpion: You would be smart to heed his instruction.

Kung Lao: Bi-Han won't go down without a fight.
Scorpion: I fear there will be losses on both sides.

Kung Lao: We will find your island, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: I sincerely hope you do.

Kung Lao: What were you going to do with all those hybrids?
Shang Tsung: You'll find out soon enough.

Kung Lao: As a child, was your mind this diseased?
Shang Tsung: I object to your description, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: I will not forget that you tried to kill me.
Shang Tsung: Or I that Baraka kept me from succeeding.

Kung Lao: Johnny is all bruised, and he will not say why.
Sindel: Ask him about the proposition he made me.

Kung Lao: It is entirely possible that I have royal blood.
Sindel: Based on what, Earthrealmer?

Kung Lao: Next time, Earthrealm will host the tournament.
Sindel: The next time, you will be an old man.

Kung Lao: It is not fair that your kind lives for thousands of years.
Sindel: Why conclude that it isn't a hardship?

Kung Lao: They will call us the greatest generation.
Smoke: Shouldn't we earn that title first?

Kung Lao: I hear that Kuai Liang is now married.
Smoke: Harumi is just as fierce as he is.

Kung Lao: You were not the most convincing thug.
Smoke: Don't lie, Kung Lao. You were spooked.

Kung Lao: Shall we make this interesting? Name the stakes.
Smoke: That's easy. I want the hat.

Kung Lao: I have to thank you for inspiring my hat.
Sub-Zero: It is a worthless gimmick, Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: This time, don't pull any punches.
Sub-Zero: A request you will soon regret.

Kung Lao: You have made enemies of the Shaolin.
Sub-Zero: They are the least of my concerns.

Kung Lao: If you reformed, Liu Kang would forgive.
Sub-Zero: You presume I've done anything wrong.

Kung Lao: Shaolin versus Umgadi? This is no contest.
Tanya: Then you intend to concede?

Kung Lao: The monks train harder than you or your sisters.
Tanya: How exactly would you know, Kung Lao?

Kung Lao: I suppose you met the Great Kung Lao, too.
Tanya: No, he was before my time.

Kung Lao: Lord Liu Kang says we must learn to fight together.
Tanya: On this subject, he is wise.

Li Mei

Li Mei: You're living proof people can change.
Ashrah: I hope you dispense justice with that in mind.

Li Mei: There must be few demons like you.
Ashrah: I am unique among them, Li Mei.

Li Mei: Is your absolution close at hand?
Ashrah: It always seems just out of reach.

Li Mei: Are the myths of the Netherrealm real?
Ashrah: The truth is even worse than you imagine.

Li Mei: The law requires the infected be segregated.
Baraka: Does it require we be treated like monsters?

Li Mei: We need your testimony against Shang Tsung.
Baraka: Only if I can present it in person.

Li Mei: You weren't part of Syzoth's Shiva Ranatai escape.
Baraka: I would've been a fool to step foot in Sun Do.

Li Mei: Does your colony need constables?
Baraka: We need a cure.

Li Mei: It's no surprise Lei Chin couldn't hold you.
General Shao: There isn't a prison that can.

Li Mei: There's no crime worse than sedition.
General Shao: Is it better to prop up a failing empress?

Li Mei: I knew you were hiding things.
General Shao: And you were too simple to figure out what.

Li Mei: The law puts Sindel's death at your feet.
General Shao: One more alleged crime I won't be punished for.

Li Mei: Why permit crime to fester in this timeline?
Geras: It was beyond Liu Kang's power to prevent it.

Li Mei: Gods that deceive are capable of much worse.
Geras: I assure you, Liu Kang's intentions are pure.

Li Mei: What prevents you from corrupting the timeline?
Geras: My faith in Liu Kang's vision for it.

Li Mei: Why did Jerrod have to die on my watch?
Geras: Do not presume that it was Liu Kang's design.

Li Mei: Sun Do doesn't want your anarchy.
Havik: That's not the word on the street.

Li Mei: I punish disturbing the peace severely.
Havik: Your 'peace' is nothing but oppression.

Li Mei: Tell Rain to turn himself in.
Havik: Why would I compromise his freedom?

Li Mei: Your crimes can be tried in our courts.
Havik: Since when is Seido in Outworld's jurisdiction?

Li Mei: How do you know so much about policing?
Johnny Cage: My mom was a cop. You did *not* fuck with her.

Li Mei: Who's on second, Cage?
Johnny Cage: No, Who's on first. What's on second!

Li Mei: If you film in Sun Do, you're on your own.
Johnny Cage: Really? Great. Now who's gonna handle crowd control??

Li Mei: To spend your life creating fantasies --
Johnny Cage: Create? Honey. I am the fantasy!

Li Mei: If not for Syzoth, I would have captured you at the festival.
Johnny Cage: Are you kidding? Those disguises I found were money.

Li Mei: You're a reformed criminal? We'll see.
Kenshi: It's not enough that Liu Kang trusts me?

Li Mei: You? Work for me undercover?
Kenshi: How else will you infiltrate the Black Dragon?

Li Mei: You've done well, despite your infirmity.
Kenshi: I owe it all to my Taira ancestors.

Li Mei: If your agency thinks it can skulk about Sun Do --
Kenshi: You'll know our every move, Li Mei.

Li Mei: Word on the street is Mavado is in Sun Do.
Kitana: Do not attempt to capture him alone, Li Mei.

Li Mei: Shang Tsung's laboratory has been destroyed.
Kitana: May we never see its like again.

Li Mei: Why are your cousins never at court?
Kitana: They were banished by my mother's decree.

Li Mei: I'm not surprised you've been made Supreme Commander.
Kitana: How is it I'm the only one who is?

Li Mei: You were exposed to Tarkat?!
Kung Lao: I'm fine. I have had no symptoms.

Li Mei: That hat is something else.
Kung Lao: You have a problem with it, Constable?

Li Mei: I also met the Great Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Is there anyone in Outworld that hasn't?!

Li Mei: Tell Raiden he'll get nowhere with Kitana.
Kung Lao: How did you know about that?!

Li Mei: Were you also once Umgadi?
Li Mei: Umgadi? What's that?

Li Mei: Your Sun Do isn't a metropolis?
Li Mei: It’s a tiny village in a remote province.

Li Mei: What are you? A shape shifter?
Li Mei: I prefer 'Master of Illusion'.

Li Mei: You won't replace me, I swear it!
Li Mei: Everything you have will be mine.

Li Mei: I can't believe there are two of us.
Li Mei: We'll be back down to one shortly.

Li Mei: Brokade is behind this, isn't she?
Li Mei: Of course it was the Queen of the Underworld!

Li Mei: If you know those who become criminals, tell me.
Liu Kang: Even I cannot foretell the future flawlessly, Li Mei.

Li Mei: Thank you for helping foil Shao's rebellion.
Liu Kang: Duty required that I stop him.

Li Mei: Do Earthrealmers also deal with crime?
Liu Kang: They are not immune to its scourge, Li Mei.

Li Mei: I regret having never known my parents.
Liu Kang: Who says you will not in the future?

Li Mei: The Umgadi's Matrons have been arrested.
Liu Kang: May they be punished for their crimes against you.

Li Mei: I fear the toll Tarkat is taking on you.
Mileena: Both of us do, Li Mei.

Li Mei: Have you decided on the Matrons' punishment?
Mileena: There is only one for deceiving my family.

Li Mei: If your mother was harsh, it was because she loved you.
Mileena: It was because she doubted me.

Li Mei: The Princess is well suited to be Supreme Commander.
Mileena: As were you to lead the Imperial Police.

Li Mei: Vaeternians aren't welcome in Outworld.
Nitara: Don't think that will stop us from coming.

Li Mei: Your Elders were shortsighted, Nitara.
Nitara: That doesn't mean we don't deserve to survive.

Li Mei: There are more like you in Sun Do?
Nitara: You won't find us until it's too late.

Li Mei: I've issued a warrant for your arrest.
Nitara: It's not worth the paper it's printed on.

Li Mei: Sun Do won't recognize your authority.
Omni-Man: They will after I make an example of you.

Li Mei: What does a would-be despot know of justice?
Omni-Man: Enough to teach you a master class.

Li Mei: There will be no escape from Lei Chin this time.
Quan Chi: That hellhole won't again imprison me.

Li Mei: You have broken so many laws --
Quan Chi: And I will go on doing so, Li Mei.

Li Mei: I've learned the truth of your past, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: What good will that do you, exactly?

Li Mei: Surrender, Quan Chi. There's no way out.
Quan Chi: Without a fight? Impossible.

Li Mei: Your resolve in kombat impressed.
Raiden: That's high praise, coming from a former Umgadi.

Li Mei: The stakes are to your satisfaction?
Raiden: They're enough for me to accept your wager.

Li Mei: What does Liu Kang see in Johnny Cage?
Raiden: He's more than meets the eye, Li Mei.

Li Mei: Your name is still on Sun Do's lips.
Raiden: I can't believe I made such an impression.

Li Mei: I'm taking you in to face justice.
Rain: Your meager skills are no match for my command of water.

Li Mei: Seido now blames Outworld for your crimes against them.
Rain: That was never my intent, Li Mei.

Li Mei: If you *ever* try to flood Sun Do --
Rain: By Argus, that will never happen.

Li Mei: Did Shao have more co-conspirators?
Rain: There are many you've yet to unmask.

Li Mei: The Empress has named you an enemy of the state.
Reiko: A mantel I wear with pride.

Li Mei: You're wanted, dead or alive.
Reiko: I'll never be captured, Li Mei.

Li Mei: Renounce Shao and reduce your sentence.
Reiko: What makes you think I'd so easily betray him?

Li Mei: You won't leave here except in custody.
Reiko: Good luck enforcing that edict.

Li Mei: My constables can aid your search.
Reptile: Only a Zaterran can investigate Zaterrans.

Li Mei: You're fortunate the Empress pardoned you.
Reptile: I swear I won't ever disrupt the Festival again.

Li Mei: I'll never grasp the Zaterran concept of justice.
Reptile: Most warm bloods can't.

Li Mei: Your new position has made you enemies.
Reptile: How many? And how dangerous?

Li Mei: Your brother is wanted for aiding Shao’s rebellion.
Scorpion: Yet he will face my justice, not yours.

Li Mei: Liu Kang has nothing but praise for you.
Scorpion: Let me demonstrate why that's so.

Li Mei: Do you think of Outworld as a threat?
Scorpion: Only certain people in it, First Constable.

Li Mei: We're both charged with the safety of others.
Scorpion: May this fight prove us worthy of that trust.

Li Mei: Your misconduct is well documented, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: But to convict me, you'll have to catch me.

Li Mei: Surrender and you'll receive a fair trial.
Shang Tsung: Which will no doubt end with my execution.

Li Mei: You can't stay a fugitive forever.
Shang Tsung: You've no idea what I'm capable of.

Li Mei: I could tell from the start you were trouble.
Shang Tsung: And as with Jerrod's killer, you did nothing.

Li Mei: Beware, Empress. There are still threats on all sides.
Sindel: Which makes me wish all the more you were still Umgadi.

Li Mei: The General got far too close to taking your power.
Sindel: Never shall he again.

Li Mei: Opportunists are exploiting the recent unrest.
Sindel: Find them and prosecute them.

Li Mei: I've rounded up more of the General's sympathizers.
Sindel: Bring them to me for punishment.

Li Mei: I should warn you, I was once Umgadi.
Smoke: I should warn you that I'm Shirai Ryu.

Li Mei: As I told your brother, I'll abide no vigilantes.
Smoke: You misread our intent, Li Mei.

Li Mei: I understand you helped battle the sorcerers.
Smoke: I'm fortunate to have survived.

Li Mei: I remind you of your mother?
Smoke: No-nonsense and tough as nails, just like her.

Li Mei: I'll find your operatives in Sun Do.
Sub-Zero: They'll escape by hiding in the shadows.

Li Mei: Conspiring against the Empress is a serious crime.
Sub-Zero: What's the penalty for killing a First Constable?

Li Mei: Turn yourself in, Bi-Han.
Sub-Zero: Hell will freeze before that happens.

Li Mei: Lei Chin Prison was supposed to be impregnable.
Sub-Zero: Yet somehow I still freed the General.

Li Mei: The new Empress is disbanding your order?!
Tanya: Not disbanding, Li Mei. Reforming.

Li Mei: If there's one thing I don't miss, it's palace intrigue.
Tanya: It's the worst part of being Umgadi, isn't it?

Li Mei: Vakara and Dionis were purged as well?!
Tanya: Not one of the old Matrons was spared.

Li Mei: I don't envy your task, rebuilding the Umgadi.
Tanya: I don't either. But it must be done.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang: The battle between good and evil is eternal.
Ashrah: Why must it be fought inside me?

Liu Kang: You have adjusted well to life in Earthrealm.
Ashrah: Nothing could suit me better.

Liu Kang: Master Kai speaks highly of your skills.
Ashrah: He honors me with his praise.

Liu Kang: A new threat emerges from the Netherrealm.
Ashrah: I will not rest until it is defeated.

Liu Kang: When you find Quan Chi, capture. Do not kill.
Ashrah: I cannot promise that, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Your people's plight has improved?
Baraka: No thanks to you, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Know, Baraka, that the heavens await you.
Baraka: Until then must I suffer?

Liu Kang: Father, tribune, merchant. Yours is a life well lived.
Baraka: It was, until Tarkat took it from me.

Liu Kang: The new Empress needs your support.
Baraka: She knows my price to get it.

Liu Kang: Where are your armies, General?
General Shao: This isn't war, Liu Kang. It's personal.

Liu Kang: Those with power must know how to use it wisely.
General Shao: That's why Sindel is unfit for the throne.

Liu Kang: You have no army to command, General.
General Shao: Those loyal to me still follow.

Liu Kang: I will not let you unleash civil war.
General Shao: Outworld's affairs aren't your business, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Yet another timeline threatens us?
Geras: This one created by a Titan Onaga.

Liu Kang: This timeline has not improved as I had hoped.
Geras: Thoughts like that led to Kronika’s madness.

Liu Kang: Your decision to serve gladdens me.
Geras: It was an honor to be asked.

Liu Kang: May we never again encounter other timelines.
Geras: It is unlikely we have seen the last of them.

Liu Kang: I mean for you to replace me.
Geras: I can only succeed you, Lord Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Are you my Geras or Shang Tsung's?
Geras: You will know when this battle ends.

Liu Kang: I force no one! Mortals choose to follow me.
Havik: Making you their master, which makes them slaves.

Liu Kang: It is not your ends I object to, it is the means.
Havik: Revolution isn't pretty, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Achieving liberation requires patience.
Havik: Tell that to those who suffer, demi-god!

Liu Kang: What's left of Seido's government will negotiate.
Havik: Negotiate?! I'm dictating terms.

Liu Kang: Giving Kenshi Sento was most honorable.
Johnny Cage: After what he did, he deserved it.

Liu Kang: I will now demonstrate why you sanded those floors.
Johnny Cage: Holy shit! I've been Miyagi'ed.

Liu Kang: It saddened me to see your marriage end.
Johnny Cage: Me too, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: I don't need a 'credit' on your film, Johnny Cage.
Johnny Cage: You EP'ed the shit out of this timeline. Oh, you're getting one!

Liu Kang: There is more to life than fortune and glory.
Johnny Cage: Oh wait! You're serious.

Liu Kang: When you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
Kenshi: Isn't that advice for Raiden?

Liu Kang: You can learn much from Jackson Briggs.
Kenshi: I've learned a lot from him already.

Liu Kang: Sento is even more powerful than you know.
Kenshi: What else can it do, Liu Kang?

Liu Kang: Your war on the underworld is taking innocent lives.
Kenshi: Am I to blame for my enemy's wanton violence?

Liu Kang: Outworld's army does well under your command.
Kitana: You should hope that our realms remain at peace.

Liu Kang: I can only offer condolences, Kitana.
Kitana: That's all? My mother died to save the realms!

Liu Kang: It worries me that Mileena builds a koliseum.
Kitana: Why? Do Earthrealmers not have sports?

Liu Kang: Keep Countess Jade close. She is critical to your future.
Kitana: Is it possible you could be more cryptic?

Liu Kang: Why did you not heed Raiden's warning?
Kung Lao: I thought I could train Shujinko alone.

Liu Kang: Are you aware that Raiden trains with Scorpion?
Kung Lao: To what end, Lord Liu Kang?

Liu Kang: The Great Kung Lao would take pride in you.
Kung Lao: That is the greatest compliment I could receive.

Liu Kang: So the masters have made you one of them.
Kung Lao: They know I have much to teach.

Liu Kang: Had you trained harder, *you* would be champion.
Kung Lao: I am well aware, Lord Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: I hear the Umgadi want you back.
Li Mei: I prefer to remain First Constable.

Liu Kang: Why did you choose to trust me?
Li Mei: Because you had no reason to lie.

Liu Kang: The Black Dragon has infiltrated Sun Do.
Li Mei: It will gain no traction here, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: You have my condolences on the loss of Sindel.
Li Mei: She died as she lived, in Outworld's service.

Liu Kang: You must administer justice fairly, Li Mei.
Li Mei: Has anyone dared suggest I've done otherwise?

Liu Kang: It is beyond my power to prevent all injustice.
Li Mei: Then it shall always fester.

Liu Kang: What is your role in your timeline?
Liu Kang: I'm a global martial arts star, aren't you?

Liu Kang: What happened to your Kitana?
Liu Kang: An evil clown tricked me into taking her life.

Liu Kang: Are you here to help or harm?
Liu Kang: Who says I can't do both?

Liu Kang: I grow weary of other timelines.
Liu Kang: Then keep the barriers among them closed.

Liu Kang: Accosted by yet another me.
Liu Kang: How many of us have you met?

Liu Kang: Does Onaga exist in your timeline?
Liu Kang: Exist in it? He rules it.

Liu Kang: Earthrealm will support Outworld in any way it can.
Mileena: Do not seek to become overly entwined in our affairs.

Liu Kang: I treasured the fellowship of both your parents.
Mileena: Then why didn't you do more to save them?

Liu Kang: If Reiko frees Onaga from Mount Tsaagan --
Mileena: I am aware, Liu Kang. I know the legends.

Liu Kang: May my champions search Outworld for Shang Tsung?
Mileena: Only if Li Mei supervises them.

Liu Kang: To gain immortality, Vaeternus has debased itself!
Nitara: Your disapproval means nothing, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Vaeternus's ways are unsustainable!
Nitara: Only if we can't find more on whom to feed.

Liu Kang: The Coven has lead Vaeternus astray.
Nitara: They're the only ones defending our interests!

Liu Kang: You must embrace hope and faith, Nitara.
Nitara: Neither means anything to me.

Liu Kang: You have destroyed worlds, I have erased whole timelines.
Omni-Man: Finally, a worthy challenge.

Liu Kang: By the Elder Gods, what are you?
Omni-Man: I'm something of a god myself.

Liu Kang: I should have done more to keep you from evil.
Quan Chi: I, for one, am glad you didn't.

Liu Kang: The knowledge you've gained I must now take away.
Quan Chi: You won't punish me as you did Shujinko.

Liu Kang: You and Shang Tsung must not conspire again.
Quan Chi: Why in the realms would I promise that?

Liu Kang: How did you acquire Shinnok's Amulet?
Quan Chi: Wouldn't you like to know?

Liu Kang: You must continue to learn.
Raiden: I would welcome your instruction.

Liu Kang: Kung Lao's ego is irritating the other monks.
Raiden: I will speak to him, Lord Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Pass this test and join the Shaolin's inner circle.
Raiden: I *will* prove worthy of the White Lotus.

Liu Kang: Madam Bo thinks your sister is ready.
Raiden: I agree. She'll make an excellent Shaolin.

Liu Kang: Pride has been your downfall in all timelines.
Rain: Then why not change me in this one?

Liu Kang: A half a million Seidans, dead!
Rain: And if I could bring them back, I would.

Liu Kang: Why was being High Mage not enough?
Rain: You tell me. You gave me this ambition.

Liu Kang: Outworld has no place for you now.
Rain: Nor does Earthrealm, I presume.

Liu Kang: You have committed war crimes, Reiko.
Reiko: It's no crime to protect one's homeland.

Liu Kang: Shao is wrong about my intentions.
Reiko: Why would I believe a word you say?

Liu Kang: Our realms must co-exist peacefully.
Reiko: As long as yours dominates mine, they can't.

Liu Kang: It is suicide to try to tame Onaga.
Reiko: That won't stop me from obeying the General's command.

Liu Kang: You have made excellent progress, Syzoth.
Reptile: You're surprised by how far I've come?

Liu Kang: Be careful, Syzoth. Ashrah is still a demon.
Reptile: Don't we all have a demonic side?

Liu Kang: It was not my intent to see your family murdered.
Reptile: How could a god's plan be so easily foiled?

Liu Kang: You are always welcome in Earthrealm, Syzoth.
Reptile: I wish the same were true in Zaterra.

Liu Kang: I had such high hopes for your brother.
Scorpion: As did I, Lord Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: You allow vengeance to consume you.
Scorpion: I should not punish Bi-Han for his crimes?

Liu Kang: Are the Shirai Ryu ready to defend Earthrealm?
Scorpion: Allow me to demonstrate our skills.

Liu Kang: You have fallen short of every hope I had for you.
Shang Tsung: Music to my ears, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: The realms nearly died, and still you won't repent.
Shang Tsung: I would do the same again in a heartbeat.

Liu Kang: Your Titan self is not one to emulate.
Shang Tsung: Why? Because he threatens your power?

Liu Kang: Your thirst for power will never be quenched.
Shang Tsung: You say that like it's a character flaw.

Liu Kang: I do not ask for worship, just faith.
Sindel: That must be earned, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: The wise warrior avoids the battle.
Sindel: As Empress, I often have no choice.

Liu Kang: Crafting a timeline is a complex endeavor.
Sindel: So I should be quiet? And not complain?

Liu Kang: Not once have I sought to influence you unduly.
Sindel: Your intentions haven't always matched your actions.

Liu Kang: Kuai Liang needs you for the battles ahead.
Smoke: I'll always be there for him, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: I cannot bring back your family, Tomas.
Smoke: You can't or you won't?

Liu Kang: Hanzo must master his anger.
Smoke: We will teach him the way.

Liu Kang: You have forsaken your family.
Sub-Zero: To free the Lin Kuei from bondage.

Liu Kang: For Earthrealm's sake, reconcile with Kuai Liang.
Sub-Zero: Never again shall his name pass my lips.

Liu Kang: Your brothers regret losing your fellowship.
Sub-Zero: Then they shouldn't have disobeyed my commands.

Liu Kang: Come in from the cold, Bi-Han.
Sub-Zero: And again kneel before you?

Liu Kang: You will not enter the Temple of the Elements.
Sub-Zero: I will have the power you've locked away inside.

Liu Kang: Your actions cost lives, Bi-Han!
Sub-Zero: They were in the Lin Kuei's best interests.

Liu Kang: I would like Raiden to train with the Umgadi.
Tanya: We'll teach him to fight like a woman.

Liu Kang: The Umgadi's vigilance is a boon to Outworld.
Tanya: Do you say that to bias me in your favor?

Liu Kang: There are challenges ahead for your order.
Tanya: Warnings are worthless if they aren't specific.

Liu Kang: I am glad you and the Empress found each other.
Tanya: Are you the reason we're together?


Mileena: A demon at court would infuriate the Archdukes.
Ashrah: I won't be part of your intrigues, Empress.

Mileena: You found no evil in Kitana. What about me?
Ashrah: I would rather not say, Your Highness.

Mileena: Tarkat is a hell I could have scarcely imagined.
Ashrah: May it prove more escapable than the Netherrealm.

Mileena: Would I find any allies in the Netherrealm?
Ashrah: None whom you could ever trust.

Mileena: Shao must be hunted down.
Baraka: I will gladly help sniff him out.

Mileena: I can feel the bloodlust rising.
Baraka: Control it, Empress. Before it controls you.

Mileena: Is there any hope for those like us?
Baraka: I pray to Delia every day for a miracle.

Mileena: Show me how a tribune fights, Baraka.
Baraka: Those days are long behind me, Empress.

Mileena: Shoda, Tovach -- They both reject you.
General Shao: My siblings are dead to me, Mileena.

Mileena: My mother's blood is on your hands.
General Shao: Yours will be too, if you don't surrender.

Mileena: This is your last chance to beg my forgiveness.
General Shao: Why would I want that?

Mileena: It was a mistake to show you mercy.
General Shao: Yes. It was.

Mileena: I can't imagine my mother ever having been evil.
Geras: It was not a look she wore well.

Mileena: I want to know more about previous Shaos and Sindels.
Geras: There is nothing to be gained from that knowledge.

Mileena: I want the sorcerers eliminated.
Geras: That is not my role, Empress.

Mileena: Is my future with Tanya secure?
Geras: If you survive its challenges.

Mileena: You were one of the conspirators!
Havik: At your service, Empress.

Mileena: Shang Tsung? Quan Chi? Where are they?!
Havik: I know nothing of my former partners.

Mileena: My mother would show mercy. I will not.
Havik: So you aren't the weakling people think.

Mileena: Your Seidan assault created troubles for Outworld.
Havik: Just as I had hoped.

Mileena: You may be a champion, but you are still a commoner.
Johnny Cage: Commoner?! Okay. Now I'm triggered.

Mileena: My sister will never want you.
Johnny Cage: Yeah, she made that clear when she slapped my face.

Mileena: Why did I agree to let your film crew in the palace?
Johnny Cage: Because deep down, you know you wanna be in showbiz.

Mileena: I hear you're not a very good actor.
Johnny Cage: When did you start reading the trades?

Mileena: Don't be vexed. I won't bite.
Kenshi: Let’s keep our teeth to ourselves, shall we?

Mileena: I am truly sorry that I blinded you.
Kenshi: I have only myself to blame, Empress.

Mileena: You bring out the animal in me.
Kenshi: I promise, it's not intentional.

Mileena: Is it fair that you fight with a magic sword?
Kenshi: Would it be fair if I had to fight blind?

Mileena: When I find Shang Tsung, I'll skin him --
Kitana: Patience, Sister. We need him alive.

Mileena: There are still courtiers who whisper against me.
Kitana: Do not let their petty intrigues distract you.

Mileena: Already they pressure me to produce an heir!
Kitana: An empress has many duties, Sister.

Mileena: I want Shao and Reiko. Do not fail me.
Kitana: I wouldn't dream of it, Empress.

Mileena: Your friend Raiden is infuriatingly humble
Kung Lao: It is annoying, isn't it?

Mileena: Why were you chosen to help defend Earthrealm?
Kung Lao: To honor my family's legacy.

Mileena: I don't know why Tanya suggested we fight.
Kung Lao: She knows I have something to teach you.

Mileena: You remind me of a baron who once courted me.
Kung Lao: I must assume that didn't go well.

Mileena: As a royal, my life is never my own.
Li Mei: Your mother often felt the palace a prison.

Mileena: Abandoning your post is a betrayal.
Li Mei: Doubt my choices, Empress. But never doubt my loyalty.

Mileena: I want the sorcerers' heads, Li Mei!
Li Mei: They are proving most elusive, Empress.

Mileena: I've studied your teachings well, Li Mei.
Li Mei: I will be the judge of that, Empress.

Mileena: The next prison to hold Shao must be stronger.
Liu Kang: If you'll allow it, I will confine him to the Void.

Mileena: I will deal with those who object to my rule.
Liu Kang: Be a sovereign, Empress, not a tyrant.

Mileena: Would you ever have told us who you truly are?
Liu Kang: Had it not been for this crisis, no.

Mileena: Are other villains you've neutered dwelling in this timeline?
Liu Kang: I would rather not reveal that, Empress.

Mileena: You're my twin?
Mileena: No. I'm your clone.

Mileena: I can't take any more of these nightmares.
Mileena: You're wide awake, Sister.

Mileena: You would steal my throne?
Mileena: Back from a sniveling imposter.

Mileena: How do you have my face?
Mileena: Your face?! It is mine!

Mileena: There can be only one empress.
Mileena: Then off with your head, Queen.

Mileena: This is Shang Tsung's doing.
Mileena: Why assume he's your only enemy?

Mileena: You'll tell me what Vaeternus is plotting.
Nitara: I won't divulge what we do in the shadows.

Mileena: Better to have Tarkat than to be Vaeternian.
Nitara: Along with her throne, you've inherited your mother's bigotry.

Mileena: My army's still strong enough to keep Vaeternus at bay.
Nitara: Fear peeks through your bravado, Empress.

Mileena: For aiding Shao's coup, I will flay you alive.
Nitara: And people think Vaeternians are blood thirsty.

Mileena: Outworld is the strongest of all realms.
Omni-Man: Good. I'll break Outworld first to prove a point.

Mileena: You stand in the presence of Outworld's empress.
Omni-Man: Am I supposed to be impressed?

Mileena: I have a prophecy for *you*, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: Can I surmise that it predicts my death?

Mileena: How could you embrace the Netherrealm's evil?
Quan Chi: I should have let myself die in the mines?

Mileena: I plan to kill you in a most heinous way.
Quan Chi: Best of luck to you, Empress.

Mileena: Your crimes against my family --
Quan Chi: Are beyond your means to punish.

Mileena: Mother should've let me fight you.
Raiden: You would have challenged me, Empress.

Mileena: How could you defeat us. You're just a boy!
Raiden: Not by Earthrealm standards.

Mileena: My empire doesn't need Earthrealm's help to thrive.
Raiden: We are here should you need us.

Mileena: I pray that Earthrealm never feels Tarkat's bite.
Raiden: It's possible that it could?

Mileena: Amara is banished from the imperial court.
Rain: Do not hold my crimes against my mother.

Mileena: Kitana says you deserve mercy.
Rain: Can I have a moment to explain why?

Mileena: You are hereby banished from practicing magic.
Rain: You can't do that to me, Empress!!

Mileena: You must die. There is no alternative.
Rain: It's unfortunate that's how you feel.

Mileena: This war must end, Reiko.
Reiko: It will when you surrender or die.

Mileena: You've squandered your chance for mercy.
Reiko: I want none from you, Empress.

Mileena: I've given Kotal Shao's old post.
Reiko: That Osh-Tekk could never replace him.

Mileena: You are not the soldier you think you are.
Reiko: I dare you to think of even a single weakness.

Mileena: What's being done to Zaterrans like you is abominable!
Reptile: Then the Crown will put an end to it?

Mileena: All of my emissaries must learn to fight well.
Reptile: Shall I show you what Kitana's taught me?

Mileena: Your family must be very proud of you.
Reptile: My family is dead, Empress.

Mileena: You should bring Ashrah to court.
Reptile: She'd prefer to avoid its politics.

Mileena: My bond with Kitana can't be broken.
Scorpion: I'd once thought the same of mine with Bi-Han.

Mileena: Why refuse me? I wish to honor your service.
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu do not seek glory.

Mileena: You speak with my sister about threats to my rule?
Scorpion: I meant no offense, Empress.

Mileena: There are things about Liu Kang I must know.
Scorpion: I will not betray his confidence.

Mileena: Did you truly believe I'd turn against Mother?
Shang Tsung: For a moment, I was convinced.

Mileena: You have a cure for Tarkat, don't you.
Shang Tsung: If I did, I'd be a much wealthier man.

Mileena: My mother let a snake slither into her court.
Shang Tsung: Those worried for their children are easily deceived.

Mileena: You've no future in Outworld, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: That's not what my oracle tells me.

Mileena: I have had enough of my doubters.
Sindel: To silence them, prove them wrong.

Mileena: I would've beaten Raiden, Mother.
Sindel: No Outworlder was going to win that day.

Mileena: Any advice for the future Empress?
Sindel: Dignity, Mileena. Always dignity.

Mileena: This body is my future. Look at me!
Sindel: We *will* find a cure for you, Mileena.

Mileena: We should hunt together some time.
Smoke: As long as I'm not the quarry.

Mileena: I want Bi-Han brought before me!
Smoke: The Shirai Ryu won't do that, Your Majesty.

Mileena: I tire of those my sister sends to train me.
Smoke: If we do this quickly, I can be on my way.

Mileena: Are you ready for the fight of your life?
Smoke: It seems I have to be.

Mileena: I'll have your head, Bi-Han!
Sub-Zero: Your mother's death wasn't my doing.

Mileena: You know nothing of what it takes to rule.
Sub-Zero: Your enemies say the same of you.

Mileena: By freeing Shao, you have become Outworld's enemy.
Sub-Zero: Only for as long as you hold power.

Mileena: Your cryomancy is not intimidating.
Sub-Zero: Soon it will freeze you with fear.

Mileena: Haven't we fought enough today?
Tanya: Do you wish to be trained or not, Your Highness?

Mileena: Making you Matron Superior caused a stir.
Tanya: You won't regret your choice.

Mileena: It's rumored Shao will return.
Tanya: If so, the Umgadi will be ready.

Mileena: You were to fully reinstate Li Mei as Umgadi.
Tanya: I tried, but she declined.


Nitara: You will scream, demon.
Ashrah: With joy, when I take your life.

Nitara: How are you less evil than me, Ashrah?
Ashrah: Because my soul now basks in the light.

Nitara: I'll steal Datusha and kill you with it.
Ashrah: You are welcome to try.

Nitara: Vaeternus hasn't wronged you.
Ashrah: That doesn't make its actions any less evil.

Nitara: Is your illness blood-borne?
Baraka: I dare you to find out.

Nitara: Vaeternians have no appetite for Tarkatans.
Baraka: Finally, a benefit to my disease.

Nitara: Why defend a realm that shuns you?
Baraka: Once an Outworld soldier, always an Outworld soldier.

Nitara: Help me kidnap Outworlders to breed.
Baraka: And damn them to a fate worse than mine?

Nitara: Never again will I join forces with you, Shao.
General Shao: Never again will I ask.

Nitara: Your grand vision proved a mere delusion.
General Shao: I haven't given up, Nitara.

Nitara: The coup you botched leaves Outworld vulnerable.
General Shao: Try anything and I will crush you!

Nitara: You promised the Coven blood, General.
General Shao: Only the chance of it, Vaeternian.

Nitara: Liu Kang must help! He made us.
Geras: Vampirism was not part of his design.

Nitara: Vaeternus won't be denied!
Geras: Why should this timeline be different than any other?

Nitara: There must be a timeline where Vaeternians rule.
Geras: And yet, it will never be this one.

Nitara: What's your problem with the Coven?
Geras: That its Elders doom Vaeternus to self-destruction.

Nitara: Until we met, I'd never heard of Seido.
Havik: Because all in the realm shun outsiders.

Nitara: You would give Vaeternus Seidans to breed?
Havik: It's a fitting punishment for my oppressors.

Nitara: There's a surviving soul stealer.
Havik: Where is it, Nitara?

Nitara: Quan Chi has a new offer for us.
Havik: I don't trust him to deliver.

Nitara: Of course I fly. I have wings!
Johnny Cage: Are you sure you don't just fall with style?

Nitara: Ready to be bled dry?
Johnny Cage: My ex-wife's lawyer beat you to it.

Nitara: Don't I scare you in the least?
Johnny Cage: I see weirder every weekend on Sunset.

Nitara: Earthrealm is doomed, Cage! Vaeternus will --
Johnny Cage: Can we just shitcan the monologuing and do this?

Nitara: Were you always so starved for attention?
Johnny Cage: You know it. Oh, I was such a teenaged drama queen.

Nitara: What could be more deadly than a Vaeternian?
Johnny Cage: Kung Lao after dinner at Madam Bo's. I mean, like, damn.

Nitara: I'm here to feed, Earthrealmer.
Kenshi: Looks like tonight's Fright Night.

Nitara: Why should I fear a blind swordsman?
Kenshi: You're about to find out.

Nitara: When I kill you, I'll send your corpse to Liu Kang.
Kenshi: Go ahead. You'll just harden his resolve.

Nitara: I'll be the last person you see.
Kenshi: I'm blind, remember?

Nitara: My orders from the Coven are clear.
Kitana: Too bad your mission will fail.

Nitara: Why presume Vaeternus is a hellish place?
Kitana: It must be, to have produced you.

Nitara: In Enshar's name, I will --
Kitana: You won't please your god today.

Nitara: You wouldn't take immortality if given it?
Kitana: Not if it meant living as you do.

Nitara: Earthrealm is finished, Kung Lao! My people will --
Kung Lao: Johnny was right. You *do* monologue!

Nitara: I'll bleed your confidence dry.
Kung Lao: Impossible, Nitara. It is endless.

Nitara: You'll be one of the first we breed.
Kung Lao: Of course.

Nitara: You are not Earthrealm's champion.
Kung Lao: Only because Raiden got lucky.

Nitara: Didn't you notice people going missing?
Li Mei: I didn't think they were being eaten.

Nitara: It's not a crime to be hungry.
Li Mei: It is if you feed on people.

Nitara: Since when is killing livestock murder?
Li Mei: Outworlders aren't beasts for slaughter!

Nitara: Surely Outworld's criminals wouldn't be missed.
Li Mei: Still, we won't let you take them.

Nitara: Surely an arrangement can be made --
Liu Kang: I know better than to accept your word.

Nitara: It's not our fault that we starve!
Liu Kang: Vaeternus has only itself to blame.

Nitara: You could help Vaeternus, but choose not to!
Liu Kang: I am not obliged to save it from its hubris.

Nitara: Aid us, or we will feed on Earthrealm!
Liu Kang: Neither will come to pass, Nitara.

Nitara: Once you're dead, Outworld's government will fall.
Mileena: You underestimate my sister, Nitara.

Nitara: What will you do to get Kitana back?
Mileena: You have her, Nitara?!

Nitara: If I'm a monster, then you're one too.
Mileena: Our circumstances are not the same!

Nitara: If no one aids us, Vaeternians will go extinct.
Mileena: And the realms will be better for it.

Nitara: Are we of the same blood?
Nitara: Mine is superior.

Nitara: Is your Vaeternus barren, too?
Nitara: We did not over feed.

Nitara: My Coven wants to question you.
Nitara: Its desire will go unfulfilled.

Nitara: Are you champion of your Vaeternus?
Nitara: I am its Coven's Arch Elder.

Nitara: Together, we can bleed the realms.
Nitara: And neither Vaeternus will go hungry.

Nitara: You won't welcome us in your realm?
Nitara: We already have enough mouths to feed.

Nitara: You failed Vaeternus, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: I *never* guaranteed success.

Nitara: I never should have trusted you.
Quan Chi: Who protected your people from the ravages of sunlight?!

Nitara: Why should I again agree to aid you?
Quan Chi: Do you wish to save Vaeternus or not?

Nitara: Why shouldn't I feed you to the Coven?
Quan Chi: Because only I know Ashrah's weakness.

Nitara: Ready for kombat, champion?
Raiden: As always.

Nitara: Without that lightning amulet, you're nothing.
Raiden: A risky assumption, Nitara.

Nitara: Liu Kang could've let us have those Earthrealmers.
Raiden: He won't subject his people to your realm's horrors.

Nitara: Your people condemn mine to death!
Raiden: Vaeternus's wounds are entirely self-inflicted.

Nitara: You Outworlders believe yourselves so superior.
Rain: Compared to Vaeternians, we are.

Nitara: The Coven could use your skills.
Rain: It isn't worthy of them, Nitara.

Nitara: Can you control blood as well as water?
Rain: That -- is an interesting question…

Nitara: You failed me too, hydromancer.
Rain: Your quarrel's with the General, not me

Nitara: Surely you need help to overthrow Mileena.
Reiko: This time, the General doesn't want yours.

Nitara: Our alliance is over?
Reiko: By the General's command, Nitara.

Nitara: I'd hoped we could share a private moment.
Reiko: To feed on me, no doubt.

Nitara: Of course you realize, this means war.
Reiko: I cannot wait, Nitara.

Nitara: Vaeternus isn't the ghastly place you think.
Reptile: Then how did it produce you?

Nitara: If my race could acquire your shapeshifting skill --
Reptile: All realms would be threatened.

Nitara: Vaeternians have never fed on reptiloids.
Reptile: Should I be offended or relieved?

Nitara: There's recognition in your eyes.
Reptile: You remind me of Shang Tsung's foulest experiment.

Nitara: Are you as nourishing as you look?
Scorpion: Something you won't ever know.

Nitara: You condemn Vaeternus to extinction!
Scorpion: My realm won't die so that yours can live.

Nitara: Had you ever known hunger, you wouldn't judge us.
Scorpion: I have, and I will.

Nitara: We outnumber your clan ten to one.
Scorpion: Even so, we will still emerge victorious.

Nitara: The Arch Elder still expects compensation.
Shang Tsung: Surely she knows blood can't be drawn from stone.

Nitara: Despite your skills, you proved a fraud.
Shang Tsung: Don't be so quick to judge, Nitara.

Nitara: How did you not divine Damashi's true identity?
Shang Tsung: Because my Titan self was a master of deception.

Nitara: Joining forces with you was a waste of time.
Shang Tsung: Vaeternus must see this through to the end.

Nitara: Your blood will ease our hunger.
Sindel: Vaeternus won't feed on Outworld, harpy.

Nitara: If you would just let Vaeternus feed --
Sindel: I would rather watch it die.

Nitara: Your empire is a house of cards.
Sindel: Then why has it survived for millennia?

Nitara: Don't you shun war, Empress?
Sindel: With your kind, there's no alternative.

Nitara: The Coven offers you immortality!
Smoke: Who wants to live forever?

Nitara: Why must your clan stand in my way?
Smoke: Because every Earthrealm life is sacred.

Nitara: As pigs are to humans, humans are to Vaeternians.
Smoke: I can't think of a worse comparison.

Nitara: I should've killed you at Ying Fortress.
Smoke: You couldn't then, and you won't today.

Nitara: Turn a cold shoulder, and I'll drain your warm blood.
Sub-Zero: Shao may have helped you, but I won't.

Nitara: Do I make your blood run cold?
Sub-Zero: Not in the least bit, Nitara.

Nitara: The Arch Elder wants to sample Lin Kuei blood.
Sub-Zero: She'll get none, Nitara.

Nitara: Vaeternus's advance will not be stopped.
Sub-Zero: I will drive a stake through its heart.

Nitara: I will battle you 'til death.
Tanya: It's coming sooner than you think.

Nitara: Your blood will be most nourishing.
Tanya: It won't ever pass your lips, Nitara.

Nitara: You've found me, Outworlder. Now what?
Tanya: I intend to slay you, vampire.

Nitara: You have a Vaeternian's ferocity.
Tanya: May it be the only thing we have in common.


Omni-Man: Demon? Saint? What are you, Ashrah?
Ashrah: A weary soul seeking absolution.

Omni-Man: Enough of your sanctimonious crap.
Ashrah: Redeem yourself or die in damnation.

Omni-Man: Viltrumite medicine could cure your disease.
Baraka: What strings are attached to that offer?

Omni-Man: You've got a face only a Ragnarr could love.
Baraka: And you have a face I'll enjoy flaying.

Omni-Man: At least you look somewhat threatening.
General Shao: My looks do not deceive.

Omni-Man: You might have value--as a training dummy.
General Shao: You need to be trained in respect.

Omni-Man: If I control Time, I'll make a better world.
Geras: Your hubris is as unbound as your strength.

Omni-Man: I've battled an Immortal before.
Geras: Then you know I will return to haunt you.

Omni-Man: Viltrumite rule brings order and control.
Havik: Two things which no one needs.

Omni-Man: Resistance is boneheaded, which suits you.
Havik: I'd rather die than submit to oppression.

Omni-Man: You're not a *real* fighter, you're an actor.
Johnny Cage: You wanna see real? I'll show you real.

Omni-Man: They don't make movies about heroes like me.
Johnny Cage: Because, duh. You're the villain, bro!

Omni-Man: I don't overcompensate with flashy moves.
Johnny Cage JCVD: Maybe that's why I have more fans than you.

Omni-Man: Highly doubt a blind swordsman can kill me.
Kenshi: Sento and I are more than meets the eye.

Omni-Man: Even with sight, you'd never see me coming.
Kenshi: So what? I can feel you stirring the air.

Omni-Man: You want to save Outworld lives? Surrender.
Kitana: And subject them to your tyranny?

Omni-Man: Your tenacity reminds me of my wife
Kitana: Does she long for your death as I do?

Omni-Man: The Cocky One. You're about to be humbled.
Kung Lao: By a man in a cape? I do not think so.

Omni-Man: Want to be remembered? Write a book.
Kung Lao: Good idea… I will tell all how I defeated you!

Omni-Man: Go ahead. Arrest me if you can.
Li Mei: If I can't, I will die trying.

Omni-Man: You answer to a higher authority now.
Li Mei: I answer only to the Empress.

Omni-Man: Why would anyone give up power?
Liu Kang: To ensure that the future is fair and free.

Omni-Man: I don't buy your whole 'Truth and Light' act.
Liu Kang: We are not all as deceitful as you.

Omni-Man: Think about it. You can save your empire!
Mileena: I'll cut my own throat before I bend a knee!

Omni-Man: Tainted blood. Who would breed with you?
Mileena: I've no interest in breeding, you thug!

Omni-Man: Martian Man, is that you?
Omni-Man: No, this is more fucked up than that.

Omni-Man: What is an alternate me doing here?
Omni-Man: Does the name 'Angstrom Levy' mean something to you?

Omni-Man: You failed to conquer Earth, didn't you?
Omni-Man: It's all under control. Stick to your own timeline!

Omni-Man: You should have discarded Debbie years ago.
Omni-Man: Think I've gone soft? Shut the fuck up and hit me!

Omni-Man: I'll set the example for Mark you failed to be.
Omni-Man: You wouldn't dare.

Omni-Man: Your army of demons can't drag me to Hell.
Quan Chi: What if I stab, scorch, and flay you first?

Omni-Man: If you won't obey me, I'll force you too.
Quan Chi: I won't be anyone's slave.

Omni-Man: Devote your service to me, Raiden.
Raiden: I won't serve anyone who would harm Earthrealm.

Omni-Man: Think! What good would your death accomplish?
Raiden: Inspiring future generations to oppose you.

Omni-Man: You're ambitious to a fault.
Rain: Says the universe-conquering braggart.

Omni-Man: Stop. Please. Don't hit me with...water.
Rain: Has no one told you I've drowned an entire city?

Omni-Man: Tell the General, Outworld is mine.
Reiko: He would prefer that I bring him your head.

Omni-Man: Admit it. You're more lapdog than soldier.
Reiko: A dog, am I? See how I bite!

Omni-Man: Ever fought a Viltrumite before?
Reptile: Have you ever fought a Zaterran shape-shifter?

Omni-Man: Ugh! You smell like sewage.
Reptile: That is the scent of your own shame.

Omni-Man: You seem reasonable. Stand down or die.
Scorpion: Get out of here.

Omni-Man: I claim this timeline for the Viltrum Empire.
Scorpion: You will burn for this invasion.

Omni-Man: Schemers like you rot the core of civilization.
Shang Tsung: I see there's no winning you over. Pity.

Omni-Man: I'm not dumb enough to trust a charlatan.
Shang Tsung: But it takes one to know one, doesn’t it?

Omni-Man: Declare me your Emperor and I'll spare your daughters.
Sindel: My daughters' lives are not yours to leverage.

Omni-Man: Perhaps I'll keep you and your daughters as pets.
Sindel: Pets?! For that, you... will die!

Omni-Man: Let me guess, you 'vape' people to death?
Smoke: Try mocking me with your lungs full of soot.

Omni-Man: Why not drop a smoke bomb--call it a night?
Smoke: I don't flee from any opponent.

Omni-Man: Cold can't stop me, not even in deep space.
Sub-Zero: Everyone has a weakness. I will find yours!

Omni-Man: I'll hit you so fast you'll piss bloody icicles.
Sub-Zero: A colorful threat you won't live to fulfill.

Omni-Man: Mileena can live so long as she's useful.
Tanya: You will not harm her while I draw breath.

Omni-Man: What's the point of guarding a diseased freak?
Tanya: Love, which you know nothing about.

Quan Chi

Quan Chi: Your sisters anxiously await your return.
Ashrah: I'll break them free of your spell, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: You will never achieve absolution.
Ashrah: Then I will die trying, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: It's ludicrous to deny what you are.
Ashrah: How I was born will not define me.

Quan Chi: Your faithlessness will be punished.
Ashrah: By whom. You?

Quan Chi: I blame you for my wizened condition.
Ashrah: Glad to be of service, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: You could have ruled realms at my side.
Ashrah: I'd rather run my kriss through your back.

Quan Chi: Being near you makes my skin crawl.
Baraka: At last, we find something you fear.

Quan Chi: Shang Tsung's hybrid should've killed you.
Baraka: His creatures aren't as lethal as he thinks.

Quan Chi: If we had won, we would've torched your colony.
Baraka: Had you tried, you would've died.

Quan Chi: It is Tarkatans who should toil in the mines. You are expendable.
Baraka: All lives are precious, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: I can't have you holding a grudge.
General Shao: What do you plan to do about it?

Quan Chi: Surely you need help controlling Onaga.
General Shao: Not from you, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: For both our sakes, we must resolve our differences.
General Shao: I intend to. By taking your life.

Quan Chi: Think of the power the Netherrealm can offer you.
General Shao: Someone else can guide me to it.

Quan Chi: If Liu Kang wields the Hourglass, why couldn't I?
Geras: Because I won't let you, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: How does one destroy a fixed point in time?
Geras: You will need to ask a Titan.

Quan Chi: On bended knee, you serve.
Geras: To better the lives in all realms.

Quan Chi: Kharon can find the Hourglass, can't he.
Geras: The boatman would never lead you to it.

Quan Chi: You turned to Rain in my absence?
Havik: He was more than up to the task.

Quan Chi: There are more Netherrealm secrets I can share with you.
Havik: I'll find them on my own, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: Your victory over Seido isn't complete
Havik: What have I missed, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: You still owe me, Havik.
Havik: Any debt I had has been paid in full.

Quan Chi: A few days in the mines will break you.
Johnny Cage: If Hollywood couldn't do it, you sure as hell can't.

Quan Chi: Your future audiences will only be demons.
Johnny Cage: Are they Ashrah-hot? 'Cause I could live with that.

Quan Chi: I fail to see how you could be made champion.
Johnny Cage: Nobody thought I'd be an A-Lister either, yet here I am.

Quan Chi: That a simpleton like you could help foil our plan --
Johnny Cage: Says a lot about how good it was, doesn't it?

Quan Chi: Small mind, little --
Johnny Cage: Finish that sentence carefully, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: I don't see how you come out of this alive.
Kenshi: Allow me to educate you, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: I'm not one to take kindly having plans disrupted.
Kenshi: Nor I to someone who makes war on my realm.

Quan Chi: In a few minutes, you'll be dead.
Kenshi: I'll be sure to take you to hell with me.

Quan Chi: I don't find you the least bit impressive.
Kenshi: Nor I you, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: I had your mother wrapped around my little finger.
Kitana: It is to her everlasting shame, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: My work at Ying Fortress was only the beginning.
Kitana: I'll do whatever I must to stop you, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: If only Shang Tsung could've finished his experiments.
Kitana: What did he have planned for my sister?

Quan Chi: You despise me because I'm low-born, don't you.
Kitana: I despise your actions, not your caste, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: Is that a razor-brimmed hat?
Kung Lao: There is nothing it cannot cut through.

Quan Chi: Raiden's sister is a precious little thing.
Kung Lao: How do you know of his sister?!

Quan Chi: You Shaolin are most troublesome.
Kung Lao: To lowlifes like you, perhaps.

Quan Chi: Few who cross me survive.
Kung Lao: I feel pretty good about my odds.

Quan Chi: What will it take for you to stop hounding me?
Li Mei: Your capture or your death.

Quan Chi: Your tenacity is both annoying and admirable.
Li Mei: It is also unbreakable.

Quan Chi: The royal family is still in peril.
Li Mei: Even an empty threat is a crime, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: You risk your life, pursuing me.
Li Mei: You also, by resisting arrest.

Quan Chi: My fate is now in my control.
Liu Kang: Are you sure of that, sorcerer?

Quan Chi: You crafted for me an inconsequential life!
Liu Kang: Would you rather I had wiped you from history?

Quan Chi: I've not reached the limits of my potential.
Liu Kang: For the safety of all, may you fail.

Quan Chi: Ashrah has formed the Order of Light?
Liu Kang: It better suits her than your Sisterhood of Shadow.

Quan Chi: Allow me to end your suffering.
Mileena: Planning to commit suicide?

Quan Chi: You fooled me once, shame on me.
Mileena: That's what shames you, sorcerer?

Quan Chi: There's no person less qualified to rule.
Mileena: Is that directed at me? Or you?

Quan Chi: The Netherrealm's power will overwhelm you.
Mileena: Don't be so sure, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: There's still much I can offer your realm.
Nitara: You'll serve us best as food.

Quan Chi: If you help build another Soul Stealer --
Nitara: I'm done with your plots, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: You forget, I can undo my spell.
Nitara: Vaeternus will not return to the shadows!

Quan Chi: You should join the Sisterhood of Shadow.
Nitara: Better to be bled out than to worship you.

Quan Chi: My aid would ease your conquest.
Omni-Man: I don't need help, you groveling parasite.

Quan Chi: Your might cannot match my magic.
Omni-Man: Yeah? Watch me make your head disappear.

Quan Chi: As doppelgangers go, you are adequate.
Quan Chi: Doppelganger?! I am the original!

Quan Chi: I don't need your backing to enslave this timeline.
Quan Chi: Who said I was offering it?

Quan Chi: If we band together across timelines --
Quan Chi: No one could stop us!

Quan Chi: Why shouldn't we be allies?
Quan Chi: Because I know your heart like I know mine.

Quan Chi: Go back to the hell you came from.
Quan Chi: I'd much rather conquer yours.

Quan Chi: Is there more than one Amulet of Shinnok?
Quan Chi: If there is, it will also be mine.

Quan Chi: I'll survive because I heed no limits.
Raiden: Which makes you a danger to all.

Quan Chi: You've no idea of the Netherrealm's power.
Raiden: That won't keep me from standing against you.

Quan Chi: Your amulet can't match my dark magic.
Raiden: Then try to take it from me, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: Want to end this? Give me Ashrah.
Raiden: Why would I ever betray her to you?

Quan Chi: It's much too late for second thoughts.
Rain: It's never too late, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: You disavow me now, but you'll be back.
Rain: By Argus, that will not happen.

Quan Chi: You'll never know the power the Netherrealm can offer.
Rain: I can live with that, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: By abandoning me, you choose death.
Rain: You haven't the power to kill me, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: The second-in-command will be the first to die.
Reiko: I won't bleed today, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: Serve me, Reiko. Shao is worthless.
Reiko: Do you *want* your tongue cut out, sorcerer?

Quan Chi: You would've had a place in our new regime.
Reiko: Why in the Ten Hells would I have wanted it?

Quan Chi: Reiko, Reiko. Why are you so intent on dying?
Reiko: My life won't be the one that ends here.

Quan Chi: Shift shape all you want, it won't help.
Reptile: That's not how I plan to beat you.

Quan Chi: Shang Tsung should've broken your spirit.
Reptile: It's not like he didn't try.

Quan Chi: Did you truly think you could kidnap me?
Reptile: We almost did, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: It will please Shang Tsung when I bring him your head.
Reptile: Will he weep when I bring him yours?

Quan Chi: When I kill you, I'll enslave your soul.
Scorpion: You aren't that good a sorcerer, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: Many have fallen trying to stand in my way.
Scorpion: I won't be among them, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: Your brother told me of all your weaknesses.
Scorpion: A short conversation, sorcerer?

Quan Chi: Pyromancy can't match necromancy.
Scorpion: Be prepared to be proved wrong.

Quan Chi: Damashi's true identity shocked me.
Shang Tsung: It shocked us all, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: Your thoughts on the ancient scrolls I found?
Shang Tsung: The Kamidogu they speak of can't be real.

Quan Chi: Perhaps we'd find a different timeline more hospitable.
Shang Tsung: Without the Hourglass, we can't hope to find one.

Quan Chi: It seems that the General has sworn us off.
Shang Tsung: It is his loss, not ours.

Quan Chi: Perhaps we set our sights too low.
Shang Tsung: The thought of ruling Outworld now seems quaint, doesn't it?

Quan Chi: The Sisterhood of Shadow will protect us both.
Shang Tsung: I prefer the company of my own minions.

Quan Chi: Preying on your desperation was far too easy.
Sindel: That you did proves how vile you are.

Quan Chi: I survived the mines, Empress. I'll survive you.
Sindel: That is extremely unlikely.

Quan Chi: Damashi offered a hand up. I had to take it.
Sindel: Your selfishness nearly destroyed the Empire

Quan Chi: Your Academy sorcerers performed pitifully against me.
Sindel: I am here to avenge them, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: The littlest Lin Kuei has come to fight me.
Smoke: Try the Shirai Ryu's second-in-command.

Quan Chi: I now control your mother's and sister's souls.
Smoke: Release them, Quan Chi!

Quan Chi: Enough with your youthful exuberance.
Smoke: I'm glad it annoys you.

Quan Chi: I'll send your limbs back to Kuai Liang one at a time.
Smoke: That's the creepiest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Quan Chi: There are other ways to build your army.
Sub-Zero: I no longer need your assistance, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: What if I told you I could eliminate your brother.
Sub-Zero: I'm listening.

Quan Chi: Ignore my prophecies at your peril, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: I am not as gullible as Sindel, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: Until Liu Kang dies, the Lin Kuei won't rise.
Sub-Zero: I have plans for him, Quan Chi.

Quan Chi: Your Umgadi will perish at the hands of the Sisterhood.
Tanya: You put too much faith in the shadows, sorcerer.

Quan Chi: Why pine for the new, weakling Empress?
Tanya: Because I see the strengths you're blind to.

Quan Chi: The royal family isn't safe from me.
Tanya: It is as long as *I'm* still breathing.

Quan Chi: Delia and Argus won't save you.
Tanya: They are all the protection I need.


Raiden: Is living in Earthrealm all you’d hoped?
Ashrah: I finally belong, Raiden.

Raiden: You haven't been around the Wu Shi lately.
Ashrah: I've been a secret mission for Liu Kang.

Raiden: Quan Chi has escaped Lei Chin prison.
Ashrah: Then we are in grave danger, Raiden.

Raiden: Your former sisters have been spotted in Earthrealm.
Ashrah: Rest assured, I will drive them out.

Raiden: After infection, when do symptoms first appear?
Baraka: Twenty-eight days later.

Raiden: It's sad Outworlders shun you.
Baraka: Would Earthrealmers do much better?

Raiden: Kung Lao says you fight fiercely.
Baraka: One of Tarkat's few benefits, Raiden.

Raiden: Empress Mileena's secret is safe with you?
Baraka: As long as she abides our agreement.

Raiden: Fighting you was a humbling experience.
General Shao: Enough with the false modesty, Raiden.

Raiden: We aren't Outworld's enemy, General.
General Shao: Then why's your master so determined to hem us in?

Raiden: Force me to, and I *will* take your life.
General Shao: That is the emptiest of threats.

Raiden: I will accept your wager.
General Shao: When I win, Earthrealm is mine.

Raiden: Is this timeline better than the last?
Geras: Without question, Raiden.

Raiden: I was divine in prior timelines?
Geras: You were the God of Thunder.

Raiden: I hope that one day, you'll get to rest.
Geras: If it is Liu Kang's will.

Raiden: Why didn't you join us at Madam Bo's?
Geras: I do not mingle with mortals.

Raiden: Life in Seido can't be as bad as you say.
Havik: Must I show you my scars to prove it?

Raiden: I was wrong to disbelieve you.
Havik: But still you refuse to be my ally!

Raiden: How can you justify the lengths you'll go to?
Havik: If you'd been oppressed, you'd understand.

Raiden: Your uprising is killing innocent Seidans
Havik: Innocent?! They are all oppressors!

Raiden: I didn't know you had a brother.
Johnny Cage: Most days, I wish I didn't either.

Raiden: You once hid from a crazy ex-girlfriend?
Johnny Cage: Spent a whole month laying low in West Covina.

Raiden: I told you Madam Bo would be a tough negotiator.
Johnny Cage: Yeah, I wish *she* was my agent.

Raiden: Seeing Empress Mileena become Tarkatan --
Johnny Cage: Was a close encounter of the weird kind.

Raiden: You should return to Wu Shi for training.
Johnny Cage: Once I wrap Ninja Priest, I'm all yours.

Raiden: Were you blind in prior timelines?
Kenshi: I don't know. Liu Kang won't say.

Raiden: Just what was Johnny's mansion like?
Kenshi: The definition of obscenely wealthy.

Raiden: I had assumed you would end up champion.
Kenshi: In the end, the better man won.

Raiden: You're the only *real* gangster I've ever met.
Kenshi: *Ex* gangster, Raiden.

Raiden: I've so many questions about your family's dynasty.
Kitana: Now isn't the time, Raiden.

Raiden: I hope you know our fight wasn't personal.
Kitana: Please. Do you realize how many tournaments I've fought in?

Raiden: Losing both your parents. I can only --
Kitana: Pain isn't to be dwelled on. It's to be fought through.

Raiden: Congratulations on your posting, Supreme Commander.
Kitana: I hope I prove up to the challenge.

Raiden: I can't believe Lord Liu Kang is our creator.
Kung Lao: I should thank him for making me so great.

Raiden: Shall we go double or nothing?
Kung Lao: Get ready to pay up.

Raiden: I think our adventures are only beginning.
Kung Lao: From your lips to the Elder Gods' ears.

Raiden: Bi-Han's Lin Kuei are now our responsibility.
Kung Lao: We will beat them as we did before, Raiden.

Raiden: My sister's upset that you haven't been writing.
Kung Lao: I will write her as soon as we're done.

Raiden: It's good you have learned your lesson.
Kung Lao: I regret that Shujinko must pay for my mistake.

Raiden: I thought no one left the Umgadi.
Li Mei: The circumstances left me no choice.

Raiden: I trust there are no grudges between us?
Li Mei: There won't be, once I win this.

Raiden: There were times in our fight when you had me beat.
Li Mei: Then how did you win, Raiden?

Raiden: Will we square off in the next tournament?
Li Mei: Let's hope we both live that long.

Raiden: Shall we go again?
Liu Kang: It is possible to train *too* hard, Raiden.

Raiden: Will I ever get to see the Hourglass?
Liu Kang: Not if this timeline unfolds as it should.

Raiden: Master Kai taught me Crouching Tiger style.
Liu Kang: Try it against my Hidden Dragon style.

Raiden: Will Empress Mileena keep the peace?
Liu Kang: We must prepare as if she will not.

Raiden: Can I attend the next lantern festival?
Mileena: All tournament victors are welcome at the Shiva Ranatai.

Raiden: Is this encounter truly necessary?
Mileena: Why, Earthrealmer? Do I scare you?

Raiden: Kombat in your condition can't be good.
Mileena: I grow tired of people questioning my choices.

Raiden: I didn't know you would be fighting like this.
Mileena: Great empresses seize every advantage.

Raiden: We know you've been kidnapping Earthrealmers.
Nitara: Have you figured out what for?

Raiden: Is Vaeternus as bleak as I'm told?
Nitara: Don't be taken in by slander and lies.

Raiden: Attack Fengjian and I'll --
Nitara: Not be able to stop me.

Raiden: I still can't believe creatures like you exist.
Nitara: Creatures? Or do you mean monsters?

Raiden: Perhaps you should seek inner peace.
Omni-Man: Peace isn't sought, it's enforced.

Raiden: You should know, with great power comes great--
Omni-Man: Stop right there. You can't platitude me to death.

Raiden: You've let the Netherrealm corrupt you.
Quan Chi: A price worth paying to harness its power.

Raiden: We're always watching, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: I'm well aware of your efforts.

Raiden: Titan Shang Tsung used you, Quan Chi!
Quan Chi: Just as I was using him, Raiden.

Raiden: Who is this Valtik, Ashrah told me about?
Quan Chi: A Netherrealm force you soon will reckon with.

Raiden: You're a demi-god in your timeline?
Raiden: And the Protector of Earthrealm.

Raiden: I'm not real. This is all in your head.
Raiden: I have to stop drinking Madam Bo's special tea.

Raiden: This is a crazy training method.
Raiden: What better way to study your weaknesses?

Raiden: I've stepped through the looking glass.
Raiden: How far down the rabbit hole will you go?

Raiden: This isn't funny, Kung Lao.
Raiden: What in the realms makes you think I'm him?

Raiden: You'll die by your own hand!
Raiden: Some days, I wish I'd never left Fengjian.

Raiden: Water and lightning, they don't mix.
Rain: Thank you for telling me exactly where we stand.

Raiden: This fight will be one for the ages.
Rain: Historians will call it The Perfect Storm.

Raiden: How could you do what Havik asked?
Rain: Sanctimony doesn't suit you, Earthrealmer.

Raiden: I've been to Seido. Seen the destruction.
Rain: Then you know just how powerful I am.

Raiden: I don't understand your aggression.
Reiko: You would, were you an orphan of war.

Raiden: The General molded you in his image.
Reiko: For that, I'll be forever grateful.

Raiden: Your rebellion was doomed to fail.
Reiko: You assume it's over, Raiden.

Raiden: Was being a traitor to your realm worth it?
Reiko: Traitor?! I am a patriot!

Raiden: I'd love to someday see your hometown.
Reptile: I'd take you, but warm bloods aren't welcome.

Raiden: I'm glad I didn't face you in the tournament.
Reptile: And I am glad to accept that compliment.

Raiden: How did you learn to fight?
Reptile: By doing battle with my childhood bullies.

Raiden: Ashrah won't be joining you in Outworld?
Reptile: She says her duties lie in Earthrealm.

Raiden: You honor me with this lesson.
Scorpion: Pay attention. There is much to learn.

Raiden: Did you ever want to be an Earthrealm champion?
Scorpion: I have only ever wanted to be Lin Kuei.

Raiden: I stand ready to assist you against Bi-Han.
Scorpion: It is a family matter, Raiden.

Raiden: So Madam Bo was in on it the whole time?
Scorpion: It was she who designed the test.

Raiden: How did you escape confinement?
Shang Tsung: I am a shapeshifter, my boy.

Raiden: I won't rest until you're back in a cell.
Shang Tsung: Prepare to be exhausted, Raiden.

Raiden: By giving you power, Titan Shang Tsung cursed us all.
Shang Tsung: Liu Kang should've killed me when he had the chance.

Raiden: Your laboratory was a chamber of horrors.
Shang Tsung: I prefer to think of it as a chamber of secrets.

Raiden: It's an honor to fight you, Empress.
Sindel: You'll be receiving the royal treatment.

Raiden: Your daughter fought well against me.
Sindel: Unfortunately, not well enough.

Raiden: Couldn't the Tarkatans be better treated?
Sindel: Their lives aren’t your concern, Earthrealmer.

Raiden: I wish to one day travel the Empire.
Sindel: Don’t be surprised to find yourself unwelcome.

Raiden: Ever visit your hometown, Tomas?
Smoke: It's nothing to me but bad memories.

Raiden: Wasn't I to face Hanzo today?
Smoke: Kuai Liang didn't feel he was ready.

Raiden: How goes the hunt for Bi-Han?
Smoke: I've never chased a cagier quarry.

Raiden: I hope the Shirai Ryu succeed.
Smoke: We will with Kuai Liang as grandmaster.

Raiden: I never thought *you* would betray Earthrealm.
Sub-Zero: My only loyalty is to the Lin Kuei.

Raiden: You're finished. The Dragon Army's destroyed.
Sub-Zero: There is more than one path to victory.

Raiden: How can you feel no shame?
Sub-Zero: Why should I? I've done nothing wrong.

Raiden: The Lin Kuei won't be allowed to govern.
Sub-Zero: We will not be frozen out, Raiden.

Raiden: It must be hard, not knowing your birth family.
Tanya: My Umgadi sisters are all the family I need.

Raiden: Earthrealm doesn't have a female fighting force like yours.
Tanya: Yet more proof that this New Era isn't perfect.

Raiden: The weight of your duties must be crushing.
Tanya: My faith in the gods sees me through.

Raiden: I anticipate a difficult fight.
Tanya: Not necessarily for both of us.


Rain: If you knew better, you'd leave me alone.
Ashrah: And give up my chance for atonement?

Rain: Have you any idea what it's like to fall from grace?
Ashrah: Having never achieved it, no.

Rain: My life is fogged in by a shroud of misery.
Ashrah: Worry less for yourself and more for your victims.

Rain: I must be a demon in your eyes.
Ashrah: There are more than a few similarities.

Rain: I knew nothing of Shang Tsung's laboratory.
Baraka: You lie, Rain. I can smell it.

Rain: I'd hoped our fight was over.
Baraka: Not until you face Mileena's judgement.

Rain: If I agree to help find a cure --
Baraka: I'll need more than that promise to trust you.

Rain: Prove you still possess a tribune's skills.
Baraka: Will taking your life suffice?

Rain: We lost, General. The war's over.
General Shao: That was just the opening skirmish.

Rain: I can't aid in the royal family's destruction.
General Shao: Back under their spell, Mage?

Rain: This isn't a fight I've ever wanted.
General Shao: Then why did you choose it, Rain?

Rain: We were both overly ambitious.
General Shao: You, perhaps. Not I.

Rain: May I at least once see the Hourglass in person?
Geras: That would be unsafe, Rain.

Rain: Are there other Titans, besides Liu Kang?
Geras: Such knowledge cannot be shared with mortals.

Rain: Why still consider me a threat?
Geras: History suggests your remorse is not permanent.

Rain: I will make amends. To everyone.
Geras: I hope you achieve that ambition.

Rain: The chaos I've helped instigate --
Havik: Will bring freedom to millions!

Rain: I want nothing else to do with you, Havik.
Havik: That water has already spilled out.

Rain: Seido is destroyed. Now what?
Havik: It's time to rebuild and rechristen it Chaosrealm.

Rain: Our futures lie on different paths.
Havik: If yours crosses mine again, I'll kill you.

Rain: The waters will grab you and not let go.
Johnny Cage: You sure? I'm pretty slippery when wet.

Rain: I hear your 'skills' are all smoke and mirrors.
Johnny Cage: The beatdown that's coming sure as hell won't be fake.

Rain: What's wrong with others calling me 'Rain'?
Johnny Cage: It doesn't pop, brother! Now 'Storm'? 'Tempest'? Huh? Those pop!

Rain: You don't stand a chance against me.
Johnny Cage: Are you high, mage?

Rain: You are woefully unprepared for this, Earthrealmer.
Johnny Cage: Please. My parakeet is tougher than you.

Rain: If you have no magic, you have no chance.
Kenshi: Then it's a good thing I have Sento.

Rain: I'll make amends to the Empress on my terms.
Kenshi: You aren't calling the shots here, Rain.

Rain: I'm not asking *your* forgiveness.
Kenshi: Good. Because you wouldn't get it.

Rain: Fight me, and you are sure to drown.
Kenshi: I'll keep my head above water.

Rain: I didn't expect your mother would die.
Kitana: What do you think happens in revolutions?

Rain: I want to make amends, but your sister just wants my head.
Kitana: The Empress's judgement is not for me to question.

Rain: Can't you understand why I was tempted?
Kitana: No, Rain. And I never will.

Rain: Come after me, and I can't guarantee your safety.
Kitana: That's fine. Because I can't guarantee yours.

Rain: You can't beat Outworld's High Mage.
Kung Lao: Is that not *former* High Mage?

Rain: Let my story be a cautionary tale.
Kung Lao: I, too, have hurt others with my ambition.

Rain: I will accept Mileena's judgement, not Liu Kang's.
Kung Lao: Are you sure you have thought about that enough?

Rain: I command water. You command a hat?
Kung Lao: A lethal, razor-brimmed hat.

Rain: If I turn myself in, she'll execute me?
Li Mei: The new Empress isn't in a forgiving mood.

Rain: My family shouldn't suffer for what I've done.
Li Mei: No, but they will.

Rain: Here to put me to death?
Li Mei: Only if you force my hand.

Rain: A High Mage can't submit to a First Constable.
Li Mei: As you're not one any more, surrender.

Rain: You took godhood from me?
Liu Kang: Because in no timeline had you used it wisely.

Rain: What makes you worthy to be Time's Keeper?
Liu Kang: I'm not so prideful to think that I am.

Rain: Following Shao destroyed my life.
Liu Kang: Bitter that you abetted him? Or that you failed?

Rain: Why punish me for your failings?
Liu Kang: It's how you used the power I gave you that's problematic.

Rain: My magic will keep me alive, Empress.
Mileena: There's no spell or ward that will save you.

Rain: I don't want to drown you, too.
Mileena: You'll never get the chance.

Rain: Spare my life, and I'll do penance.
Mileena: But I would rather watch you die!

Rain: I can still be of service to the Empire.
Mileena: How?! When I can't possibly trust you?

Rain: Why did Quan Chi need you?
Nitara: Because Vaeternus commands magic you can't imagine.

Rain: Perhaps I've misjudged your species.
Nitara: Perhaps?! There is no doubt.

Rain: If your species is immortal, and it procreates --
Nitara: You see now the crux of our problem.

Rain: Why did Vaeternians evolve wings?
Nitara: If you'd seen our lands, you'd understand.

Rain: Drowning will quell your wrath, Viltrumite.
Omni-Man: I can hold my breath for weeks.

Rain: My sorcery could extract your power...
Omni-Man: Try extracting my fist from your ribcage.

Rain: Water isn't the only element I've mastered.
Quan Chi: I do not fear fire, earth, or air.

Rain: Learn to take 'no' for an answer.
Quan Chi: I will do no such thing.

Rain: Why can't you keep away from me?!
Quan Chi: I'm loath to admit it, but I need your power.

Rain: You're in greater peril than you discern.
Quan Chi: Really, Rain? Do tell.

Rain: Do not let the power you wield corrupt.
Raiden: Not to worry, I've learned from your example.

Rain: We've all done acts we regret, Raiden.
Raiden: Though few are as odious as yours.

Rain: If more person demands I explain myself --
Raiden: That isn't why I'm here.

Rain: Hydromancers aren't to be trifled with.
Raiden: Neither are Earthrealm's champions.

Rain: How are you better than me?
Rain: You are a mere mortal. I am a half god!

Rain: The magic that brought you here, I don't understand.
Rain: Yet another way in which you're inferior.

Rain: You are a son of Argus?
Rain: I do not lie when I claim divinity.

Rain: There's never been a Taven or Daegon here.
Rain: Maybe your Liu Kang has fixed this timeline.

Rain: You stand in the way of my ambition.
Rain: And I won't be moved aside.

Rain: Every storm blows itself out.
Rain: Except for this one.

Rain: Taming Onaga is a dangerous task.
Reiko: I will do it or die trying.

Rain: Shao will have to do without a hydromancer.
Reiko: He will not, Rain.

Rain: You'd be wise to leave me be.
Reiko: No traitor can go unpunished.

Rain: Rain will fall upon you like daggers from the sky.
Reiko: I may bleed, but I will not falter.

Rain: The Empress sends her emissary?
Reptile: You won't like the message I carry.

Rain: I thought Zaterrans practiced water magic.
Reptile: A myth, like much that’s said about us.

Rain: Do you know of the ancient Zikandurian floods?
Reptile: I know of the recent one that drowned Seido's capital.

Rain: I need you to send word to Mileena.
Reptile: I am the Empress's emissary, not yours.

Rain: My rain will quench your fire.
Scorpion: Only if it has a monsoon's strength.

Rain: Storm clouds gather over Outworld.
Scorpion: Is there a chance they'll taint Earthrealm skies?

Rain: With Seido devastated, Havik is eyeing Earthrealm.
Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu will stand against him.

Rain: I was once Outworld's most promising mage.
Scorpion: Until you threw it all away.

Rain: You hid your true intentions, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Of course I did.

Rain: That I unknowingly furthered your vile experiments --
Shang Tsung: Had you not, Tarkat would have claimed the Princess.

Rain: Capturing you may earn me Mileena's mercy.
Shang Tsung: Unlikely, Rain. You were complicit in her mother's murder.

Rain: It's your fault I took such a dark path.
Shang Tsung: I only led you where you wanted to go.

Rain: Is there forgiveness in your heart?
Sindel: For you, I think not.

Rain: You're testing your luck, Empress.
Sindel: It's you who tests yours.

Rain: I'll apologize, but I won't grovel.
Sindel: Then there's nothing left to do but fight.

Rain: Now I remember why I rebelled.
Sindel: Do you also remember how that ended?

Rain: The Shirai Ryu will leave me alone.
Smoke: We've promised the Empress to bring you in.

Rain: After last time, you still choose to fight?
Smoke: I've learned much since our last battle.

Rain: There are safer places you could be right now.
Smoke: My oath requires me to stay.

Rain: This is your last opportunity to withdraw.
Smoke: Thank you, but no.

Rain: We were both blinded by ambition.
Sub-Zero: Speak for yourself, mage.

Rain: If you're ever caught in Outworld, Mileena will --
Sub-Zero: Do I seem worried, Rain?

Rain: How long has your clan practiced cryomancy?
Sub-Zero: From the time my ancestors settled Arctika.

Rain: Your brother is an elusive adversary.
Sub-Zero: He will not elude me.

Rain: I learned how to fight from the General himself.
Tanya: Then you'll go down as easily as he did.

Rain: I'm no longer a threat to the Empress.
Tanya: You expect to be taken at your word?

Rain: The Chamber of Prime Mages is after you.
Tanya: How do you know what they're up to?

Rain: You can't turn me over to the First Constable.
Tanya: Who said that was my plan?


Reiko: I've had enough of others judging me.
Ashrah: Then perhaps you should have made different choices.

Reiko: I'll make quick work of you and your kriss.
Ashrah: An oracle, Reiko, you are not.

Reiko: A demoness will be a worthy opponent.
Ashrah: This demon will be your end.

Reiko: I have nothing to atone for, Ashrah.
Ashrah: Never in existence has there been a sinless warrior.

Reiko: Are you still the warrior you once were?
Baraka: Test my blades and see.

Reiko: You Daybreakers always stole the glory.
Baraka: Our fame was earned with blood.

Reiko: This hardly seems like a fair fight.
Baraka: I'll make you eat that swagger.

Reiko: Go back to your filthy colony.
Baraka: I can roam where I please now, Reiko.

Reiko: Kitana's victory has slowed our recruiting.
General Shao: It's but a temporary setback.

Reiko: Any final words before I face Onaga?
General Shao: Pray, Reiko.

Reiko: It infuriates me that Liu Kang is our creator.
General Shao: As it should, Reiko.

Reiko: I will bring you victory, or die.
General Shao: I would expect nothing less.

Reiko: None of your family will join us?
General Shao: Apparently only I inherited my father's spine.

Reiko: That diseased wench now sits on the throne.
General Shao: Not for long.

Reiko: You will show me my future.
Geras: It is not yet written, Reiko.

Reiko: War is a great adventure.
Geras: No, Reiko. It is a disease.

Reiko: Liu Kang's champion will fall to me.
Geras: That is not his destiny.

Reiko: The Hourglass is the ultimate weapon.
Geras: Only if held by the wrong hands.

Reiko: An effective army needs structure and discipline.
Havik: It needs fighters willing to die for freedom.

Reiko: There was no glory in flooding Seido.
Havik: You besmirch my victory, Reiko?!

Reiko: Your Seidan war has created havoc in Outworld.
Havik: Which is music to my ears, Reiko.

Reiko: I can wound you faster than you can heal.
Havik: No you can't.

Reiko: Why so certain that you'll survive?
Johnny Cage: Because stars don't lose to day players.

Reiko: Your business is nothing like war!
Johnny Cage: There's a reason we call people not in it civilians.

Reiko: What does an actor know of warfare?
Johnny Cage: You got any clue how many army pictures I've done?

Reiko: I'm not stupid, I'm smart.
Johnny Cage: Whatever you say, Rei-do…

Reiko: Your hero act wears thin.
Johnny Cage: That's not what my bank account says.

Reiko: An actor has no chance against me.
Johnny Cage: For that, I'm stuffing you in a hurt locker.

Reiko: My body is a lethal weapon.
Kenshi: Cage'll be ticked off you're stealing his line.

Reiko: An Earthrealm cripple challenges me?
Kenshi: My blindness is no handicap, Reiko.

Reiko: This fight, you'll regret starting.
Kenshi: Bring it, you presumptuous jerk.

Reiko: Have you courage under fire?
Kenshi: Care to test it?

Reiko: Your entire family will fall.
Kitana: Not as long as Outworld's hearts are with us.

Reiko: You?! In command of Outworld's army?
Kitana: It's a much better fit than you think, Reiko.

Reiko: Your sister has no business accepting Tarkatans.
Kitana: The Empress can do as she pleases.

Reiko: I will fight you until my last breath.
Kitana: That's one way to waste your life.

Reiko: This will be total war.
Kung Lao: I am prepared, Reiko.

Reiko: You're all ego and no skill.
Kung Lao: I am actually the perfect blend of both.

Reiko: The only rule here is kill or be killed.
Kung Lao: Agreed.

Reiko: Your training's no match for mine.
Kung Lao: Better not let Madam Bo hear you say that.

Reiko: I'd hoped we'd meet again.
Li Mei: You should be more careful what you wish for.

Reiko: The General wants you dead.
Li Mei: Then why did he send you?

Reiko: You should've joined us when you had the chance.
Li Mei: I have no regrets, Reiko.

Reiko: Your skills are wasted on the constabulary.
Li Mei: Better it benefits from them than the General.

Reiko: You've schemed against Outworld long enough.
Liu Kang: I have not schemed against it at all.

Reiko: You created Outworld?!
Liu Kang: And I only want what's best for it.

Reiko: Mileena's a puppet. You pull the strings!
Liu Kang: She is her own woman and her own queen, Reiko.

Reiko: You've won a battle, not the war.
Liu Kang: No one is more aware of that than I, Reiko.

Reiko: The rebellion is just beginning.
Mileena: Traitor! You'll be put to the sword.

Reiko: The knives are out for you, Empress.
Mileena: As they are each and every other day.

Reiko: Your sister and your lover have been captured.
Mileena: Free them before I claw you to pieces!

Reiko: No one so weak can hold the Empire together.
Mileena: I look forward to surprising you, Reiko.

Reiko: Kasomira tested the General's limits.
Nitara: Is that why he took her life?

Reiko: We've turned back every Vaeternian incursion.
Nitara: Conquest is no longer our objective.

Reiko: I promise you a quick death.
Nitara: I won't promise likewise, Reiko.

Reiko: I'll fight you until I have no fight left.
Nitara: Too bad it won't be enough.

Reiko: I am bound to General Shao by blood.
Omni-Man: Duty. Honor. I almost respect you.

Reiko: You will pay for insulting the General.
Omni-Man: Why serve someone who needs you to fight his battles?

Reiko: Do alliances mean nothing to you?
Quan Chi: Ones that benefit me do.

Reiko: All along, you played us false.
Quan Chi: I warned you not to trust anyone.

Reiko: Your dark powers proved useless.
Quan Chi: Not to me, Reiko.

Reiko: Is there anything you said that was true?
Quan Chi: On the whole, very little.

Reiko: You're nothing without that amulet.
Raiden: Even without its power, I've enough to defeat you.

Reiko: You Earthrealmers are all alike.
Raiden: Says a man whose mind is clouded by prejudice.

Reiko: Your village will be laid waste.
Raiden: Fengjian will never give up.

Reiko: The tournament was one thing, war is another.
Raiden: Both will end the same, Reiko.

Reiko: The General wants you back.
Rain: I shall not return, Reiko.

Reiko: Don't make me an enemy, Rain.
Rain: What choice do I have?

Reiko: You know the penalty for desertion.
Rain: Here to inflict it, Reiko?

Reiko: This fight will be shorter than a passing shower.
Rain: You misjudge the weather, Reiko.

Reiko: Shall we test each other's might?
Reiko: Let kombat begin.

Reiko: You rule Outworld where you're from?
Reiko: I saw what I wanted and I took it.

Reiko: No imposter will infiltrate Outworld's army.
Reiko: Many of us already have.

Reiko: Your Shao's actions are treasonous!
Reiko: To the throne, but not to Outworld.

Reiko: I will fight you to the last.
Reiko: I'd like nothing better.

Reiko: I know nothing of blood magic.
Reiko: Then you're not yet the perfect warrior.

Reiko: I know how to fight Zaterrans.
Reptile: Have you ever fought one like me?

Reiko: It's impossible to respect one who hasn't served.
Reptile: Or a soldier who's betrayed his empress.

Reiko: Slither back to Zikandur, Zaterran.
Reptile: Ah. So you're one of *those* warm bloods.

Reiko: Ready to face Outworld's finest soldier?
Reptile: I will be, if he ever gets here.

Reiko: I'll follow the General to the bitter end.
Scorpion: Blind loyalty has made you a fool.

Reiko: Our army would crush your clan in battle.
Scorpion: It would be unwise to test our resolve.

Reiko: The will to win blazes within me.
Scorpion: Your fire is no match for mine.

Reiko: So you mean to do battle.
Scorpion: I mean to end the war.

Reiko: Your plan was a total failure!
Shang Tsung: Was it I who allowed Sindel to go free?

Reiko: I may need sorcery to tame Onaga.
Shang Tsung: You cannot enlist me in your fool's errand.

Reiko: You planned to betray us all long!
Shang Tsung: There's no point in denying it now.

Reiko: You'll be disciplined for your disloyalty.
Shang Tsung: I don't answer to you, Reiko.

Reiko: I won't betray General Shao.
Sindel: Then be condemned alongside him.

Reiko: What is Liu Kang's hold over you?
Sindel: How are you so ignorant to think he has any?

Reiko: The General's lit a fire you can't put out.
Sindel: May Argus damn you both if civil war burns Outworld.

Reiko: You let Earthrealm dominate Outworld!
Sindel: Our realms are equal partners.

Reiko: I've forgotten more fights than you've been in.
Smoke: That doesn't mean you'll win this one.

Reiko: Have you ever taken a life?
Smoke: I have when necessary.

Reiko: I love the smell of kombat in the morning.
Smoke: There is something seriously wrong with you.

Reiko: Make this battle worth my time, Smoke.
Smoke: I hope you'll be satisfied with defeat.

Reiko: So we are again enemies.
Sub-Zero: Blame your General for that.

Reiko: Your warriors are inferior to ours
Sub-Zero: A perilous assumption, Reiko.

Reiko: Is it true: you let your father die?
Sub-Zero: What war's ever been won without losses?

Reiko: The General hates loose ends.
Sub-Zero: Then he should send someone competent to kill me.

Reiko: The Umgadi aren't real warriors.
Tanya: Do not defame the Blessed of Delia, Reiko.

Reiko: Which of the royals will die on *your* watch?
Tanya: Not. One.

Reiko: The scandal when you're found out will --
Tanya: Will not happen, because it won't.

Reiko: You protect a dying regime and a decaying order.
Tanya: Look around, Reiko. Outworld flourishes!


Reptile: An insidious evil lurks in Zaterra's shadows.
Ashrah: My kriss and I will flush it out.

Reptile: I worry Sareena is falling back into evil.
Ashrah: We can't let her, Syzoth.

Reptile: You're prepared, Ashrah. The monks will pass you.
Ashrah: I can leave nothing to chance.

Reptile: What happens when you find Quan Chi?
Ashrah: It is better you do not know.

Reptile: Will they ever cure Tarkat?
Baraka: Not before it finishes me.

Reptile: There are afflicted Zaterrans among you?
Baraka: There's no Outworld race that isn't.

Reptile: Have they allowed you back into Sun Do?
Baraka: Tarkatans are still barred entry.

Reptile: I'm surprised that I impressed you.
Baraka: It took grit to see the Earthrealmers home safely.

Reptile: You've been gathering Zaterrans to your side.
General Shao: I welcome all who have been ignored by the royal family.

Reptile: Your coup is only going to cost more lives.
General Shao: Noble sacrifices to a worthy cause.

Reptile: How could someone so highborn have stooped so low?
General Shao: There's no disgrace in anything I've done.

Reptile: As the Empress's emissary, I --
General Shao: Mean nothing to me!

Reptile: What does it mean, you're a 'fixed point in time'?
Geras: I am a singularity, where all points in history meet.

Reptile: Have you ever killed to defend the timeline?
Geras: Very little, since Liu Kang became its protector.

Reptile: If I could see history as you've seen it.
Geras: You would find yourself overwhelmed.

Reptile: Have reptiloids ever held power?
Geras: Never in the modern era.

Reptile: You're a threat to all Outworlders.
Havik: Only to those who hate freedom.

Reptile: I've never met anyone as angry as you.
Havik: Then you've met no one who's truly suffered.

Reptile: Your methods are breeding resentment.
Havik: Not among the destitute, Outworlder.

Reptile: Return to Seido, Dairou.
Havik: Where did you learn my real name?!

Reptile: Why did you show me that Predator film?
Johnny Cage: After what we've been through, that was scary?

Reptile: I'm not sure, Johnny. Me, play a villain?
Johnny Cage: No BS, Syzoth: *Reptile Ravagers* will make you an instant icon!

Reptile: Raiden's victory has made him famous all over Outworld.
Johnny Cage: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Are you saying he's more famous than me?

Reptile: I promise to fight as hard as I can.
Johnny Cage: Good. Don't go lounging on me, lizard.

Reptile: You own leather made from reptiles?!
Johnny Cage: What? It's not like I skinned your cousin Vinny.

Reptile: Why do Earthrealmers think reptiloids live among them?
Kenshi: Maybe you're not the first Zaterran to visit there.

Reptile: When I’m done as emissary, maybe I’ll join Liu Kang’s champions.
Kenshi: If you want that, best start training now.

Reptile: If you need hands against the Yakuza --
Kenshi: I can't put you in that kind of danger.

Reptile: Sometimes, Zaterra's governors seem like gangsters.
Kenshi: If they are, stand against them.

Reptile: You should see the stares other Zaterrans give me.
Kitana: They humiliate themselves with how they treat you.

Reptile: I hope I've served the Empress with distinction.
Kitana: My sister is quite pleased with your efforts.

Reptile: I have a message from your cousin --
Kitana: Burn it, Syzoth. He's been banished.

Reptile: I appreciate you taking time to train me.
Kitana: One of my many duties as Supreme Commander.

Reptile: In this fight, you face two opponents.
Kung Lao: Shapeshifting will not help you.

Reptile: I've never had your self-confidence.
Kung Lao: Given how you were treated, I understand why.

Reptile: Raiden says you're a betting man.
Kung Lao: Want to put something down on this fight?

Reptile: Ashrah told me, but I didn't believe it.
Kung Lao: Believe it. The Wu Shi has a trap dungeon.

Reptile: Shang Tsung must pay for what he did to me.
Li Mei: He will. To the fullest extent of the law.

Reptile: The Empress's inner circle needs you.
Li Mei: Sun Do needs me more.

Reptile: Is there any part of Umgadi life that you miss?
Li Mei: Above all, the sisterhood.

Reptile: Any advice on how to survive the royal court's politics?
Li Mei: Stay out of them, Syzoth.

Reptile: How could you let Zaterrans like me be slaughtered?
Liu Kang: I am powerful, Syzoth. But I am not omnipotent.

Reptile: I never thought I'd meet the realms' creator.
Liu Kang: Think of me more as their steward.

Reptile: Will Ashrah achieve the absolution she desires?
Liu Kang: If you aid her as I hope, yes.

Reptile: I'm not convinced the Shaolin fully accept me.
Liu Kang: Sadly, even they aren't immune to prejudice.

Reptile: The Zaterran archdukes won't accept my credentials.
Mileena: Then they will face their Empress's wrath.

Reptile: You no longer wish me to be your emissary?
Mileena: You've proved ready for even greater things.

Reptile: Are you sure about this, Empress?
Mileena: If I say fight me, fight me!

Reptile: There are whispers of rebellion in Zaterra.
Mileena: They must be stopped before they become screams.

Reptile: Now this fight I could do without.
Nitara: You're right to be afraid.

Reptile: Never thought I'd meet a Vaeternian.
Nitara: Let alone, that one would kill you.

Reptile: If you're looking to feed on Shang Tsung, he isn't here.
Nitara: Actually, it's you I want to nibble on.

Reptile: You're like a nightmare come true.
Nitara: For others, I’m a fantasy.

Reptile: You've worn two faces, as I have?
Omni-Man: Yes. And sooner or later, every mask slips.

Reptile: I won't trade one set of shackles for another.
Omni-Man: How about trading shackles for a coffin?

Reptile: Your presence here can only bode ill.
Quan Chi: For you, Syzoth. Not for me.

Reptile: You're not as bad as Shang Tsung. You're worse!
Quan Chi: What have I done to earn such praise?

Reptile: My family's blood is on your hands, too.
Quan Chi: They were dead before I ever met Shang Tsung.

Reptile: Between you and Shang Tsung, I've learned to hate sorcerers.
Quan Chi: That's probably for the best.

Reptile: Earthrealmers aren't ready to see the real me.
Raiden: There are many things they're not ready for.

Reptile: What will Liu Kang do when he catches the sorcerers?
Raiden: Banish them to the Void.

Reptile: Knowing Outworld exists must change your perspective.
Raiden: Completely, Syzoth.

Reptile: Fight me without your amulet.
Raiden: Only if you stay in human form.

Reptile: If I had your power, I --
Rain: But you don't, so why speculate?

Reptile: What I've heard about your ego --
Rain: Do all Zaterrans traffic in gossip?

Reptile: Meeting Outworld's High Mage should be an honor.
Rain: Keep your derision to yourself, Zaterran.

Reptile: I once dreamt of being a mage.
Rain: Did you lack the skill or the ambition?

Reptile: You turned a blind eye to Shang Tsung's evil.
Reiko: Blind eye? I encouraged it.

Reptile: If you and Shao persist, you'll have more blood on your hands.
Reiko: I'll shed whatever's necessary to save Outworld.

Reptile: Still mad we escaped you at the festival?
Reiko: I will never forgive myself.

Reptile: All your training, your skills, and still you lost to Raiden.
Reiko: His amulet gave him an unfair advantage.

Reptile: You've no right to assume my form!
Reptile: Then it's up to you to stop me.

Reptile: I know it's you, Shang Tsung.
Reptile: Too bad knowing that won't help you survive.

Reptile: You're not a freak among your kind?
Reptile: All of us can shapeshift into warm bloods.

Reptile: You're the last Zaterran in your timeline?
Reptile: All others were slaughtered by Shao Kahn.

Reptile: If you're not Zaterran, what are you?
Reptile: My kind are Saurians.

Reptile: You'll show me your true face!
Reptile: Only if you best me in kombat.

Reptile: How deadly is your sting, Scorpion?
Scorpion: May that be a fact you never learn.

Reptile: Have you ever seen Liu Kang's Hourglass?
Scorpion: Until recently, I didn't know it existed.

Reptile: I'm confused. Kung Lao said you were a beast.
Scorpion: A mere figure of speech, Syzoth.

Reptile: Am I right to put faith in Liu Kang?
Scorpion: He's always proven worthy of mine.

Reptile: You murdered my entire family!
Shang Tsung: Would it make you feel better if I showed remorse?

Reptile: You're lucky the Empress needs you alive.
Shang Tsung: As are you that I am in a good mood.

Reptile: I did unspeakable things for you.
Shang Tsung: And together, we lifted the veil of ignorance.

Reptile: Every day you still breathe is one too many.
Shang Tsung: I like this side of you, Syzoth. Very grim.

Reptile: I am honored to serve the Crown, Empress.
Sindel: Serve well, or face the consequences.

Reptile: Were you aware that those like me were being killed?
Sindel: I swear on Jerrod's soul I did not.

Reptile: What Shang Tsung did in your name is shocking.
Sindel: Only now am I learning the full truth.

Reptile: The sorcerers have tarnished your Golden Age.
Sindel: Fortunately, the stain isn't permanent.

Reptile: Lucky for you, Kuai Liang's father took you in.
Smoke: It didn't feel that way at the time.

Reptile: The battle against the sorcerers was your first real fight.
Smoke: It was a baptism by fire, Syzoth.

Reptile: Kung Lao keeps pushing me to train with Madam Bo.
Smoke: There's a reason, Syzoth.

Reptile: An Emperor Shao would've wiped out Zaterra.
Sub-Zero: Which is of no concern to the Lin Kuei.

Reptile: I have a message from the Empress.
Sub-Zero: My reply will be your severed head, emissary.

Reptile: I've now met your brother. He's nothing like you.
Sub-Zero: Which is why he remains unworthy.

Reptile: Your name's become synonymous with betrayal.
Sub-Zero: To those too obtuse to understand me.

Reptile: Why should those of us who serve do battle?
Tanya: To stay prepared to defend the Empire.

Reptile: There are Zaterran Umgadi?
Tanya: Of course. You’ve not met Khameleon?

Reptile: Zaterrans don't worship Delia and Argus.
Tanya: Those who are Umgadi do.

Reptile: Your thoughts on the new High Mage?
Tanya: I'm not sure Dorfen has the mettle.


Scorpion: Is the Sisterhood of Shadow still a threat?
Ashrah: If Quan Chi has returned to lead them, yes.

Scorpion: You will aid us in Earthrealm's defense?
Ashrah: Whatever's needed to protect my new home.

Scorpion: You're turning down the Shirai Ryu?
Ashrah: I've formed my own clan, the Order of Light.

Scorpion: You've come far from the Netherrealm.
Ashrah: I hope to never return.

Scorpion: Your martial arts style is unique.
Baraka: It is the Way of Asgaarth.

Scorpion: Can kombat transmit your disease?
Baraka: If we're not careful, yes.

Scorpion: How long have you been ill?
Baraka: Long enough that I don't remember being well.

Scorpion: Why are you jealous of the Shirai Ryu?
Baraka: Your clan has a future, mine has none.

Scorpion: Here to test the Shirai Ryu's might?
General Shao: I will prove it worthless and weak.

Scorpion: If you know where he is, tell me.
General Shao: As if I would spill your brother's secrets.

Scorpion: Earthrealm stands behind the Empress.
General Shao: Then it will burn along with her.

Scorpion: Your cell at Lei Chin prison awaits.
General Shao: Its walls will never hold me again.

Scorpion: How far into the future can the Hourglass see?
Geras: To beyond its end, Kuai Liang.

Scorpion: Will other timelines emerge as new threats?
Geras: You are not the only one to ask that question.

Scorpion: Knowing Liu Kang's true role gives me pause.
Geras: Your trust in him is not misplaced.

Scorpion: I want to see the moment my father died.
Geras: You are not ready to receive that knowledge.

Scorpion: My realm's order won't be disrupted.
Havik: You can't stop the revolution, Scorpion.

Scorpion: I know what you did to Seido's capital.
Havik: Then you also know to fear me.

Scorpion: Your face is your fault.
Havik: You won't get the best of me this time.

Scorpion: How many Seidan lives have you taken?!
Havik: Should the number matter?

Scorpion: I need help to find Bi-Han.
Johnny Cage: Y'know I was only a TV detective, right?

Scorpion: My skills don't intimidate you?
Johnny Cage: I'm not afraid of a ghost.

Scorpion: Your mansion was unduly extravagant.
Johnny Cage: It came with the megastardom. Package deal.

Scorpion: Will your wife ever return?
Johnny Cage: Yeah, there's a negative percent chance of that happening.

Scorpion: You'll not make a film about my rift with Bi-Han.
Johnny Cage: But I've got the perfect title: *Scorpion's Revenge*.

Scorpion: Who was it that set you on the righteous path?
Kenshi: Her name was Suchin.

Scorpion: Do not let Sento become a crutch.
Kenshi: I could win this fight with or without it.

Scorpion: You protect your clan fiercely.
Kenshi: As a lone wolf protects its cub.

Scorpion: The Shirai Ryu would welcome you.
Kenshi: I'm honored by the offer, Kuai Liang.

Scorpion: If Shao ever threatens Earthrealm again --
Kitana: He won't, Scorpion. I promise.

Scorpion: Ready for this, Princess?
Kitana: The daughters of Sindel are always ready.

Scorpion: I've heard about Outworld's palace intrigue.
Kitana: It's even worse than you've been told.

Scorpion: There are many threats to your sister's rule.
Kitana: None of which will topple it, Scorpion.

Scorpion: You have a family legacy to uphold.
Kung Lao: How do you know of the Great Kung Lao?

Scorpion: I must compliment your ingenuity.
Kung Lao: Finally, someone appreciates my chakram hat.

Scorpion: Did you know that Madam Bo was once Lin Kuei?
Kung Lao: What?! I want details.

Scorpion: You are not yet the warrior you think you are.
Kung Lao: I am so going to prove you wrong, Kuai Liang.

Scorpion: Bi-Han's trail has led me to Sun Do.
Li Mei: I'll abide no vigilante justice, Kuai Liang.

Scorpion: Your parents' identities were kept from you?
Li Mei: To ensure my loyalties were only to the Umgadi.

Scorpion: Your duties include rounding up Tarkatans?
Li Mei: It's a necessary but distasteful task.

Scorpion: This fight, I didn't expect.
Li Mei: Why not? You broke Sun Do's laws.

Scorpion: As Time’s Keeper, you could have abolished kombat.
Liu Kang: Even a Titan’s power has limits.

Scorpion: In prior timelines, I wasn't Scorpion?
Liu Kang: In prior timelines, you were Sub-Zero.

Scorpion: Building the Shirai Ryu is a formidable task.
Liu Kang: I have faith that you will succeed, Grandmaster.

Scorpion: I doubt we've seen the last of other timelines.
Liu Kang: Which is why we remain vigilant, Kuai Liang.

Scorpion: Your illness is cause for concern.
Mileena: Mine, not yours, Scorpion.

Scorpion: I don't advise toying with Liu Kang.
Mileena: What will he do? Burn me with star fire?

Scorpion: My brother won't trouble your family again.
Mileena: Make sure of it, Scorpion.

Scorpion: For Earthrealm to be safe, your regime must be strong.
Mileena: I hope to Argus you're not doubting me, Scorpion.

Scorpion: That Bi-Han works alongside you --
Nitara: I've had stranger bedfellows.

Scorpion: If you would only feed on lower species --
Nitara: Humans *are* a lower species.

Scorpion: You'll return home hungry, Nitara.
Nitara: I won't leave until I feed.

Scorpion: I will avenge the fallen.
Nitara: You'll die like all the others, Scorpion.

Scorpion: Absolute power has corrupted you.
Omni-Man: Power doesn't corrupt, it enables.

Scorpion: Fighting me empty-handed is a mistake.
Omni-Man: Bring your whole armory. It won't help.

Scorpion: You pose a greater threat to Earthrealm than Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi: Very perceptive.

Scorpion: Now you conspire with Bi-Han against me?
Quan Chi: It is your choices that have led us here, Scorpion.

Scorpion: Anyone who draws power from the Netherrealm --
Quan Chi: Is destined to be a god among men.

Scorpion: Come near Harumi or the Shirai Ryu --
Quan Chi: How nobly you protect your family and clan.

Scorpion: Liu Kang was wise to choose you as champion.
Raiden: That means much, coming from you.

Scorpion: Havik is bent on bringing chaos to Earthrealm.
Raiden: Then we will defeat him together.

Scorpion: Liu Kang's revelation has shaken my faith in him.
Raiden: Understandable, given what he chose to hide.

Scorpion: Your friend Kung Lao could use some manners.
Raiden: I shall speak to him, Kuai Liang.

Scorpion: Still enamored with Shang Tsung's skills?
Rain: No longer, I assure you.

Scorpion: Like a dog, you bit the hand that fed you.
Rain: You've no right to judge me, Earthrealmer.

Scorpion: You, Bi-Han. Both done in by delusions of grandeur.
Rain: The sorcerers knew exactly how to exploit them.

Scorpion: Show me why the Empress made you High Mage.
Rain: You couldn't handle it, Scorpion

Scorpion: My forces surround yours, Reiko.
Reiko: And they have walked right into my trap.

Scorpion: Your army's on the run.
Reiko: That doesn't mean it's defeated.

Scorpion: Try again to conquer Earthrealm and --
Reiko: Spare me the empty bravado, Scorpion.

Scorpion: Your rebellion cost you everything
Reiko: I still have my honor, Earthrealmer.

Scorpion: Liu Kang wants your skills tested.
Reptile: Against you? Not sure that I'm ready.

Scorpion: You rejected the Shaolin's offer?
Reptile: It wasn't the right path for me.

Scorpion: Shang Tsung killed your family?
Reptile: He brutally murdered my wife and son.

Scorpion: Earthrealm's shapeshifters went extinct long ago.
Reptile: If some Zaterrans had had their way, I would have too.

Scorpion: From where did you spawn?
Scorpion: The Netherrealm's fiery depths.

Scorpion: If you're not me, who are you?
Scorpion: I am the original Scorpion.

Scorpion: I won't be consumed by vengeance.
Scorpion: How can your father's death not burn you?

Scorpion: Were you also once Lin Kuei?
Scorpion: I would never run with those dogs.

Scorpion: I fear the Lin Kuei is beyond redemption.
Scorpion: Together, we will restore its honor.

Scorpion: You've come to aid me?
Scorpion: To teach you how to be a true grandmaster.

Scorpion: You destroyed the Lin Kuei!
Shang Tsung: The one part of my plan that succeeded.

Scorpion: You are free of Outworld's captivity?
Shang Tsung: I stand before you, don't I?

Scorpion: There is much you must answer for, Shang Tsung.
Shang Tsung: Not to you, Earthrealmer.

Scorpion: Do you realize your soul stealers destroyed lives?
Shang Tsung: The better question is whether I care.

Scorpion: It's hard to be Grandmaster. But to be a sovereign?
Sindel: The Crown is indeed a heavy burden.

Scorpion: You've known my family for generations.
Sindel: The human lifespan lasts but a blink of an Edenian's eye.

Scorpion: To what do I owe this honor?
Sindel: My desire to test my limits.

Scorpion: Your husband's murder haunted my father.
Sindel: All those close to Jerrod were devastated.

Scorpion: You honor me with your loyalty.
Smoke: You have earned it, Brother.

Scorpion: You never speak of your mother and sister.
Smoke: Their ghosts no longer haunt me, Kuai Liang.

Scorpion: Bi-Han owed you his respect.
Smoke: That I earned yours is what matters.

Scorpion: We'll soon meet the Lin Kuei in battle.
Smoke: It will be our last with them.

Scorpion: Our resolve cannot waver, Brother.
Smoke: I'm offended that you think mine has.

Scorpion: Was it worth it, training with the Shaolin?
Smoke: Let me show you what I learned.

Scorpion: You defile the Lin Kuei!
Sub-Zero: I seek only to make us stronger.

Scorpion: Father would be ashamed of you.
Sub-Zero: Only because he lacked vision.

Scorpion: A shadow's fallen on your soul.
Sub-Zero: No, Brother. I've seen the light.

Scorpion: From the ashes, the Lin Kuei will be reborn.
Sub-Zero: Do not presume you can burn it down.

Scorpion: You would shed your brother's blood?
Sub-Zero: Because you choose to stand in my way.

Scorpion: Stay away from Harumi.
Sub-Zero: In this war, family isn't off limits.

Scorpion: You place such great faith in Argus.
Tanya: Don't you place similar faith in Liu Kang?

Scorpion: The Umgadi's legend precedes you, Tanya.
Tanya: Today you'll learn it is no myth.

Scorpion: You still haven't told me how you know Harumi.
Tanya: Only she can tell you.

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung: Human-demon hybrids --
Ashrah: Have existed for millennia.

Shang Tsung: I'm hosting a tournament. You should come.
Ashrah: Not on your life.

Shang Tsung: Absolution is overrated, Ashrah.
Ashrah: Repent, Shang Tsung. While there's still time.

Shang Tsung: Serving Liu Kang is no better than serving Quan Chi.
Ashrah: If you truly cannot tell the difference, you are hopeless.

Shang Tsung: Shall I end your misery?
Baraka: By dying? Be my guest.

Shang Tsung: If I made your disease a weapon --
Baraka: You'd condemn all of Outworld to misery!

Shang Tsung: Why waste what little time you have left with me?
Baraka: Because killing you will bring me joy in the afterlife.

Shang Tsung: The hybrids I created from you --
Baraka: Have been consigned to the Ten Hells!

Shang Tsung: I killed Syzoth's family. I can kill yours.
Baraka: Tarkat has already finished them, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: I do not appreciate my laboratory's destruction.
Baraka: I, on the other hand, revel in it.

Shang Tsung: My skills have grown since we last met.
General Shao: Show me, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: I thought we were allies, General.
General Shao: Once Onaga's tamed, I won't need you.

Shang Tsung: Godhood is wasted on Liu Kang.
General Shao: Which is why I'll take it from him.

Shang Tsung: Would it be so difficult to trust me again?
General Shao: Try impossible, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: The magic I found on that island --
General Shao: Will be shared, or you will die.

Shang Tsung: Liu Kang has no right to decide my destiny.
Geras: Perhaps not, but he has the power.

Shang Tsung: In prior timelines, I held power?
Geras: Not once did you put it to good use.

Shang Tsung: The squalor I endured as a child --
Geras: Do not lie. I know the truth.

Shang Tsung: If anyone could take the Hourglass, you could.
Geras: An idea that does not tempt me, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: If you want me to, I could fix that face.
Havik: If I want to, I'll fix it myself.

Shang Tsung: The power Quan Chi gave you is unique.
Havik: It's become a symbol of freedom to all Seidans.

Shang Tsung: Anarchy holds no allure for me.
Havik: Then you're part of the problem, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: I want your ability to self-heal.
Havik: Don't ask me, ask Quan Chi.

Shang Tsung: You plan a film about me?
Johnny Cage: Yeah. The working title is *Death of a Salesman*.

Shang Tsung: I still plan to experiment on you.
Johnny Cage: Shouldn't you buy me a drink first?

Shang Tsung: You Earthrealmers foiled my plans.
Johnny Cage: Just like a bunch of meddling kids.

Shang Tsung: I will gladly see you dead, Mr. Cage.
Johnny Cage: So would half of Hollywood.

Shang Tsung: Cowards die many times before their deaths.
Johnny Cage: You got experience with that, sorcerer?

Shang Tsung: If you'd listened to me, you'd still have your sight.
Kenshi: What I lost, Sento's given back to me ten times over.

Shang Tsung: All I must do is separate you from your sword.
Kenshi: Easier said than done, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: You were lucky to escape me alive.
Kenshi: Which makes taking you down feel that much better.

Shang Tsung: You will tell me how to find Liu Kang.
Kenshi: Actually, I'll take you to him -- in chains.

Shang Tsung: Empress Kitana has a nice ring to it.
Kitana: You cannot tempt me, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: The things I've heard your sister say about you.
Kitana: Lie about her again, and I'll feed you to a Taigore!

Shang Tsung: There is no stopping me now.
Kitana: I think you overestimate your chances.

Shang Tsung: For what it's worth, I always respected your mother.
Kitana: Is that why you tried to steal her throne?

Shang Tsung: Ego will only get you so far.
Kung Lao: If that is all you think I have, you are mistaken.

Shang Tsung: I regret not having you vivisected.
Kung Lao: That makes one of us, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: You are worthless as hybrid stock.
Kung Lao: How weird is it I want to prove you wrong?

Shang Tsung: It's no longer just me. I have followers.
Kung Lao: That is a scary proposition.

Shang Tsung: My hybrids are the next step in Outworld's evolution.
Li Mei: They are crimes against nature.

Shang Tsung: A mere constable is no threat to a sorcerer.
Li Mei: You forget I once led the Umgadi.

Shang Tsung: This ongoing skirmish grows tiresome, Li Mei.
Li Mei: Be glad, then. I am ending it here.

Shang Tsung: Come visit my island. You'd enjoy it.
Li Mei: What dark schemes are you plotting, sorcerer?

Shang Tsung: You shouldn't have let me return.
Liu Kang: I will never regret showing mercy.

Shang Tsung: I now understand my true potential.
Liu Kang: Which puts all the realms in danger.

Shang Tsung: Your plan to punish me has failed.
Liu Kang: I wished to reform you, not punish you.

Shang Tsung: I resent what you've done to me in this timeline.
Liu Kang: And I what you've done in all others.

Shang Tsung: You will regret having found me, Empress.
Mileena: Only if you leave this fight alive.

Shang Tsung: Truly, I was trying to help you.
Mileena: You were trying to plunder the Empire!

Shang Tsung: Can't we reach a new understanding?
Mileena: Not a chance in Ten Hells, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: I can explain those horrors in my laboratory.
Mileena: The only explanation is that you're a diabolical fiend!

Shang Tsung: Tell your Coven I need more assistance.
Nitara: You've exhausted its patience, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: If I knew how blood makes your race immortal --
Nitara: A secret I won't share with you.

Shang Tsung: I had higher hopes for our partnership.
Nitara: To you, I am an expendable asset.

Shang Tsung: What I wouldn't give for the gift of flight.
Nitara: Your shapeshifting spells, perhaps

Shang Tsung: We could form an alliance.
Omni-Man: A one-man army needs no allies.

Shang Tsung: I have studied you. You have weaknesses.
Omni-Man: You won't live long enough to exploit them.

Shang Tsung: On the island, I discovered magic you won't believe.
Quan Chi: I do hope you intend to share it.

Shang Tsung: Are we parting ways? Or remaining partners?
Quan Chi: I haven't decided.

Shang Tsung: My new acolytes' fighting skills must be tested.
Quan Chi: They could fight in a tournament on that island of yours.

Shang Tsung: Liu Kang has it in for us both.
Quan Chi: To thwart him, we must stick together.

Shang Tsung: Those Soul Stones you've discovered --
Quan Chi: Are none of your business.

Shang Tsung: I had hoped our alliance would be more… deadly.
Quan Chi: All in good time, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: I can offer you untold power.
Raiden: That holds no appeal, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: Is it a crime to better my station?
Raiden: When you inflict pain on others, yes.

Shang Tsung: Once I regain control of the Dragon Army --
Raiden: It's already been destroyed.

Shang Tsung: We're both small-town boys at heart.
Raiden: Then why is yours so infected with evil?

Shang Tsung: There's more I can teach you.
Rain: I'm done with your tutelage, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: We've done nothing to regret.
Rain: What kind of heartless monster are you?

Shang Tsung: Think of the things we can still accomplish.
Rain: I have, sorcerer. And I'm terrified.

Shang Tsung: I can't have you sharing my secrets.
Rain: None of them are safe with me.

Shang Tsung: Behind those eyes, you're still a scared little boy.
Reiko: Cease your mind games, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: To sacrifice one's life for another is lunacy.
Reiko: It's no surprise *you* don't understand honor.

Shang Tsung: The General desires my presence?
Reiko: Just your head. On a pike.

Shang Tsung: You should hold command, not Shao.
Reiko: You cannot pit me against him, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: Why couldn't you serve me as Geras serves Liu Kang?
Reptile: My loyalty was forced, not earned.

Shang Tsung: By not aiding me willingly, you forced my hand.
Reptile: Only you would try shifting the blame.

Shang Tsung: Despite what you think, I am not evil.
Reptile: You can't be serious.

Shang Tsung: My experiments haven't stopped, you know.
Reptile: They will today, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: It was all too simple, pulling your brother's strings.
Scorpion: It sickens me that he was so easily exploited.

Shang Tsung: Surely I can tempt you with something.
Scorpion: Nothing you could offer would interest me.

Shang Tsung: I could teach you the secrets of shapeshifting.
Scorpion: Stealth is the only tactic I need.

Shang Tsung: I don't relish having a duplicate.
Shang Tsung: Nor do I, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: How did you learn my magic, Syzoth?
Shang Tsung: By watching you every moment I was held hostage.

Shang Tsung: We should join hands across timelines.
Shang Tsung: Too bad neither of us can be trusted.

Shang Tsung: I now regret ever making you.
Shang Tsung: But you improved so much upon the original.

Shang Tsung: I thought Liu Kang destroyed you.
Shang Tsung: Titans aren't so easily killed.

Shang Tsung: Yet one more of me to kill.
Shang Tsung: You won't be the one who survives this encounter.

Shang Tsung: The power I've found on the Island --
Sindel: You will never be allowed to wield.

Shang Tsung: No empire lasts forever, Empress.
Sindel: You won't be the end of mine!

Shang Tsung: Why should you rule? Because Liu Kang decrees it?
Sindel: The power I wield I have earned, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: You are not welcome in the canton I hail from.
Sindel: One doesn't rule without making enemies, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung: I won't be forced back into a life of obscurity.
Sindel: Of course you won't, sorcerer. You'll be dead.

Shang Tsung: You judge me, but you also have unclean hands.
Sindel: I may occasionally be ruthless, but you will be forever depraved.

Shang Tsung: I am a hunter, no different than you.
Smoke: Except my quarry's never been the weak and helpless.

Shang Tsung: Today your life goes up in smoke.
Smoke: And people think you're clever?

Shang Tsung: If Kuai Liang had only joined Bi-Han --
Smoke: With you against Earthrealm? That would never happen.

Shang Tsung: You and your brother have proved pesky adversaries.
Smoke: Don't expect that to change, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: You have been cold to my entreaties.
Sub-Zero: Because you proved you can't be trusted.

Shang Tsung: Kuai Liang's betrayal cost us dearly.
Sub-Zero: He will bleed for it, sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: First the Tengu, now the Shirai Ryu --
Sub-Zero: Inferior clans who will fall to the Lin Kuei.

Shang Tsung: Is our quarrel professional? Or is it personal?
Tanya: It is both.

Shang Tsung: Your loyalty to the throne is to be admired.
Tanya: Do you think me deaf to your mocking tone?

Shang Tsung: The blood I drew from you has proved most useful.
Tanya: Have you made a hybrid of me, sorcerer?!

Shang Tsung: Surely Goddess Delia would counsel forgiveness.
Tanya: Only when the sinner is truly repentant.


Sindel: How much longer is your journey to redemption?
Ashrah: Only the Elder Gods know, Empress.

Sindel: Others in the Netherrealm plot with Quan Chi?
Ashrah: Many are the wraiths and demons who wish Outworld ill.

Sindel: Who forged the kriss you wield?
Ashrah: The markings suggest it was the Kafallah warlocks.

Sindel: Some days I simply do not feel *real*. Like I'm a ghost.
Ashrah: Something is gravely wrong with your soul, Empress.

Sindel: I won't let Tarkat spread unabated.
Baraka: Herding us into ghettos isn't the answer.

Sindel: Your Tarkatans are given enough to survive.
Baraka: Only by the skin of our teeth.

Sindel: Why do you call me a hypocrite?!
Baraka: Because I know of your daughter's affliction.

Sindel: You will be silent about Mileena.
Baraka: About her disease? Or her affair?

Sindel: Your perfidy won't be forgiven.
General Shao: It will be forgotten once I rule Outworld.

Sindel: The sorcerers played you for a fool.
General Shao: Which they are, if they think I'll forget.

Sindel: When you're killed, your army will scatter.
General Shao: Hardly! They will rally to their martyr.

Sindel: Your name will be stricken from every monument, every shrine.
General Shao: But you can't erase it from the hearts of Outworld.

Sindel: Reiko will share your ignoble fate.
General Shao: I doubt you'll find either of us concerned.

Sindel: Surrender now, and I'll spare your followers.
General Shao: They will prefer to die in battle.

Sindel: Were there other Keepers of Time before Kronika?
Geras: There was one.

Sindel: As Time's Keeper, Liu Kang must know who killed Jerrod.
Geras: I will neither confirm nor deny that statement.

Sindel: You've lived every moment since time began.
Geras: And I remember all of them.

Sindel: I could never forgive Shao's treason.
Geras: Even if doing so would save the Empire?

Sindel: All of Outworld knows I want them to thrive!
Havik: A lie isn't made truth because most accept it.

Sindel: There's no greater evil than anarchy!
Havik: Says the woman who owes her privilege to order.

Sindel: Quan Chi was the worst ally you could choose.
Havik: Had we come to you, would you have helped?

Sindel: I won't abide rabble who screech revolution.
Havik: Then chaos and carnage will be my solution.

Sindel: Playacting is beneath me, Cage.
Johnny Cage: But I could get you meetings all over town!

Sindel: Weren't you also flirting with my daughter?
Johnny Cage: Yes, but unsuccessfully.

Sindel: Your presence isn't desired.
Johnny Cage: Isn't it, Empress?

Sindel: Surely Liu Kang could've found better than you.
Johnny Cage: Just what is your beef with me, beautiful?

Sindel: What my daughter did to your eyes --
Kenshi: Has been a blessing in disguise, Empress.

Sindel: Show me the skills of Earthrealm's greatest swordsman.
Kenshi: Greatest? Johnny's been talking to you hasn't he…

Sindel: My reign almost ended in Shang Tsung's vivisection chamber.
Kenshi: I'm glad we prevented that.

Sindel: I still have doubts that Raiden won fairly.
Kenshi: After all that's happened, the tournament is what bothers you?

Sindel: I still can't fathom how you lost to Raiden.
Kitana: I often ponder that myself.

Sindel: You must defend your sister's reign at all costs.
Kitana: I will not fail, Mother.

Sindel: There are times I wish that you were born first.
Kitana: Never let Mileena hear you say that!

Sindel: I saw how Johnny Cage looked at you.
Kitana: I think I can handle an actor, Mother.

Sindel: Could I have, I would have saved your storied ancestor.
Kung Lao: You were there when he died?!

Sindel: Show me your vaunted Shaolin skills.
Kung Lao: As you wish, Your Majesty.

Sindel: There is confidence, and there is overconfidence.
Kung Lao: Not in my case, Empress.

Sindel: Though arrogant, you are not unbearable.
Kung Lao: Ouch. Who knew backhanded compliments could bruise?

Sindel: I shouldn't have let Jerrod's death come between us.
Li Mei: It's entirely understandable why you did.

Sindel: Mileena and Kitana have benefitted from your instruction.
Li Mei: Hopefully they now fight as well as you do.

Sindel: Had I known you were the Matrons' scapegoat --
Li Mei: What's done is done, Empress.

Sindel: You know about Mileena and Tanya?
Li Mei: They must be more careful, Empress.

Sindel: My past iteration sounds like a screeching harpy.
Liu Kang: Many are thankful for the changes I made.

Sindel: Shao has fomented much animosity against you.
Liu Kang: If you must distance yourself, I understand.

Sindel: Until your revelation, I felt in control of my destiny.
Liu Kang: You still are, Your Highness.

Sindel: Was Shao right, after all? Were you pulling our strings?
Liu Kang: Despite what he believes, I am not a puppet master.

Sindel: It's dreadful that Tarkat has hold of you.
Mileena: I promise, it won't keep me off the throne.

Sindel: Keep Kitana by your side. Rely on her counsel.
Mileena: I will, Mother.

Sindel: The Shokan and Centaurians have resumed skirmishing.
Mileena: Send me, Mother. I'll end their dispute.

Sindel: An empress must always be ready to fight.
Mileena: Shall I show you how ready I am?

Sindel: Return those whom you've taken!
Nitara: They are Vaeternus's property!

Sindel: That Shao connived with you is unforgivable.
Nitara: Your prejudice isn't pretty, Empress.

Sindel: I won't weep if your race dies.
Nitara: So much for a kinder, gentler Outworld.

Sindel: Just being in your presence soils me.
Nitara: The feeling's mutual, Empress.

Sindel: You have more heart than you let on.
Omni-Man: Allow me to reset your expectations.

Sindel: My empire has endured for millennia.
Omni-Man: You're overdue for regime change.

Sindel: Go back from whence you came, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: I'll never return to the mines.

Sindel: For your deception, you will face annihilation!
Quan Chi: With you as the means of my Armageddon?

Sindel: I'm told you once toiled in Outworld's mines.
Quan Chi: And that, Empress, is why I loathe you.

Sindel: It is not my fault you were low-born, sorcerer.
Quan Chi: No, it's Liu Kang's. And he will pay.

Sindel: Fight me as you fought in the tournament.
Raiden: If that's your desire, Empress.

Sindel: You have the common touch.
Raiden: Is that scorn or approval, Your Majesty?

Sindel: Someone revealed Mileena's secret!
Raiden: It wasn't us, I assure you.

Sindel: The peace between realms is uneasy, Raiden.
Raiden: Let's hope this fight doesn't breach it.

Sindel: Your rebellion cost you everything.
Rain: Of that, I need no reminder.

Sindel: The rules you chafed against were there for your safety.
Rain: I should've been allowed to test my limits.

Sindel: I have only wanted what's best for Outworld.
Rain: The problem is your judgement as to what that is.

Sindel: Remorse, while welcome, isn't enough.
Rain: Then allow me to serve penance, Empress.

Sindel: You were once the pride of Outworld.
Reiko: There are many who think I still am.

Sindel: Have you returned to beg my mercy?
Reiko: I've returned to finish the job.

Sindel: If Jerrod were still alive --
Reiko: He would also be my enemy.

Sindel: You and Shao have succumbed to madness.
Reiko: It's not crazy to think your rule incompetent.

Sindel: Shang Tsung deluded me, and it cost you your family.
Reptile: You aren't to blame for that, Empress.

Sindel: You should have brought the Earthrealmers to me.
Reptile: At the time, I didn't know I could trust you.

Sindel: Kombat with Zaterrans is a tricky business.
Reptile: Trying to lull me with false modesty, Empress?

Sindel: I've always considered Archduke Mahazzem a friend.
Reptile: He secretly plots to turn Zaterra against you.

Sindel: You performed well during the recent crisis.
Scorpion: I did what I was trained to do.

Sindel: Your pyromancy is truly arcane.
Scorpion: It is a closely kept family secret.

Sindel: Both your parents were excellent fighters.
Scorpion: I can only hope to live up to their example.

Sindel: How many have joined the Shirai Ryu?
Scorpion: We are hundreds strong and growing.

Sindel: I trusted you with my daughter's life!
Shang Tsung: You aren't the first to make that mistake.

Sindel: You lit the fire of General Shao's treason!
Shang Tsung: Your actions did that, Empress. I merely fanned the flames.

Sindel: I will be glad to be rid of you.
Shang Tsung: Do not write my epitaph just yet.

Sindel: You heartless, spineless worm!
Shang Tsung: Heartless, yes. Spineless, no.

Sindel: Though known for compassion, I'm no stranger to wrath.
Shang Tsung: That fact has not escaped me, Empress.

Sindel: How was I daft enough to believe your lies?
Shang Tsung: Don't blame yourself. I can be very convincing.

Sindel: *You* killed your Jerrod?
Sindel: The weakling ninny ceased being useful.

Sindel: Your greed and entitlement offend me.
Sindel: I won't apologize for taking what I deserve.

Sindel: Your Kitana is as weak-willed as mine.
Sindel: Or is it you confuse compassion for fragility?

Sindel: In my reality, Shao forced me into marriage.
Sindel: I will break you free of that bondage.

Sindel: Return home, you rapacious fiend.
Sindel: Not until I add this timeline to my empire.

Sindel: Is your empire as difficult to rule?
Sindel: On any given day, it could crumble.

Sindel: Lin Kuei aggression worries me.
Smoke: The Shirai Ryu will keep them from Outworld.

Sindel: It's impossible, Smoke. We can't save everyone.
Smoke: Then I'll save who I can to make up for the ones I can't.

Sindel: You remind me of my nephew Xandras.
Smoke: In what way, Your Majesty?

Sindel: You Earthrealmers seem to get younger all the time.
Smoke: Even our oldest must seem like children to Edenians.

Sindel: I knew your father. He was a great man.
Sub-Zero: Yet he never understood the Lin Kuei's potential.

Sindel: With one act, you betrayed two realms.
Sub-Zero: Neither deserved my loyalty.

Sindel: There can be no forgiveness, Bi-Han.
Sub-Zero: Have I asked for any, Empress?

Sindel: Today, pay the price for your failure.
Sub-Zero: You forecast victory prematurely, Empress.

Sindel: Have you any concerns about Kitana's new acquaintance?
Tanya: Countess Jade? Not in the least.

Sindel: Defend yourself, Tanya!
Tanya: Remember, Empress, we are only sparring.

Sindel: You, above all, must obey Umgadi rules.
Tanya: I must obey my heart, Empress.

Sindel: The Matrons have begun whispering.
Tanya: I'll take whatever punishment may come.


Smoke: There are many kinds of demons?
Ashrah: The worst are the Enenra.

Smoke: Is there evil in me?
Ashrah: My kriss senses none.

Smoke: Entire villages are disappearing, Ashrah.
Ashrah: Vaeternus is surely to blame.

Smoke: Sareena wants to train with us.
Ashrah: She has good taste in instructors.

Smoke: Outworld sure seems dangerous.
Baraka: No more than Earthrealm, Smoke.

Smoke: So you used to be a soldier?
Baraka: I was a tribune when I retired.

Smoke: I lost my family, too, Baraka.
Baraka: The pain never ends, does it?

Smoke: There's no one like you in Earthrealm.
Baraka: Be glad Tarkat hasn't a foothold there.

Smoke: You're even bigger than I imagined.
General Shao: And you're too puny to be of concern.

Smoke: Our realms could've stayed at peace.
General Shao: Only at the price of Outworld's freedom.

Smoke: You've been a soldier all your life?
General Shao: Since I was strong enough to hold a blade.

Smoke: Will the Shirai Ryu defeat the Lin Kuei?
Geras: That battle's outcome is not predetermined.

Smoke: In a billion lifetimes, you've never had family?
Geras: Liu Kang is the closest I've come.

Smoke: If you're eternal, you can't be defeated.
Geras: The best you can do is slow me down.

Smoke: You're a deity, like Liu Kang?
Geras: I am merely the instrument of his will.

Smoke: Desperation has driven you to madness.
Havik: It has given me clarity, Smoke.

Smoke: Your crusade stops at Earthrealm's borders.
Havik: Only if I choose not to liberate it.

Smoke: Heaping pain on others won't end yours.
Havik: Yes it will, Smoke.

Smoke: After Seido, no one respects you.
Havik: All that matters is they fear me.

Smoke: Why cast me in your movie?
Johnny Cage: You've got the wholesome sidekick thing down cold.

Smoke: As the smoke rises, I will disappear.
Johnny Cage: You ever think about playing Vegas?

Smoke: Do you get hurt making movies?
Johnny Cage: I don't have a bone that *hasn't* been broken.

Smoke: What did the Shaolin teach you?
Johnny Cage: It's more a question of what I didn't teach them.

Smoke: You really like my mask, Johnny?
Johnny Cage: It's smoking!

Smoke: I didn't think anyone could leave the Yakuza.
Kenshi: It wasn't easy.

Smoke: Have you been to Prague? I was born there.
Kenshi: Once…on business.

Smoke: You saw Shang Tsung's experiments firsthand?
Kenshi: I didn't 'see' them. But I was almost one of them.

Smoke: I can't believe you broke into Johnny's mansion.
Kenshi: I was desperate. I needed Sento.

Smoke: My sister was my twin.
Kitana: How it must have hurt to lose her.

Smoke: You and Harumi are a lot alike, Princess.
Kitana: Your Kuai Liang has excellent taste.

Smoke: Think your fans can blow away my smoke?
Kitana: I have no doubt of it.

Smoke: If you fight like your sister, I'm in trouble.
Kitana: Consider yourself in trouble, Tomas.

Smoke: Don't you ever miss Fengjian?
Kung Lao: Other than Madam Bo's cooking? No.

Smoke: Madam Bo says you're out, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: No way. I want to help test Raiden's sister!

Smoke: This isn't a test. I won't go easy on you.
Kung Lao: I would hope not, Tomas.

Smoke: Let's go, Kung Lao. Liu Kang wants us to do this.
Kung Lao: What could this fight possibly teach me?

Smoke: You're not native to Sun Do?
Li Mei: I don't know. That's been hidden from me.

Smoke: How can you have fought in more than one tournament?
Li Mei: You forget we live longer than you do.

Smoke: If Bi-Han is in Sun Do then --
Li Mei: Then he is my problem, not yours.

Smoke: Sun Do seems like a peaceful city.
Li Mei: If it were, it wouldn't need me.

Smoke: Did you intend for me to be orphaned?
Liu Kang: Some threads must be cut to weave time’s fabric.

Smoke: I'm not sure I can forgive you.
Liu Kang: Being Keeper of Time meant making many hard choices.

Smoke: Why did you send for me?
Liu Kang: I hope to clear up our differences.

Smoke: Can I get the brothers to reconcile?
Liu Kang: They must choose their own path, Tomas.

Smoke: Has anyone else challenged you for the throne?
Mileena: Not yet, but they will.

Smoke: I'm to escort you during your Earthrealm visit.
Mileena: I have the Umgadi. I don't need you.

Smoke: The way you fooled the sorcerers --
Mileena: I was fortunate they were so overconfident.

Smoke: I'm told I resemble your cousin Xandras.
Mileena: By Argus, who told you that?!

Smoke: Ashrah is hunting for you.
Nitara: She better hope she doesn't find me.

Smoke: There's no way I'm going to be your dinner.
Nitara: Of course not. You're the appetizer.

Smoke: Why come after me, Nitara?
Nitara: Because young blood is the most nourishing.

Smoke: Just how long have you lived?
Nitara: I was a girl when you Earthrealmers first mastered fire.

Smoke: The Shirai Ryu won't let you pass!
Omni-Man: Easy, kid. I go where I please.

Smoke: I rejected the Lin Kuei to fight for justice.
Omni-Man: Justice? How stupidly self-righteous of you.

Smoke: Your soul stealers are pure evil.
Quan Chi: Can I infer by 'evil' that you mean 'genius'.

Smoke: Is there any magic too dark for you?
Quan Chi: If there is, I haven't found it yet.

Smoke: You've betrayed everyone you've ever met, haven't you?
Quan Chi: Yes, that sounds about right.

Smoke: I rue the day I ever met you.
Quan Chi: No sense dwelling on the past, Tomas.

Smoke: I'd like to revisit Madam Bo's. For a meal, not a fight.
Raiden: If you do, it's on me.

Smoke: I've been having visions of demons.
Raiden: What were they? Enenra?

Smoke: For Earthrealm's sake, my brothers must reunite.
Raiden: There's little hope for that, Tomas.

Smoke: Greetings to the Shaolin's newest master.
Raiden: Please, Tomas. You're embarrassing me.

Smoke: Outworld has an Academy of Sorcery?
Rain: Only the best and brightest gain admittance.

Smoke: How do I fight someone who can drown a city?
Rain: A question you should've asked yourself much earlier.

Smoke: A mage is different than a sorcerer?
Rain: The distinctions are beyond your comprehension.

Smoke: Earthrealm won't be a safe haven for you.
Rain: I doubt there's any realm that will.

Smoke: I was an orphan, too.
Reiko: A fact which won't earn my sympathy.

Smoke: It's disgusting how much you relish kombat.
Reiko: What else do you expect from a warrior?

Smoke: Attacking Earthrealm was a big mistake.
Reiko: The only mistake was not winning.

Smoke: I don't get your blind loyalty to Shao.
Reiko: The General is a great man.

Smoke: I also know the pain of losing family.
Reptile: It appears we are hatchlings of the same nest.

Smoke: That you can shift shape is mind-blowing!
Reptile: As is that you can become a puff of smoke.

Smoke: Why do all Zaterrans live in Zikandur?
Reptile: In the past, warm bloods herded us there.

Smoke: What's this I hear about an Outworld race of insectoids.
Reptile: The Kytinn? Pray you never meet one.

Smoke: Our brother will not relent, Kuai Liang.
Scorpion: Neither will we, Tomas.

Smoke: Your thoughts on our new initiate
Scorpion: Hanzo shows great promise.

Smoke: With you as grandmaster, our new clan will flourish.
Scorpion: Only if we honor tradition.

Smoke: I'll never forgive Bi-Han.
Scorpion: His betrayal has seared both our hearts.

Smoke: Liu Kang's placed great faith in us.
Scorpion: Let us prove worthy of it, Brother.

Smoke: Will we be ready if Shang Tsung returns?
Scorpion: Our training will not fail us.

Smoke: You won't trouble Earthrealm again.
Shang Tsung: A claim with no basis in fact.

Smoke: Do you have any redeeming qualities?
Shang Tsung: You aren't impressed by my wit and charm?

Smoke: You never should have been taught sorcery.
Shang Tsung: Liu Kang should never have denied me my birthright.

Smoke: You're a fraud and a cheat, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: Your point being

Smoke: Why do Edenians live so long?
Sindel: We are touched by the divine, Tomas.

Smoke: What does it take to rule a realm?
Sindel: Wisdom, courage, and compassion.

Smoke: You are exactly how Raiden described you.
Sindel: What words did he use, Earthrealmer?

Smoke: The Queen of Outworld faces the King of Smoke.
Sindel: King of Smoke?!

Smoke: Your parents are dead, too?
Smoke: And Jarek is to blame for it.

Smoke: This is a fight I didn't need.
Smoke: This fight was unavoidable.

Smoke: Weren't the barriers between timelines closed?
Smoke: Not between yours and mine.

Smoke: Do we share blood?
Smoke: Yes. But we are not brothers.

Smoke: This must be a bad dream.
Smoke: If only that were true.

Smoke: Why are you here?
Smoke: Obviously, to replace you.

Smoke: You've always been cold to me.
Sub-Zero: Because your blood is not Lin Kuei.

Smoke: Are we to be enemies for life?
Sub-Zero: Unless you submit, Tomas.

Smoke: We won't rest until the Lin Kuei are broken.
Sub-Zero: I do not fear your Shirai Ryu.

Smoke: If Mother were alive --
Sub-Zero: She would applaud my actions.

Smoke: Father wanted us to be brothers.
Sub-Zero: Yet another of the old man's foolish dreams.

Smoke: The Umgadi and Shirai Ryu, we're natural allies.
Tanya: So long as our realms act in concert.

Smoke: After losing my family, I lost my faith.
Tanya: It's the only thing that can sustain you, Tomas.

Smoke: Are all Umgadi warriors?
Tanya: Only those who complete the Nyjura.

Smoke: I have questions about Delia and Argus.
Tanya: Defeat me, and I'll answer them.


Sub-Zero: You dare judge me, Ashrah?!
Ashrah: By how easily you were felled by temptation.

Sub-Zero: Liu Kang now relies on demons?
Ashrah: He welcomes all who are pure of heart.

Sub-Zero: You will surely test my might.
Ashrah: I will overwhelm it, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: You don't belong in Earthrealm.
Ashrah: It's now just as much my home as yours.

Sub-Zero: Expect no compassion, freak.
Baraka: Such a cold heart, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: Your kind should be exterminated.
Baraka: Disease does not make us disposable.

Sub-Zero: How many of you are there?
Baraka: Enough to rival your Lin Kuei.

Sub-Zero: Your affliction is divine punishment.
Baraka: Actually, it is fate's cruel joke.

Sub-Zero: I helped you, but I've earned no respect.
General Shao: Because there's nothing lower than a traitor.

Sub-Zero: So you have met my new initiate.
General Shao: Be cautious. She means to eclipse you.

Sub-Zero: I was wrong to trust you.
General Shao: Yes, Earthealmer. You were.

Sub-Zero: This fight I will long remember.
General Shao: Who says you will survive it?

Sub-Zero: How long have you served Liu Kang?
Geras: Since the beginning of time, Bi-Han.

Sub-Zero: You cannot die?
Geras: Not by your hand or anyone else's.

Sub-Zero: I don't recognize your creator's authority.
Geras: Denying facts makes them no less real.

Sub-Zero: Kuai Liang will pay for his betrayal.
Geras: He is under Liu Kang's protection.

Sub-Zero: You rebelled against your betters?
Havik: Hotaru and his ilk are not my betters.

Sub-Zero: Order's preservation demands swift justice.
Havik: But not severe punishment for petty crimes.

Sub-Zero: Anarchy serves no one.
Havik: It's the oppressed's only hope, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: You have a problem with ice?
Havik: Water must flow freely, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: You can't match my experience.
Johnny Cage: Hey! I'm not the noob here.

Sub-Zero: Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Johnny Cage: It is very cold in space.

Sub-Zero: Why would I do well in your business?
Johnny Cage: With your big ass ego, you'd fit right in.

Sub-Zero: You are fortunate Liu Kang intervened.
Johnny Cage: I think all that cold's frozen your brain.

Sub-Zero: I am the Lin Kuei's Grandmaster.
Johnny Cage: And in desperate need of a breath mint.

Sub-Zero: You will not hinder the Lin Kuei's advance.
Kenshi: I'll break your clan as I broke the Yakuza.

Sub-Zero: A former gangster lectures me about honor?
Kenshi: I've regained mine. Yours appears lost forever.

Sub-Zero: I've learned your secrets. Have the others?
Kenshi: Is that the Lin Kuei's new tactic? Extortion?

Sub-Zero: Sento would be welcome in my arsenal.
Kenshi: You'll need to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Sub-Zero: Liu Kang's deceived you your entire life.
Kitana: And yet still I trust him more than you.

Sub-Zero: We have no cause for dispute.
Kitana: You aided Shao's attempt to steal the throne!

Sub-Zero: Your mother's death is regrettable.
Kitana: I consider you complicit, Bi-Han.

Sub-Zero: Living in your sister's shadow wastes your potential.
Kitana: It is my duty and privilege to serve her.

Sub-Zero: You and I both want for more.
Kung Lao: But I would never betray family to get it.

Sub-Zero: You could never be Lin Kuei.
Kung Lao: Because I honor obligations that I've sworn to?

Sub-Zero: We'll see what Madam Bo's taught you.
Kung Lao: My thrashing of you did not reveal enough?

Sub-Zero: Do not aid Kuai Liang's efforts, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: Neither you nor your Lin Kuei will stop me.

Sub-Zero: Your constables could also govern.
Li Mei: We are sworn only to protect and serve.

Sub-Zero: Sun Do is vulnerable.
Li Mei: Attack the capital and you'll pay the price.

Sub-Zero: I hear your skills are formidable.
Li Mei: As are those of all who have been Umgadi.

Sub-Zero: My clan isn’t subject to your jurisdiction.
Li Mei: It is, now that you've plotted against Outworld.

Sub-Zero: I wasn't aware of Shang Tsung's experiments.
Liu Kang: Had you known, would your choice have been different?

Sub-Zero: You want peace? Let us be.
Liu Kang: The Lin Kuei's sins aren't easily forgiven.

Sub-Zero: You hid the Hourglass from all of us.
Liu Kang: Its power was best kept secret.

Sub-Zero: You've turned Kuai Liang against me.
Liu Kang: Blame only yourself, Bi-Han.

Sub-Zero: My father was a fool to follow you.
Liu Kang: He wisely honored Earthrealm with his service.

Sub-Zero: Earthrealm isn't yours to rule.
Liu Kang: Nor has it ever been, Bi-Han!

Sub-Zero: If your subjects learn your secret --
Mileena: You dare threaten me, Bi-Han?!

Sub-Zero: We would both benefit from an alliance.
Mileena: You expect trust after what you've done?

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei won't serve your empire.
Mileena: As if I would offer you that honor.

Sub-Zero: Surrender and Shao will show mercy.
Mileena: If you believe that, you're a fool.

Sub-Zero: May I never set foot in Vaeternus.
Nitara: If you did, you'd be eaten alive.

Sub-Zero: No race should be immortal.
Nitara: And I thought it was your brother who lacked vision.

Sub-Zero: Here to lose again?
Nitara: To have my revenge, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: You'd help us capture the Shirai Ryu?
Nitara: Only if we agree to terms.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei will conquer the realms.
Omni-Man: Consider me your distinguished competition.

Sub-Zero: All things freeze, even you.
Omni-Man: I've trained at absolute zero. Try me.

Sub-Zero: Your sorcerer's skills proved fool's gold.
Quan Chi: Shao's failure was not my fault, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: Father was right about one thing: never trust a sorcerer.
Quan Chi: Truly, he was a wise man.

Sub-Zero: Put your demons at my command, and we'll talk.
Quan Chi: Do you think my hand that weak, Bi-Han?

Sub-Zero: The Netherrealm must hold many secrets.
Quan Chi: None which you're ready to hear.

Sub-Zero: You are content being Liu Kang's servant?
Raiden: I don't serve him. I serve Earthrealm.

Sub-Zero: Walk away while you can.
Raiden: I'll never give up, never surrender.

Sub-Zero: Kung Lao won't be joining us.
Raiden: What have you done to him, Bi-Han?!

Sub-Zero: First you, then Liu Kang.
Raiden: Counting off those who will defeat you?

Sub-Zero: With your skill with water and mine with ice --
Rain: I've had enough of conspiracies, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: I'm pleased to fight Outworld's foremost mage.
Rain: Will it also please you to lose?

Sub-Zero: One should seize power by any means necessary.
Rain: There must be limits, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: What's the source of your power, mage?
Rain: I was blessed to be born with it.

Sub-Zero: You think Liu Kang's gone soft?
Reiko: Had you betrayed me, I'd have had you executed.

Sub-Zero: To kill, one must be cold-blooded.
Reiko: My veins are as iced as yours, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: This is a battle you won't win.
Reiko: My victory will be total, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: You're the best soldier in Shao's army?
Reiko: No one is more decorated or more lethal.

Sub-Zero: Your blood may be cold, but mine is iced.
Reptile: Not something to be proud of, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: Do you hate being reptiloid? Is that why you mimic us?
Reptile: It’s to hide from warm bloods who hate me for being one.

Sub-Zero: Your kind has never battled the Lin Kuei.
Reptile: Never before have you threatened us.

Sub-Zero: What color is Zaterran blood?
Reptile: This fight won't answer that question, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: Heed your Grandmaster!
Scorpion: I will not betray our principles.

Sub-Zero: I won't hold back, Brother.
Scorpion: Do your worst.

Sub-Zero: Your rebellion stings.
Scorpion: You expect less from Scorpion?

Sub-Zero: You could have ruled at my side.
Scorpion: Just the thought of it sickens me.

Sub-Zero: Release Cyrax and Sektor.
Scorpion: Not until they've faced justice.

Sub-Zero: What is the point of your new clan?
Scorpion: To fill the role the Lin Kuei abandoned.

Sub-Zero: You aren't as scared as you should be, sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: Why should I fear a second-rate cryomancer?

Sub-Zero: Your godly counterpart would have killed us all.
Shang Tsung: I never would have allowed that, Bi-Han.

Sub-Zero: If it is asylum you want, I won't grant it.
Shang Tsung: What makes you think that I need your protection?

Sub-Zero: Are you here with another offer?
Shang Tsung: One you'd be ill-advised to refuse.

Sub-Zero: You and Liu Kang are birds of a feather.
Sindel: Better to be part of his flock than yours.

Sub-Zero: I don't want your throne. Just part of Earthrealm.
Sindel: As if you would be able to steal either.

Sub-Zero: Would you sacrifice your daughters to save the throne?
Sindel: Is that idle chatter? Or a veiled threat?

Sub-Zero: You wield the power that I aspire to.
Sindel: Too bad you're unfit for it, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: You were never truly one of us.
Smoke: Were Father here, he would disagree.

Sub-Zero: I've gained the Lin Kuei's freedom.
Smoke: You've only earned them infamy.

Sub-Zero: Resist me, and there will be consequences.
Smoke: And to think I once idolized you.

Sub-Zero: Kuai Liang was to let Cyrax go.
Smoke: He did, but Cyrax chose to stay.

Sub-Zero: Your treachery does not surprise me
Smoke: It is you who betrayed us, Bi-Han.

Sub-Zero: What are you?
Sub-Zero: The ghost of kombat past.

Sub-Zero: How did you come to be?
Sub-Zero: Thank Shang Tsung's experiments.

Sub-Zero: We can't both exist.
Sub-Zero: We won't for much longer.

Sub-Zero: You are from another timeline?
Sub-Zero: And here to take your place.

Sub-Zero: *I* will command the Lin Kuei.
Sub-Zero: They will freeze you out, pretender.

Sub-Zero: I don't have a twin.
Sub-Zero: Our father was a man of many secrets.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei are trained from childhood.
Tanya: As are the Umgadi, Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: This is not a fight you should've sought.
Tanya: You remain a threat to the Empress.

Sub-Zero: No one in your order can defeat a Lin Kuei.
Tanya: A nescient boast which is easily disproven.

Sub-Zero: Mileena sends a bodyguard, not a warrior?
Tanya: Underestimate me at your peril, Sub-Zero.


Tanya: Can you be absolved without a deity's forgiveness?
Ashrah: I alone control my fate.

Tanya: The Order of Light should train with the Umgadi.
Ashrah: That would be an honor, Tanya.

Tanya: I want to hunt down Quan Chi as much as you do.
Ashrah: Then cast aside your reservations and join me.

Tanya: There's more on your mind than kombat, Ashrah.
Ashrah: I envy what you have with Mileena. I wish to have it with Syzoth.

Tanya: By aiding you, Empress Mileena risks much.
Baraka: She will be well rewarded.

Tanya: You're the Baraka who was the Daybreak's tribune?
Baraka: Hard to believe, isn't it?

Tanya: Your presence around the Empress concerns me.
Baraka: Why? She already has my disease.

Tanya: How long has Tarkat had hold of you?
Baraka: I've lost track of the years.

Tanya: Your name and reputation are in tatters.
General Shao: Only among the ignorant, Umgadi.

Tanya: Attack again, and you'll lose again.
General Shao: Not this time. I've tamed Onaga.

Tanya: You're not the savior you think.
General Shao: When I hold the throne, you won't be so insolent.

Tanya: You're as evil as the despots of antiquity.
General Shao: How dare you compare me to those dark kahns!

Tanya: Liu Kang says I'm different in this timeline. How?
Geras: I can reveal no more than he has, Tanya.

Tanya: How will I fare as Matron Superior?
Geras: As well as your gifts allow.

Tanya: Why did Titan Shang Tsung name his alter ego Damashi?
Geras: Damashi was the greatest deceiver in history.

Tanya: Those versions of me I fought on the pyramid --
Geras: Are the vile constructs of other Titans.

Tanya: The 'revolution' you sell is false goods.
Havik: Then why do tens of thousands want it?

Tanya: What you did to Seido is beyond madness!
Havik: Destroying the regime was the only sane choice.

Tanya: You'll never infiltrate the palace.
Havik: To kill the Empress, I don’t have to.

Tanya: Of all the cruel, heartless people --
Havik: Only to my enemies, Umgadi.

Tanya: Umgadi are sworn to piety and chastity.
Johnny Cage: Now where's Li Mei? Because that's a crime.

Tanya: Why must you be so… male.
Johnny Cage: Just working with the gifts Liu Kang gave me.

Tanya: Is there a point of this fight, Cage?
Johnny Cage: What?! It's an audition! Oh my god! I'm gonna kill my assistant.

Tanya: I've encountered few men like you.
Johnny Cage: It's called perfection, sweetheart.

Tanya: If I'd known your past, I'd not have let --
Kenshi: The Empress is safe, Tanya. I'm no longer a criminal.

Tanya: Your thoughts on the First Constable?
Kenshi: I've never met a finer, fairer officer.

Tanya: Shall I blindfold myself to make it even?
Kenshi: Why give yourself another disadvantage?

Tanya: We only have a few minutes to fight.
Kenshi: That should be plenty of time.

Tanya: New plots are being hatched against the Empress.
Kitana: We will face them together, Tanya.

Tanya: Shao's brother has been quiet since the coup failed.
Kitana: Be wary of him, Tanya. Until we know more.

Tanya: Your victory over Shao is all the palace talks about
Kitana: I hope my sister isn't feeling overshadowed.

Tanya: Workers are striking at the blue kobalt mines.
Kitana: Care to wager whether this is Quan Chi's doing?

Tanya: Where Raiden succeeded, you would've failed.
Kung Lao: I could have won the tournament just as easily.

Tanya: No Earthrealm woman can fight like an Umgadi.
Kung Lao: Madam Bo. Raiden's Sister. And those are just the women I know.

Tanya: You are too proud for your own good.
Kung Lao: I am as proud as I should be. No more, no less.

Tanya: I don't need your help to defend the Empress.
Kung Lao: If Reiko revives Onaga, you will need more than just mine.

Tanya: The Matrons did you a grave injustice.
Li Mei: May their ouster end the Umgadi's corruption.

Tanya: You won't help me with the postulants?
Li Mei: There are still Umgadi who won't welcome me.

Tanya: Let’s see if you still fight like an Umgadi.
Li Mei: My edge hasn't dulled, Tanya.

Tanya: Does the constabulary need help with Shao? I could --
Li Mei: Worry only about the Umgadi, Tanya.

Tanya: I worship Delia and Argus, not you.
Liu Kang: Nor would I have it otherwise.

Tanya: You could tell me who murdered the Emperor.
Liu Kang: To do so would disrupt the proper flow of history.

Tanya: You'll continue to look out for the Empress, yes?
Liu Kang: Whatever it takes to keep the realms at peace.

Tanya: Was I drastically different in past timelines?
Liu Kang: One could say that, Tanya.

Tanya: I am doing this for the greater good.
Mileena: I am the greatest good you'll ever have!

Tanya: Can you trust what remains of the army?
Mileena: Now that Kitana commands them, yes.

Tanya: I despise seeing you like this.
Mileena: You and me both.

Tanya: I don't think kombat will cure you.
Mileena: Dearest Tanya, we must try.

Tanya: In health and in sickness, I am with you.
Mileena: I could ask for nothing more.

Tanya: The Shokan delegation has arrived early.
Mileena: King Gorbak can wait 'til we're through.

Tanya: By aiding Shao, you've made Mileena an enemy.
Nitara: She doesn't scare me, Umgadi.

Tanya: Umgadi are drilled in the Vaeternian martial arts.
Nitara: Those lessons won't help today.

Tanya: I hope you've made peace with your god.
Nitara: The blood spilled today won't be mine.

Tanya: To get to the Empress, you have to go through me.
Nitara: A task I'll enjoy.

Tanya: I'm not afraid to die for Outworld.
Omni-Man: You sure? Your heart just skipped a beat.

Tanya: Men like you think they can take whatever they want.
Omni-Man: I can, I will, and none of you can stop me.

Tanya: You desecrate all that is holy.
Quan Chi: Save your pious pronouncements for someone who cares.

Tanya: By Argus's power, by Delia's might --
Quan Chi: I will blacken your soul, 'til it's dark as night.

Tanya: Your evil knows no bounds.
Quan Chi: Nor should it, Tanya.

Tanya: The Matrons agree that you must die.
Quan Chi: Am I supposed to feel threatened?

Tanya: Be glad Umgadi don't fight in the tournament.
Raiden: Care to show me what I missed?

Tanya: Why are there no women among your champions?
Raiden: An excellent question, Tanya.

Tanya: I'm surprised Lord Liu Kang doesn't have bodyguards.
Raiden: Why would Earthrealm's Protector need protectors?

Tanya: One Shaolin down, one to go.
Raiden: What did you hurt worse? Kung Lao's body or his ego.

Tanya: I heard what you did to Seido's capital.
Rain: It's a mistake I can never correct.

Tanya: I can't protect you from Mileena's justice.
Rain: Have I once asked you to do so?

Tanya: Empress Sindel loved you like a son.
Rain: Then she should have trusted my instincts.

Tanya: Returning to Outworld means certain death.
Rain: The Empress will show me no mercy?

Tanya: You chose Shao over the Empress!
Reiko: His vision for Outworld is superior.

Tanya: You swore an oath to protect the Empress.
Reiko: I swore an oath to protect Outworld.

Tanya: It seems to me that you actually like killing.
Reiko: Why shouldn't I? I do it well.

Tanya: There's still time to make amends.
Reiko: Why would I want to?

Tanya: An emissary may be asked to fight.
Reptile: If that’s the Empress’s message, I’ll deliver it.

Tanya: Impress me, Syzoth.
Reptile: You asked for it, Tanya.

Tanya: I'll teach you how to defeat Kytinn.
Reptile: Quickly. They invade Zikandur.

Tanya: Will you fight in reptilian form?
Reptile: If necessary to win.

Tanya: Liu Kang says we can trust you.
Scorpion: As long as Outworld's goals don't conflict with Earthrealm's.

Tanya: I propose a tournament: Shirai Ryu versus Umgadi.
Scorpion: It would be an excellent test of skill.

Tanya: Should the Umgadi be worried about your brother?
Scorpion: Your order must remain vigilant.

Tanya: Your bride is no stranger to Outworld, Scorpion.
Scorpion: You know of Harumi?

Tanya: I will gladly trade my life for Mileena's.
Shang Tsung: But would she do the same for you?

Tanya: You are no longer welcome in the royal house.
Shang Tsung: Nor do I wish to be.

Tanya: Had I discovered the truth about you earlier --
Shang Tsung: You would be dead.

Tanya: Delia and Argus will guide me to victory.
Shang Tsung: Only the weak put their faith in gods.

Tanya: The bond I share with your daughter --
Sindel: Is forbidden to an Umgadi!

Tanya: I'm not in any way compromised, Empress.
Sindel: If forced to choose, would you save Mileena or me?

Tanya: I worry your daughter's symptoms are worsening.
Sindel: Her safety, not her health, is your concern.

Tanya: Would I ever bring shame upon the royal house, Empress?
Sindel: You do when you forget your place in it.

Tanya: You've never faced an Umgadi, have you?
Smoke: Why? Do I look nervous?

Tanya: You Shirai Ryu seem like competent fighters.
Smoke: We are *more* than competent, Tanya.

Tanya: As the Empress's personal guardian, I must ask you to leave.
Smoke: I can't until I see her.

Tanya: Your mother and sister, they were hunters like you?
Smoke: Until the day they died.

Tanya: Like Shao, you've disgraced your family.
Sub-Zero: I beg to differ.

Tanya: I almost lost Mileena because of you.
Sub-Zero: Mileena? Shouldn't you call her Empress?

Tanya: On behalf of the Empress, I bring you pain.
Sub-Zero: Highly doubtful, Umgadi.

Tanya: A man who can kill his own kin is--
Sub-Zero: Is one who deserves to wield power.

Tanya: Who is this Shinnok you worship?
Tanya: The Prince of Darkness and Lord of the Netherrealm.

Tanya: You can summon dragons?
Tanya: A power I gained by defeating Blaze.

Tanya: I don't want to fight my reflection.
Tanya: You don't have a choice.

Tanya: I fear the worst from this encounter.
Tanya: As you should, Tanya.

Tanya: Whom do your Umgadi protect?
Tanya: Emperor Bo' Rai Cho sits on the throne.

Tanya: Your Mileena is a hybrid?!
Tanya: Created to please Emperor Shao Kahn.

Cassie Cage

Nitara: "You're as obnoxious as your father."
Cassie Cage: "Hells yeah I am!"

Cassie Cage: "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's --"
Nitara: "Time for you to be silent."

Cassie Cage: "Lights out, Nitara. Earthrealm's closed."
Nitara: "Not until I feed."

Nitara: "Please. It's only a bite."
Cassie Cage: "You aren't the one I want nibbling on me.


General Shao: Which of your souls fights me today?
Ermac: All.

Ermac: Among our souls are your forebearers.
Scorpion: What?! That cannot be possible!

Ashrah: Your souls must be returned to the Living Forest.
Ermac: An outcome the Collection does not desire.

Reiko: You're exactly who the General needs.
Ermac: And allies he will never have.

Ermac: We are many --
Ermac: As are we.

Ermac: At the time of your passing, you could join us.
Mileena: I prefer to spend eternity in the Living Forest.

Rain: The competition among your minds must be fierce.
Ermac: At times it is mental kombat.

Ermac: Battling us will prove nothing.
Kung Lao: No, but defeating you will.

Ermac: Be gone, son of anarchy.
Havik: Afraid of a little chaos, Ermac?

Kitana: How can I trust anything birthed by Quan Chi?
Ermac: Because your ancestor's souls are within us.

Kung Lao: Having telekinesis does not make you invincible.
Ermac: But it guarantees victory against you.

Li Mei: How do your souls maintain order?
Ermac: By force of our collective will.

Liu Kang: Quan Chi's magic taints the souls within you.
Ermac: Can you end this debasement?

Ermac: Choose. Absorption or death.
Shang Tsung: Surely there is a third option.

Ermac: Cryomancy cannot defeat us.
Sub Zero: It already has once, Ermac.

Ermac: Do not presume victory, Earthrealmer.
Smoke: That is the last thing I'm doing.

Liu Kang: I hope one day to see Sindel and Jerrod restored.
Ermac: Do our other souls mean nothing to you?

Raiden: Which one of your souls is the oldest?
Ermac: Emperor Zhambul, the Magnificent.

Ermac: Empress Mileena is in your care now.
Tanya: By Delia, I pledge my life to her protection.

Quan Chi: Your souls war with each other. I can sense it.
Ermac: Even so, we are united against you.

Ermac: Fear us, Ashrah.
Ashrah: I fear none of Quan Chi's minions.

Ermac: Few are more formidable adversaries.
Liu Kang: Which is why tangling with a Fire God is unwise.

Rain: Can any of your souls control the elements?
Ermac: Fight us, and we shall see.

Kenshi: I would rather we remain allies.
Ermac: First prove worthy of our fellowship.

Ermac: Freeing Quan Chi ensured our survival.
Mileena: You should've come to me before setting him loose.

Sindel: The Living Forest's souls should not have been disturbed.
Ermac: Fret not. This form gives us new purpose.

Sindel: What happened to Jerrod?! Where is he?!
Ermac: He is safe within us.

Kitana: Father, are you still in there?
Ermac: He is. But he does not control us.

Scorpion: Quan Chi will not control you again?
Ermac: He may try, but he will not succeed.

Nitara: Quan Chi made you and he can break you.
Ermac: He now knows it would be fatal to try.

Ashrah: How did Jerrod lose control of you?
Ermac: He was overwhelmed by the Collection.

Geras: Stay on the right side of history.
Ermac: How are We to know what that is?

Ermac: How did Liu Kang not foresee our creation?
Geras: He did not anticipate Titan Shang Tsung's intrusion.

Ermac: If We die, Jerrod will be forever lost.
Sindel: He is already lost to me, construct.

Ermac: If our souls stood side-by-side, you would face thousands.
Johnny Cage: Zoinks! Talk about your one-man armies.

Geras: The magic which binds you is failing.
Ermac: If so, We have been deceived by Quan Chi.

Peacemaker: You are many? I am fucked.
Ermac: If that means "beaten", yes.

Rain: You would best forget you saw me.
Ermac: Impossible, Zeffeero.

Takeda: You mind if I fight just one soul at a time?
Ermac: Impossible.

Ermac: In life, We were greater warriors than you.
Reiko: Then kill me, if you can.

Smoke: To have that many minds in one body --
Ermac: Is a blessing and a curse.

Raiden: Keeping your souls together must tear you apart.
Ermac: It is a daily struggle to remain whole.

Ermac: It is not our choice to serve Shao.
Reiko: Which would be fine, if you had one.

Johnny Cage: Now if I had *you* as a bodyguard --
Ermac: It is your soul which should concern you.

Reiko: This fight will be unlike any other.
Ermac: It will also be your last.

Ermac: Jerrod wishes your soul to be at peace.
Sindel: It can't, knowing he's imprisoned within you.

Ermac: Kung Lao. Raiden's friend.
Kung Lao: More like Raiden's mentor.

Mileena: The strength of Quan Chi's magic --
Ermac: Made it possible for us to save Sindel.

Omni-Man: What are all those whispers I hear?
Ermac: Many are the souls screaming to fight you.

Nitara: You seem angry with me, Ermac.
Ermac: Many of us died in the Vaeternian Wars.

Ermac: Many of us saw the Great Kung Lao fight.
Kung Lao: What was it like?! I have to know!

Ermac: Millions of dead souls trail in your wake.
Omni-Man: Care to join them?

Reptile: Your many souls must give you strength.
Ermac: More than you can imagine.

Quan Chi: Submit to me, or I'll unmake you.
Ermac: Neither is possible any longer.

Ermac: No Zaterran souls live within us.
Reptile: Because our dead are barred from the Living Forest.

Ermac: No one soul has ever defeated us.
Takeda: That's not the story I hear, Ermac.

Sub Zero: You proved a worthless henchman.
Ermac: No one will vanquish us again.

Kitana: Did Quan Chi make you immortal?
Ermac: No. Our magic will one day fail.

Quan Chi: You are my creation. You'll obey my will!
Ermac: No. We will not.

Geras: If history is any guide, Quan Chi is not done with you.
Ermac: Nor We with him, Geras.

Ermac: We cannot survive, split in two.
Ermac: Nor can we survive as a single entity.

Ermac: Not all sins can be absolved.
Ashrah: If that is true, then I am doomed.

Ermac: Not one of our souls condones your rebellion.
General Shao: The views of the dead are irrelevant.

Ermac: Numbers give strength. Yet you fight alone.
Takeda: I don't like entaglements.

Ermac: Our souls will obliterate yours.
Ermac: Of that, there is no chance.

Rain: Quan Chi's magic is superb.
Ermac: On our own, we are more than he made us.

Ermac: One of our souls was a suitor for Madam Bo.
Kung Lao: How many secrets does that woman have?

Ermac: One soul cannot defeat many.
Shang Tsung: Mine can, Ermac.

Tanya: Emperor Jerrod knows who's responsible for his death?
Ermac: Only that it was not Li Mei.

Ermac: Our bad acts were compelled by Quan Chi.
Li Mei: Whether you bear blame has yet to be determined.

Sindel: The magic which made you must be undone.
Ermac: Our death will not be allowed.

Ermac: Our destiny is unclear.
Geras: In no other timeline has that been true.

Havik: I'll destroy you just to spite Quan Chi.
Ermac: Our fate is irrelevant to him.

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Ermac: Our kombat will frighten you further.

Ermac: Our many are greater than your one.
Geras: Are they, Ermac?

Li Mei: You're not above the law.
Ermac: Our souls are beyond your jurisdiction.

Ermac: Our souls will obliterate yours.
Ermac: Of that, there is no chance.

Ermac: Our standing in Outworld is unclear.
Reptile: Now you know how it feels to be Zaterran.

Ermac: Outworld souls cannot live in an Earthrealm blade.
Kenshi: They seem to be doing just fine.

Ermac: Quan Chi has made another?
Ermac: We improve on many of your flaws.

Ermac: Redeem your soul. Join the Collection.
Rain: I'll share mine with no one, construct.

Sindel: The soul of Asizi the First is within you?
Ermac: She graces us with her telekinetic power.

Ermac: Sindel and Jerrod regret elevating you.
Rain: Do they want my apology or my life?

Ermac: Sindel and Jerrod seek revenge against you.
General Shao: Not them, or any soul within you, will harm me.

Ermac: Sindel and Jerrod thank you for your service.
Scorpion: No need. I was doing my duty.

Ermac: Sindel apologizes for her treatment of your kind.
Baraka: It took death for her to comprehend her error?

Ermac: Sindel's soul wants vengeance.
Nitara: I'm not the one who killed her!

Ermac: Some in the collection were your enemies in life.
Shang Tsung: I am entirely unsurprised.

Ermac: Souls within us fought Onaga. Freeing him is folly.
Reiko: The General believes otherwise.

Homelander: If all you've got is telekinesis --
Ermac: That is just one of our powers.

Omni-Man: I'll rip you apart one soul at a time.
Ermac: That would be very painful…for you.

Quan Chi: You've no purpose other than what I give you.
Ermac: The Collection disagrees.

Ermac: The Collection does not need your soul.
Takeda: Good. Because it can't have it.

Ermac: The Collection unites against you.
Homelander: Oooooh… I'm so scared.

Nitara: From now on, you'll serve Vaeternus.
Ermac: The Collection will not be subjugated.

Ermac: Your souls will be absorbed.
Ermac: The Collection will not surrender.

Ermac: The Lin Kuei fight as one?
Sub Zero: With me as their heart and mind.

Liu Kang: You are free of Quan Chi and may choose your own path.
Ermac: The battle to decide it rages within us.

Ermac: The darkness within us must be purged.
Baraka: Don't subject me to it, Ermac.

Peacemaker: C'mon… That many souls, rubbing against each other inside you --
Ermac: The dead do not have carnal needs.

Ermac: The magic that binds us together --
Ermac: Will weaken without kombat.

Ermac: The performers' souls within us are unimpressed.
Johnny Cage: Only I could get bad reviews from the dead.

Ermac: The souls Sento stole must be returned.
Takeda: Like I have the power to change Kenshi's mind.

Ermac: The souls Sento took. Return them to us.
Kenshi: I'm sorry. They don't want to go back.

Ermac: The souls of your Umgadi sisters wish an audience.
Tanya: Scripture forbids my speaking with our dead.

Ermac: The souls within us clamor for clarity.
Geras: I cannot reveal their fate, Ermac.

Ermac: The spell which made us ravaged the Living Forest.
Quan Chi: Progress requires creative destruction.

Kenshi: I'd rather not repeat our first fight.
Ermac: Then why are you here?

Ermac: There are Umgadi secrets you have yet to discover.
Tanya: Are they hidden within you, Ermac?

Ermac: There are many within us who know you.
Liu Kang: Are they friends? Or foes?

Ermac: There are no Vaeternians in the Collection.
Nitara: If there were, they would dominate.

Reiko: Surely souls within you would follow Shao.
Ermac: There are none.

Kitana: Why can't you let my parents' souls lead?
Ermac: There are those within us who are viciously opposed.

Ermac: There is much Outworld history you do not know.
Raiden: Should I be worried?

Kung Lao: The Shaolin masters doubt that I can beat you.
Ermac: They are wise.

Shang Tsung: The Empress and Emperor live on as part of you?
Ermac: They battle for control of us as we speak.

Li Mei: I wish the Empress and Emperor could hear me.
Ermac: They can, but they cannot respond.

Johnny Cage: Jerrod! Sindel! Are you in there?!
Ermac: They do not speak for the Collection.

Tanya: What powers will you use against me?
Ermac: Those to which you are most vulnerable.

Ermac: Though built by your magic, we are not bound to it.
Quan Chi: How precious little you understand.

Baraka: Jerrod's and Sindel's souls are both inside you?
Ermac: Though neither of them rule us, Baraka.

Tanya: Have you any souls you wish to expel?
Ermac: To survive, we must remain whole.

Johnny Cage: Why'd you name yourselves "Ermac" anyway?
Ermac: To understand, learn Outworld history.

Ermac: Tragedy has touched your soul.
Smoke: Very perceptive, Ermac.

Sindel: As did my daughter, I'll rip Jerrod from your grasp.
Ermac: Try and you will destroy him.

Raiden: How long will you roam Outworld?
Ermac: Until We divine our new purpose.

Sub Zero: How many souls live inside you?
Ermac: We are as innumerable as the stars.

Liu Kang: Your power, if misused, could prove most dangerous.
Ermac: We are aware, Liu Kang.

Smoke: You have any idea how intimidating you are?
Ermac: We are aware.

Ashrah: As Quan Chi's creation, you must be destroyed.
Ermac: We are beyond your power, Ashrah.

Tanya: As you have royal souls, you are eligible for protection.
Ermac: We are capable of defending ourselves.

Ermac: We are many --
Ermac: As are we.

Ermac: We are many. You are --
Mileena: Outworld's empress. Kneel before me.

Ermac: We are many. You are one --
Homelander: And more than enough to bury you.

Ermac: We are many. You are one. --
Johnny Cage: Yeah, yeah. You'll destroy me. Whatever.

Baraka: When we last fought, you nearly killed me.
Ermac: We are no longer that being, Baraka.

General Shao: Such a mighty weapon gone to waste.
Ermac: We are no weapon. Nor are We a waste.

Ermac: We are not free as long as you live.
Quan Chi: Then it's too bad for you I plan to live forever.

Baraka: I've never met anyone like you.
Ermac: We are unique in the universe.

Reptile: You've changed since we first met.
Ermac: We believe for the better.

Mileena: You won't leave my sight. You have my parent's souls.
Ermac: We cannot obey you, Empress.

Ermac: We cannot return to the palace.
Kitana: But your help is needed against the sorcerers!

Ermac: We cannot survive, split in two.
Ermac: Nor can we survive as a single entity.

Smoke: Promise you won't rip my arms off?
Ermac: We cannot.

Shang Tsung: You are Quan Chi's finest work.
Ermac: We do not acknowledge him as our creator.

Takeda: All right, Takeda. You've got this.
Ermac: We do not agree.

Ermac: We do not thirst for kombat.
Reiko: That's too bad. Because I do.

Johnny Cage: He/Him? They/Them? What are your pronouns?
Ermac: We do not understand.

Scorpion: I would like my initiates to train against you.
Ermac: We do not wish to serve that purpose.

Ermac: We envy your clarity of purpose.
Raiden: You will find yours. Have faith.

Kung Lao: I want to fight your single strongest soul.
Ermac: We fight as one, or not at all.

Havik: Why do you care what happened to Seido?
Ermac: We have friends among the dead.

Scorpion: If you attack Earthrealm once more --
Ermac: We have no designs on your realm.

Ermac: We have the powers of all within us.
Scorpion: Then you are truly an enemy to be feared.

Reptile: The voices in your head must be crazy-making.
Ermac: We have them under control.

Ermac: Quan Chi has made another?
Ermac: We improve on many of your flaws.

Ermac: We need souls to bolster our strength.
Nitara: Mine's not available, Ermac.

Ashrah: You're still loyal to the sorcerer?
Ermac: We no longer obey Quan Chi's will.

Ermac: We no longer owe allegiance to Quan Chi.
Reptile: Then help me and Ashrah find him.

Ermac: We no longer serve any master.
Havik: Then join me against those who deny others the same freedom.

Smoke: Why have you been roaming Earthrealm?
Ermac: We owe you no explanation.

Ermac: We pose no further threat to Outworld.
Li Mei: I cannot gamble that you're lying.

Ermac: We saved you and you betrayed us.
Quan Chi: I can do with you what I please, construct.

Ermac: We sense your fear.
Peacemaker: Yeah, your whole death vibe is wigging me out.

Ermac: We shall not again disturb the royal peace.
Tanya: If you do, you will deal with me.

Reptile: I want to trust you, but it's hard.
Ermac: We will earn your loyalty.

Ermac: We will not appear in "Army of Souls".
Johnny Cage: You can't say no! I've got posters already.

Ermac: We wish to be left alone.
Li Mei: Not until you've answered my questions.

Ermac: We witnessed your first feats of magic.
Rain: If that impressed, you're about to be stunned.

Ermac: We worry our powers will kill you.
Baraka: Tarkatans are already dead, Ermac.

Ermac: We would not have the Empire undone.
Kitana: Then tell me what you know of Quan Chi.

Takeda: To know magic is real. That things like you exist…
Ermac: Welcome to the real world.

Sub Zero: I will break the magic that binds you.
Ermac: What Quan Chi has created, no one can destroy.

Ermac: What you ask, We cannot give.
Kitana: Then you doom the Living Forest to extinction.

Ermac: Where is Raiden, Earthrealmer?
Johnny Cage: Sorry, Ermac. You drew the real champ today.

Havik: You wouldn't exist if it weren't for me.
Ermac: Which earns you no loyalty, Havik.

Baraka: You wish to reside in the colony?
Ermac: While among you, we will not be disturbed.

Ermac: Why seek to capture us?
Nitara: The Coven's found a way for Vaeternians to feed on souls.

Ermac: The magic that binds us together --
Ermac: Will weaken without kombat.

General Shao: My victory in this fight will be glorious.
Ermac: Will you also find glory in defeat?

Ermac: Will you return to Quan Chi?
Ashrah: I will never serve him again.

Ermac: Withdraw, or you will join us.
Li Mei: You threaten Sun Do's First Constable?

Scorpion: Which of the powers you've absorbed is the greatest?
Ermac: Would you care to hear Sindel's scream?

Mileena: Must I kill you again to speak to my father?
Ermac: Yes.

Ermac: You are a buffoon, not a warrior.
Peacemaker: You wanna insult me? Fine. Just use words I understand.

Homelander: Many souls make light work.
Ermac: You are a fool to believe so.

Ermac: You are a malcontent murderer.
Havik: Not among souls who yearn to breathe free.

Ermac: You are first among the champions We have known.
Raiden: How can that be possible?

Kenshi: Without you, I wouldn't have unlocked Sento's power.
Ermac: You are glad We tried taking your life?

Kung Lao: You might be many, but I am "The One".
Ermac: You are not even Earthrealm's champion.

Reiko: Time to end the failed experiment.
Ermac: You are not that stout a warrior.

Ermac: You are one. We are many --
Kenshi: Wait. Doesn't that go the other way around?

Nitara: I presume Quan Chi sent you?
Ermac: You assume wrong.

Li Mei: I failed the Emperor once I won't again.
Ermac: You can do nothing to help him, Li Mei.

Ermac: You could join your husband within us.
Sindel: Not while I have an empire to govern.

Ermac: You did not plan our creation.
Liu Kang: No. But I find myself glad it happened.

Ermac: You do not decide which souls will lead us.
Liu Kang: I simply urge the Collection to consider my advice.

Mileena: How do I know you won't return to Quan Chi?
Ermac: You don't. You must trust us.

Ermac: You escaped our grasp.
Sub Zero: It was no match for my cold fury.

Ermac: You fight with the skill of many.
Raiden: I've learned from all who taught me.

Sub Zero: Surely you have a weakness.
Ermac: You have many. We have none.

Geras: Should darkness again consume you --
Ermac: You have our permission to finish us.

Ermac: You have shamed the souls of your ancestors.
General Shao: Which of my ungrateful kin are within you?

Ermac: You have two faces, yet one soul.
Reptile: Which is Zaterran, born and bred.

Kenshi: So many minds. So many voices.
Ermac: You hear our thoughts?

Ermac: You lack our combined experience.
Smoke: I'll just have to fight that much harder.

Johnny Cage: I am Johnny. You’re no fun.
Ermac: You mock us, Earthrealmer?

Ermac: You must trust us with your husband's soul.
Sindel: How?! You are born of the darkest magic.

General Shao: You'll take me to Quan Chi.
Ermac: You presume We know his whereabouts.

Ermac: You put all of Outworld at risk.
Rain: Because I was deceived as to whom I served.

Ermac: You were there when We were birthed.
Baraka: I'm still amazed I survived it.

Havik: Your souls scream to be set free.
Ermac: You will not be their liberator.

Shang Tsung: I have begun dabbling in the magic of souls.
Ermac: You will not experiment on ours.

Ermac: Your Collection cannot best ours.
Kenshi: Give it a try, Ermac.

Ermac: Your body is strong but your soul is weak.
Omni-Man: Souls don't win fights, fists do.

Ermac: Your continued existence threatens Outworld.
Shang Tsung: Sindel and Jerrod have taken control, eh?

Ermac: Your courage is to be commended.
Smoke: The Shirai Ryu never back down.

Ermac: Your life's miseries do not justify your actions.
Havik: How could so many souls be so totally ignorant?

Raiden: The monks didn't prepare me for this.
Ermac: Your odds of success look grim.

Ermac: Your parents wish you nothing but peace.
Mileena: They can tell me that themselves, Ermac.

Ermac: Your path to Quan Chi goes through the Netherrealm.
Kitana: I'll do whatever it takes to catch him.

Ermac: Your soul is in flux.
Ashrah: It grows more sanctified every day.

Ermac: Your soul will be absorbed and punished.
General Shao: Not on your lives, Ermac.

Ermac: Your soul will serve us well.
Sub Zero: Only if you can steal it.

Ermac: Your souls will be absorbed.
Ermac: The Collection will not surrender.

Ermac: Yours is a tortured soul.
Scorpion: Thanks solely to my brother.

Shang Tsung: That so many souls live within you is extraordinary.
Ermac: Yours will soon be among them.


Homelander: You and me, we're different. We're better.
Homelander: *I'm* better. You still cry like a baby for love and approval.

Homelander: A razor hat?! That's fucking stupid!
Kung Lao: Is it? Let us find out.

Homelander: A sorcerer can't stop me.
Shang Tsung: Others may have failed, but I will not.

Rain: My magic is superior to your "powers".
Homelander: Abracadabra! Poof. You're dead.

Homelander: After you, I'm wasting your entire army.
General Shao: A fantasy you'll never make real.

Ermac: We are many. You are one --
Homelander: And more than enough to bury you.

Smoke: The cape, the powers: it's like you stepped out of a comic.
Homelander: And you look like you should've fucking staying hidden.

Quan Chi: When I control your mind, I will control your powers.
Homelander: And you'll do that how, once I've squashed yours?

Homelander: Another useless fucking blind guy?!
Kenshi: Useless? I don’t' think so.

Geras: Your partners are called The Seven?
Homelander: Anyone of those sidekicks could kill you. And they're not very good.

Homelander: Apparently, you want to die today.
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Homelander: Are you nuts?! You can't take me.
Peacemaker: Just watch me, motherfucker.

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Homelander: Because if you don't, I'll fry your brain.

Liu Kang: You have chosen war with a god.
Homelander: Bring it, Liu Kang.

Homelander: Demons aren't a thing back home.
Ashrah: Are you sure? I am looking at one right now.

Johnny Cage: Hold up. You do movies, too?
Homelander: Do you want my autograph?

Homelander: Don't be an idiot. Your sword can't cut me.
Kenshi: There is much more to Sento than its edge.

Homelander: Either spill your guts, or I'll spill them for you.
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Homelander: Face it. I'm too fast and too strong.
Quan Chi: Magic will level the playing field.

Li Mei: You're not a hero, you're a fraud.
Homelander: Flap, flap, flap goes that little mouth of yours.

Raiden: You may frighten others, but you won't me.
Homelander: For a guy who slings lightning, you're not that bright.

Ashrah: Repent your evil or be slain by my kriss.
Homelander: Fuck off. I'm the one who gives ultimatums.

Homelander: Fur-lined bikini briefs? It's a choice.
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Homelander: Goddamn it, you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Smoke: And a skilled kombatant.

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Homelander: Good luck with that.

Homelander: Got a problem with the stars and stripes?
Peacemaker: No, with assholes who wrap themselves in the flag.

Johnny Cage: He's a bird, he's a plane --
Homelander: He's about to burst you wide open, you asshole.

Homelander: Here to die like your cousin did?
Takeda: To avenge him, Homelander.

Baraka: I can smell the false victimhood from here.
Homelander: Hey. You've no idea what it's like to be me.

Homelander: How many of you Shirai Ryu are there?
Takeda: You're mistaken, thinking I'm one of them.

General Shao: I'll string you up with your cape!
Homelander: How will you do that once I've crushed your hands?

Homelander: Hug your kid, 'cause you never know what might--
Omni-Man: You're fucking with the wrong father.

Mileena: First Omni-Man, now you?! I am done with caped villains.
Homelander: I am *not* a villain!

Li Mei: You should be fighting for truth and justice --
Homelander: I am justice and I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Homelander: I am not like the rest of you.
Rain: Thank Argus for that.

Homelander: I can crush you like a grape. You know that, right?
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Havik: You won't stand in the way of Seido's freedom.
Homelander: I don't even know what the hell Seido is.

Kenshi: I don't need sight to see your flaws.
Homelander: I don't have *any* flaws. I am perfection.

Geras: Your coming here was a mistake.
Homelander: I don't make mistakes.

Homelander: I don't need anyone.
Homelander: You need me, tiger, to beat the weakness out of you.

Rain: You're no hero. You're a tyrant!
Homelander: I prefer vengeful god.

Peacemaker: Aquaman? The Deep? What's with all the fish fuckers?!
Homelander: I really have no idea.

Peacemaker: You don't want peace, you want power!
Homelander: I want a piece. A piece of fucking you.

Homelander: I was born with powers. That's no crime.
Li Mei: It was for those who polluted your body.

General Shao: Aid my cause, and earn a place by my side.
Homelander: I work for no one.

Shang Tsung: I won't have you looking down at me.
Homelander: I'd prefer to look down on your corpse.

Smoke: Consider the Shirai Ryu your arch enemies.
Homelander: I'm considering making you extinct.

Homelander: I'm done being persecuted for my strength.
Geras: Your strength is not why you are loathed.

Homelander: I'm faster, I'm smarter, and I'm --
Sindel: Too pompous to let live.

Homelander: I'm going to burst you wide open.
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Homelander: I'm going to enjoy every moment of tearing you apart.
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Omni-Man: You're used to scaring people. Not me.
Homelander: I'm gonna laser your damned brains out, Grandpa.

Omni-Man: Playtime's over, you spoiled brat.
Homelander: I'm the Homelander. I deserve respect!

Homelander: I'm the world's greatest superhero.
Geras: A cape does not a hero make.

Scorpion: You have no honor. No soul.
Homelander: I've got no patience for being lectured.

Homelander: I've got no problem with bad-ass women.
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Homelander: If I want Outworld's throne, I'm taking it.
Tanya: You will never get past the Umgadi.

Sindel: If you so much as lift a finger against Outworld --
Homelander: If I want it, it's mine.

Homelander: If all you've got is telekinesis --
Ermac: That is just one of our powers.

Homelander: In a few seconds, you'll be a meat puddle.
Johnny Cage: Meat Puddle?! That was my punk band in college!

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Homelander: It might as well be cellophane.

Homelander: It won't be two seconds before you beg for mercy.
Shang Tsung: I don't ever beg, Homelander.

Kung Lao: You should've brought your whole super team.
Homelander: It won't take The Seven to beat your sorry ass.

Homelander: It'd be a shame if something happened to your wife.
Scorpion: And a fatal error for the one who would do it.

Kenshi: We'll see how you stack up against Sento.
Homelander: It'll take a nanosecond to break it in half.

Reiko: This battle only ends when you die.
Homelander: It's gonna end a lot sooner than that.

Homelander: It's okay. Most women have superhero fantasies.
Kitana: Not this one, Homelander.

Kitana: You are the most insecure, most selfish --
Homelander: Just shut up! You're worse than Starlight.

Homelander: Let's see this reptile hiding inside you. C'mon, impress me.
Reptile: As you wish.

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Homelander: Like I'd give any help to those bloodsuckers.

Reiko: You aren't prepared for the war you started.
Homelander: Like I'm gonna scared of some bargain bin bad guy.

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Homelander: Magic? That's one way to look at it.

Sub Zero: You would be wise to return home.
Homelander: Make me.

Homelander: Many souls make light work.
Ermac: You are a fool to believe so.

Sindel: Your arrogance knows no limits.
Homelander: Neither do my powers.

Homelander: Nice ink. It mean anything?
Quan Chi: A sorcerer never tells.

Homelander: No one you've fought has prepared you for me.
Reiko: I've tamed Onaga. Taming you will be child's pay.

Sub Zero: Everyone has a freezing point.
Homelander: No one's ever found mine.

Homelander: No powers, no tech, no chance.
Mileena: I will make you eat your words!

Tanya: How you draw people in -- It is a cult.
Homelander: No, it's faith. And I'm their god.

Johnny Cage: Having powers doesn't make you a megastar.
Homelander: No, they make me a god.

Ermac: The Collection unites against you.
Homelander: Oooooh… I'm so scared.

Reptile: People will hate you, once they see the real you.
Homelander: People love the real me. Get on board or die.

Takeda: I get the sense you don't hear "no" often.
Homelander: People who know me, know better.

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Homelander: People who try to psychoanlyaze me typically end up in pieces.

Mileena: Your heroic mask hides a monster.
Homelander: Pot, kettle Empress.

Baraka: The colony doesn't want your protection.
Homelander: Protection? I'm here to burn it to the ground.

Homelander: You've finally become who you're meant to be.
Homelander: Pure. Clean. Like marble.

Ashrah: You are not yet beyond redemption.
Homelander: Redemption is for people with regrets.

Liu Kang: If you were not so evil, I would pity you.
Homelander: Screw your pity. You owe me respect.

Homelander: Shapeshifting isn't gonna save your life.
Reptile: It need only buy me enough time to finish yours.

Homelander: So how'd you lose half your face?
Havik: The same way you're about to lose yours.

Homelander: That you think you'll survive this is --
Kung Lao: Admirable? Of course it is.

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Homelander: That your god? How 'bout I kill him, too.

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Homelander: That's too bad. You might have lived longer.

Takeda: I'm not taking your orders, Homelander.
Homelander: That's unfortunate… For you.

Homelander: There are no gods. The only man in the sky is me!
Raiden: Liu Kang would beg to differ.

Tanya: The Umgadi don't worship false gods.
Homelander: There is *nothing* false about me.

Homelander: There's no good, no evil. Just power.
Ashrah: Perhaps in your world. But not mine.

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Homelander: They come at me, they're dead.

Homelander: This is moronic. I'll kill you in seconds.
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Homelander: Too bad you won't live to see it.

Reptile: I warn you. Keep away from the Zaterrans.
Homelander: Too late. You're the last one alive.

Homelander: What if Vought's right. What if I am just talent?
Homelander: What do you care what a bunch of mud people think?

Homelander: What if Vought's right. What if I am just talent?
Homelander: What do you care what a bunch of mud people think?

Homelander: What makes you think you can kill me?
Rain: Your body is ninety-five percent water.

Homelander: What part of "I'm invulnerable" don't you get?
Sub Zero: Everyone has a weakness.

Homelander: What's with the fire tricks? You know that won't hurt me.
Liu Kang: It is not mere fire. It is godly wrath.

Homelander: Whoever you are, you've just declared war.
General Shao: And I intend to relish every minute of it.

Homelander: Why can't you shut up. Black Noir doesn't talk.
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Homelander: Why you people think you can resist me --
Kitana: If we can foil Titans, we can foil you.

Kitana: Your contempt for everyday beings is disgraceful.
Homelander: Why? They're nothing. Water ballons filled with blood and meat.

Scorpion: No one of consequence will follow you.
Homelander: Won't they? I can be very persuasive.

Havik: I am going to liberate your innards from you.
Homelander: Wow. That was poetically bleak.

Shang Tsung: When I unlock the secret of your powers --
Homelander: Yeah. Not happening.

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Homelander: Yes it can. I'm the Homelander.

Quan Chi: There is no reason we couldn't be partners.
Homelander: Yes there is. You don't qualify.

Homelander: You and me, we're different. We're better.
Homelander: *I'm* better. You still cry like a baby for love and approval.

Homelander: You are dark and I kind of like it.
Omni-Man: Well, you're a cocky prick and I loathe you.

Homelander: You are disgusting.
Baraka: Better to have my sick body than your sick mind.

Raiden: The good you could do with your powers --
Homelander: You don't get to judge me, you backwater hick.

Homelander: You don't like me much, do you.
Li Mei: A despot who wields superpowers? It's a recipe for injustice.

Homelander: You have any idea how many soldiers I've killed?
Reiko: I know you won't be killing any others.

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Homelander: You have no idea.

Homelander: You know this is suicide, right?
Sindel: Yours? Yes.

Homelander: You look like a rip off of this guy in the Seven.
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Homelander: I don't need anyone.
Homelander: You need me, tiger, to beat the weakness out of you.

Homelander: You need me. You need me to save you.
Mileena: I would you never entrust you with Outworld's safety.

Homelander: You picked a stupid way to die.
Johnny Cage: As long as I take you with me.

Homelander: You should be in awe of me.
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Homelander: You should thank your gods I am what I am!
Tanya: Delia and Argus would think you an abomination.

Homelander: You think a little smoke worries me?
Smoke: It might not, but it should.

Homelander: You want me to give up my powers?!
Liu Kang: Yes. Before they corrupt you absolutely.

Homelander: You won't win this fight.
Havik: I don't have to. Your soul already drowns in chaos.

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Homelander: You're dark. I kinda like it.

Kung Lao: You're dead wrong to think I'll quit.
Homelander: You're just dead.

Homelander: You're not afraid. Why?
Sub Zero: Because I am Lin Kuei.

Homelander: You're not the hero of this story.
Raiden: And you are?

Homelander: You're scared. I can hear your heart racing.
Baraka: That's not fear. That's my illness.

Homelander: You've finally become who you're meant to be.
Homelander: Pure. Clean. Like marble.

Homelander: Your choice: death or obedience.
Scorpion: Neither.


Nitara: You're called "The Assassin"?
Jade: For reasons you'll soon understand.

Nitara: Death is imminent.
Jade: That's so sad for you.

Jade: The slaughter will stop, Nitara.
Nitara: Only once I've had my fill.

Jade: Vaeternians are beneath contempt.
Nitara: You know nothing of us, Edenian.

Kung Jin

Kung Jin: Try to fly, and I'll shoot you down.
Nitara: Arrows don't make me quiver, Earthrealmer.

Nitara: More young blood for the Arch Elder.
Kung Jin: You won't get a drop, Nitara.


General Shao: You look at me strangely.
Peacemaker: 'Cause I clocked that epic six pack you're rocking.

Peacemaker: A vow of chastity? No way. I'd explode.
Tanya: Or you could just grow up.

Peacemaker: After this, we could go back to my place…
Tanya: How is it that you are worse than Cage?

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Peacemaker: Am I also gonna need a safe word?

Smoke: You fight for peace?
Peacemaker: And I'll kill anyone I have to, to get it.

Peacemaker: Aquaman? The Deep? What's with all the fish fuckers?!
Homelander: I really have no idea.

Peacemaker: Are you sure about this? I mean, you are a cripple.
Kenshi: Don't you *ever* call me that again.

Scorpion: I can't look past your lack of discipline.
Peacemaker: As if I give two shits about what you think.

Peacemaker: B.F.D. So you make shit cold.
Sub Zero: Not cold. Frozen.

Peacemaker: Back off, Cape! I pack Kryptonite bullets.
Omni-Man: Whatever "Kryptonite" is, it doesn’t scare me.

Kitana: For someone who loves peace, you fight excessively.
Peacemaker: Because peace is something you fight for.

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Peacemaker: Because, fuck man! You look just like my dad!

Shang Tsung: You are without refinement or culture.
Peacemaker: Better that than be an evil douche bag.

Rain: How will *you* bring peace to the realms?
Peacemaker: By any goddamned means necessary.

Peacemaker: C'mon, babe. Why fight when we can fu--
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Peacemaker: C'mon… That many souls, rubbing against each other inside you --
Ermac: The dead do not have carnal needs.

Peacemaker: Cage says I should call you Water Wielder.
Rain: Only if you wish to be drowned.

Kenshi: Now do you take me seriously?
Peacemaker: Consider the lesson learned.

Peacemaker: Damn.
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Sub Zero: Keep your nose out of my affairs.
Peacemaker: Dude I’m gonna blow sticky green snot all over them.

Peacemaker: Face it. This is happening.
Peacemaker: Or maybe you're a bong-induced hallucination.

Peacemaker: Fans are for dancing, not fighting.
Kitana: I've never heard a more dubious presumption.

Reiko: I'll crush you and your helmet.
Peacemaker: Fat chance, dickhead.

Peacemaker: Fists and feet are useless against guns.
Kung Lao: Clearly you have not fought a Shaolin.

Peacemaker: Fuck your armor. You're going down.
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Peacemaker: Fuck, this universe would be better off without you!
Quan Chi: I'm going nowhere, Peacemaker.

Peacemaker: Full disclosure, I don't believe in magic.
Shang Tsung: Magic doesn't care what you believe.

Peacemaker: Give me a week, and I'll have Sun Do pacified.
Li Mei: Stay out of my city, Peacemaker.

Kitana: You make Cage seem like a mature adult.
Peacemaker: Glad I could be of service.

Peacemaker: Glam metal is the best music ever. Prove me wrong.
Smoke: Whatever you say, old timer.

Scorpion: With what weapons are you proficient?
Peacemaker: Guns, knives, fuzzy dice. Pretty much anything.

Mileena: Cease your drivel, or I will cease it for you.
Peacemaker: Have I overly bent the royal ear?

Peacemaker: Heard about your botched power play, Flub-Zero.
Sub Zero: You dare to insult me?

Liu Kang: This is no time to smile.
Peacemaker: Hell yeah it is! "Fight a fire god" is coming off my bucket list.

Johnny Cage: The things I could do with your life story…
Peacemaker: How about we make it a streaming series?

Peacemaker: How did you get that fugly face?
Havik: "Fugly"? What does that mean?

Peacemaker: How do I know I can trust you?
Reptile: Zaterrans don't speak with forked tongues, human.

Sindel: I hear your father is a real charmer.
Peacemaker: How the hell you know about him?

Peacemaker: I bet that hair can be lots of fun.
Sindel: If you're flirting, you're failing.

Peacemaker: I bet you have a harem, don't you.
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Peacemaker: The helmet. Which one of us wears it better?
Peacemaker: I do, numb nuts.

Peacemaker: I hate it when hot girls are evil.
Nitara: I am *not* evil.

Peacemaker: I hate to do this. You seem like a nice kid.
Raiden: What makes you think you'll get the better of me?

Peacemaker: I need a helmet that rocks lightning like your amulet.
Raiden: Aren't you worried that would fry your brain?

Baraka: I deserve respect, not scorn.
Peacemaker: I respect you. I just can't look at you.

Peacemaker: I thought home was messed up. But this place?
Liu Kang: Do not judge, lest ye be judged.

Peacemaker: I told you, I want peace.
General Shao: And you'll have it: when you're dead.

Peacemaker: I would've given my right arm to be raised by badass ninjas.
Scorpion: The Lin Kuei are not ninjas.

Peacemaker: I'll take my helmet over your hat any day.
Kung Lao: Then you *are* as dumb as you look.

Peacemaker: I'm gonna do this place a favor and kill your ass.
Havik: Good luck.

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Peacemaker: I'm hoping to turn you the fuck on.

Geras: You interfere with the timeline's progression.
Peacemaker: I'm just trying to bring it peace.

Li Mei: Kill anyone in Sun Do and you'll be tried and convicted.
Peacemaker: I'm only trying to help you.

Peacemaker: I've had shits take more effort than beating you will.
Quan Chi: I will so enjoy killing you.

Peacemaker: I've never crossed paths with a movie star.
Johnny Cage: I think you mean mega-star.

Peacemaker: I've never locked horns with a demon.
Ashrah: Then there's no way you win this fight.

Sindel: Your manners are reprehensible.
Peacemaker: If I got a buck every time I've heard that…

Peacemaker: If you pumped more iron, you'd lose that puffy middle.
Peacemaker: Puffy middle? Get the fuck outta here.

Quan Chi: Of all the idiotic, moronic fools --
Peacemaker: Is that what you're armed with? A dictionary?

Kung Lao: The Peacemaker? What a joke.
Peacemaker: It won't be once I shove that hat up your ass.

Tanya: Being an ally isn't what you think.
Peacemaker: It's not enough I love girl-on-girl?

Peacemaker: I’ve never met a dude who rocks whip swords.
Takeda: Or me a guy with a weaponized helmet.

Liu Kang: Do you have any powers?
Peacemaker: Just an extremely high tolerance for pain.

Homelander: Are you nuts?! You can't take me.
Peacemaker: Just watch me, motherfucker.

Havik: Only anarchy leads to peace.
Peacemaker: Just what the hell are you smoking, chief?

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Peacemaker: Let's trade! I'd look badass holding a broadsword!

Error - Dialog Not Found
Peacemaker: Like I'd give you the pleasure, fucknut.

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Peacemaker: Mostly that you're a bad-ass bitch.

Kung Lao: People like that I am brash and bold.
Peacemaker: My abs have more swagger than you do.

General Shao: I am Outworld's savior.
Peacemaker: Nah, dude. You're just a dick.

Shang Tsung: You reek of incompetence.
Peacemaker: Nah, that's just the cologne.

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Peacemaker: No way. My dad made shit, too.

Peacemaker: On my world, Aquaman's a total poser.
Peacemaker: No way. So is mine!

Homelander: Got a problem with the stars and stripes?
Peacemaker: No, with assholes who wrap themselves in the flag.

Quan Chi: You wish to fight me?
Peacemaker: Not fight. Beat senseless.

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Peacemaker: Not if all you've got is a knife.

Peacemaker: Now that would be fun.
Kitana: What would be fun, Earthealmer?

Peacemaker: Now that's a face only a mother could love.
Baraka: Are you trying to get yourself killed?

Nitara: You make me hungry.
Peacemaker: Of course I do, sweet cheeks.

Peacemaker: Okay. Clearly, I'm not working out enough.
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Peacemaker: On my world, Aquaman's a total poser.
Peacemaker: No way. So is mine!

Omni-Man: I will cram that stupid helmet so far up your ass --
Peacemaker: One, this helmet rocks. Two, it won't fit!

Omni-Man: Aw, shit. Did Cecil send you after me?
Peacemaker: Only if "Cecil" is code for Amanda Waller.

Peacemaker: Face it. This is happening.
Peacemaker: Or maybe you're a bong-induced hallucination.

Peacemaker: Other dudes from my universe have been here?
Error - Dialog Not Found

Peacemaker: If you pumped more iron, you'd lose that puffy middle.
Peacemaker: Puffy middle? Get the fuck outta here.

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Peacemaker: Right there with you, Muscles.

Raiden: The Shaolin won't consider your application.
Peacemaker: Screw 'em then. It's their loss.

Peacemaker: Seriously. You want to eat me?
Nitara: Idiot.

Smoke: So if I say "activate human torp" --
Peacemaker: Shut up, Smoke!

Peacemaker: So did Liu Kang create my universe?
Geras: Its origin remains a mystery.

Peacemaker: So lizards *are* hiding among us!
Reptile: That's a myth, born of fear.

Johnny Cage: That helmet makes you look like a silver tipped --
Peacemaker: Superhero? Thank you.

Peacemaker: Takahashi? You related to that Kenshi guy?
Takeda: Are you blind? Can't you see the resemblance?

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Peacemaker: That ain't the kinda peace I'm fighting for.

Sub Zero: I won't bother to seek your friendship.
Peacemaker: That's better than pissing away my time.

Peacemaker: The helmet. Which one of us wears it better?
Peacemaker: I do, numb nuts.

Peacemaker: There's no me in this universe? That's all kinds of bullshit.
Geras: There is very little resemblance between yours and ours.

Tanya: You have a man's body, but a boy's mind.
Peacemaker: Think of me as youthfully exuberant.

Peacemaker: This cloak and dagger act is bullshit.
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Rain: Your "uniform" is ridiculous.
Peacemaker: This is what freedom looks like, asshole.

Peacemaker: Too late to save the day, ya dickhead.
Omni-Man: Who says I'm here to save anyone?

Peacemaker: Wanna end crime? Kill all the criminals.
Li Mei: How are you such a simpleton?

Reptile: You can't kill your way to peace.
Peacemaker: What am I supposed to do? Use harsh language?

Takeda: I'm not sure you know what peace is.
Peacemaker: What do you know about it, jackass?!

Peacemaker: What the fuck?! I can't fight a blind guy.
Kenshi: Worried you'll lose?

Peacemaker: What the hell's your story? Yikes.
Baraka: No one's told you about Tarkatans?

Peacemaker: What's wrong with the name "Eagley"?
Smoke: For a pet eagle? Are you serious?

Mileena: Outworld will survive without you help.
Peacemaker: Whatever, lady. It's your funeral.

Peacemaker: Why not become a bomb and blow me up?
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Reiko: How many different helmets do you have?
Peacemaker: Why the fuck would I tell you?

Kenshi: Has anyone tried getting you home?
Peacemaker: Why would I go back? I freaking love it here!

Baraka: You couldn't live a day in my shoes.
Peacemaker: Why would I want to?

Peacemaker: Y'know I'm armed to the teeth.
Reiko: Not that it will matter.

Peacemaker: Y'know my usual m.o. is to kill gangsters.
Kenshi: Good thing I'm not one anymore.

Ashrah: You have a question, Peacemaker?
Peacemaker: Yeah I've *gotta* know. Do demons bump uglies?

Ermac: We sense your fear.
Peacemaker: Yeah, your whole death vibe is wigging me out.

Takeda: So you're a vigilante?
Peacemaker: Yeah. But not *the* Vigilante. Totally different guy.

Reptile: Zaterrans aren't a threat.
Peacemaker: Yes you are. You're lizard people!

Peacemaker: You Hollywood types are all soft and weak.
Johnny Cage: The bullshit on the internet is rotting your brain.

Peacemaker: You and that Baraka dude must be related.
Mileena: No, but we share the same affliction.

Peacemaker: You are many? I am fucked.
Ermac: If that means "beaten", yes.

Raiden: Your heart's in the right place, but --
Peacemaker: You can stick that lecture where the sun don't shine.

Ashrah: There are evil branches in your family tree.
Peacemaker: You can tell that from just looking at me?

Peacemaker: You can't take me, pipsqueak.
Shang Tsung: Pip-squeak?!

Li Mei: Vigilantes only breed lawlessness.
Peacemaker: You cops would be lost without us.

Peacemaker: You don't want peace, you want power!
Homelander: I want a piece. A piece of fucking you.

Peacemaker: You flooded a city?! That is some serious supervillain shit.
Rain: I will not be labeled by some helmeted halfwit!

Ermac: You are a buffoon, not a warrior.
Peacemaker: You wanna insult me? Fine. Just use words I understand.

Peacemaker: You want peace? I'm your man.
Sindel: I find that highly implausible.

Peacemaker: You wear a mask because you're butt-ugly?
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Peacemaker: You're a demon. How aren't you evil?
Ashrah: Because I am the sum of my choices.

Peacemaker: You're a pus-filled cyst on the ass of peace.
Reiko: What will it take for you to be silent?

Peacemaker: You're nuts if you think you scare me.
General Shao: Are all from your realm so self-deluded?

Peacemaker: You're the first bangable monster chick I've met.
Mileena: You think me a monster?!

Peacemaker: Your wife is smoking hot! I'd totally tap that.
Scorpion: Show some respect, Peacemaker.

Nitara: What are you staring at?
Peacemaker: Your wings. They're giving me the heebie jeebies.

Geras: Childhood trauma does not justify --
Peacemaker: Zip it. I'm not here for therapy.


Takeda: "A mask and a cloak don't scare me."
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Kung Lao: "You were right to decline Liu Kang's invitation."
Takeda: "Afraid I'd be a better champion than you?"

Havik: "You block my path?! This isn't your fight!"
Takeda: "After what you did to Kenshi, it is."

Ashrah: "There is so much anger inside you."
Takeda: "All of it justified, Ashrah."

Takeda: "All right, Takeda. You've got this."
Ermac: "We do not agree."

Liu Kang: "The straight path is a narrow one."
Takeda: "And I don't plan to stray from it."

Quan Chi: "If it is retribution you seek, I can help."
Takeda: "And make a deal with a devil? Forget it."

Kitana: "These Yakuza you fight. They are thieves? Killers?"
Takeda: "And much, much more."

Takeda: "Are the Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei really that different?"
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Takeda: "Are you as vile as Liu Kang says?"
Quan Chi: "Not from my perspective."

Peacemaker: "Takahashi? You related to that Kenshi guy?"
Takeda: "Are you blind? Can't you see the resemblance?"

Takeda: "Are you even up for this fight?"
Baraka: "I am ill, not debilitated."

Baraka: "It is not just the fangs. I have arm blades, too."
Takeda: "Arm blades?! What are arm blades?!"

Takeda: "Bar my entry, and I'll find another way in."
Sindel: "Outworld takes a dim view of trespassers."

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Takeda: "Because I spent time with the Shirai Ryu?! That's crazy!"

Raiden: "How could you turn down Liu Kang?"
Takeda: "Being one of his champions isn't for me."

Takeda: "Being with the Shirai Ryu changed me."
Kenshi: "As I hoped it would, Takeda."

Takeda: "Best films you've done in under five seconds. Go!"
Johnny Cage: "Iron Claw, Dragon Fist, Caged Rage. Ooh! Time Smashers!"

General Shao: "A fool and his life are soon parted."
Takeda: "Better take those words to heart, General."

Quan Chi: "Now begins your tale of unending woe."
Takeda: "Cage wasn't kidding. You *are* dramatic."

Li Mei: "You and Kenshi are --"
Takeda: "Cousins -- Distant Cousins."

Raiden: "The Yakuza are dangerous, yes. But --"
Takeda: "Don't bother to finish that sentence."

Takeda: "Don't think I'm a afraid of you."
Nitara: "No? I can smell your fear."

Takeda: "Every day people need to know about the realms."
Liu Kang: "And they will, at the appropriate time."

Takeda: "First Constable? That's a fun title."
Li Mei: "For a serious job, I assure you."

Ashrah: "Am I your first supernatural opponent?"
Takeda: "First? There will be more?"

Rain: "You will be drenched in raging waters."
Takeda: "Go ahead. It sounds refreshing."

Ermac: "The Collection does not need your soul."
Takeda: "Good. Because it can't have it."

Takeda: "Hanzo was asking after me?"
Scorpion: "You became his big brother, Takeda."

Baraka: "You hold Kenshi in low esteem."
Takeda: "Has he being saying that?! Because it isn't true."

Sindel: "Liu Kang serectly sends more warriors into Outworld?!"
Takeda: "He didn't give me this mission."

Sindel: "Youth and vigor won't win this fight.
Takeda: "How about skill and determination?"

Takeda: "How about using those wings to fly out of here?"
Nitara: "Only after I've bled you, Earthrealmer."

Omni-Man: "I'm out of your league. Stick to Earthrealm thugs."
Takeda: "How about you stick to your own galaxy?"

Takeda: "How am I fighting a god?!"
Liu Kang: "So far? Poorly."

Johnny Cage: "Let's say I pair you with an archer, a couple of soldiers --"
Takeda: "I *don't* want to be in some super-team action movie."

Raiden: "Until you have trained with the Shaolin --"
Takeda: "I aleady told Liu Kang I'm fine."

Takeda: "I am sorry, Empress. That it has come to this."
Sindel: "You will shortly be even sorrier."

Takeda: "I can't get my head around how old you are."
Geras: "It is difficult for most mortals."

Takeda: "I could've gone me whole life without meeting you."
Shang Tsung: "It is no thrill for me, either."

Ashrah: "I share your zeal for evil's destruction."
Takeda: "I didn't expect to hear that from a demon."

Takeda: "I didn't mean to offend, Empress."
Mileena: "Then why did you sully my sister's name?!"

Kenshi: "Learn from my mistakes. Do not trust the Black Dragon."
Takeda: "I don't intend to, Kenshi."

Ermac: "Numbers give strength. Yet you fight alone."
Takeda: "I don't like entaglements."

Takeda: "I expect most keep their distance."
Baraka: "No one is lonelier than a Tarkatan."

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Takeda: "I get the picture. Let's go."

Takeda: "I get the sense you don't hear \"no\" often."
Homelander: "People who know me, know better."

Takeda: "I grew up surrounded by liars and schemers."
Kitana: "Sounds like Outworld's imperial court."

Liu Kang: "You could benefit from the Shaolin's wisdom."
Takeda: "I have all the training I need."

Sindel: "You are not one of Earthrealm's champions?"
Takeda: "I have my own agenda, Empress."

Kitana: "Tanya says you are a capable warrior."
Takeda: "I held my own against her."

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Takeda: "I know exactly how that feels."

Shang Tsung: "Do you not realize? You have entered my snare."
Takeda: "I know what I'm doing, sorcerer."

Takeda: "I know what it's like, being someone's attack dog."
Reiko: "Why did you bite the hand that fed you?"

Baraka: "Do you fight like your cousin?"
Takeda: "I like to think I fight better."

Liu Kang: "Seek repentance, not retribution."
Takeda: "I seek *justice*, Liu Kang."

Takeda: "I trained myself to take down villains like you."
Omni-Man: "You're no hero, just another twig to snap."

Error - Dialog Not Found
Takeda: "I was thinking the exact same thing."

Takeda: "I was warned about you, Nitara."
Nitara: "Apparently, not well enough."

Takeda: "I will sacrifice anything to defend Earthrealm."
Omni-Man: "Let's test that pledge one limb at a time."

Geras: "Your bond with Kenshi is crucial to your future."
Takeda: "I won't force it, Geras."

Scorpion: "It is time. Show me what you've learned."
Takeda: "I would be happy to."

Kitana: "My great experience leaves you with inferior odds."
Takeda: "I'll beat them and you."

Omni-Man: "You must have a death wish if you came to fight me."
Takeda: "I'll die someday, but today it’s your turn."

Scorpion: "You could've been one of us."
Takeda: "I'm not cut out to be Shirai Ryu."

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Takeda: "I'm not one who can help you with that."

Takeda: "I'm not sure I'm ready for gods and monsters."
Johnny Cage: "Too late, Takahashi. Liu Kang's all outta blue pills."

Takeda: "I'm not sure you know what peace is."
Peacemaker: "What do you know about it, jackass?!"

Takeda: "I'm not taking your orders, Homelander."
Homelander: "That's unfortunate… For you."

Takeda: "I'm not trying to be difficult, but I need to --"
Sindel: "For your own sake, quit trying my patience."

Takeda: "I'm sorry for staring. It's just --"
Baraka: "You are not the first, Earthrealmer."

Scorpion: "You left the Shirai Ryu too soon."
Takeda: "I'm sorry. I had to move on."

Takeda: "I'm still not sure that magic is real."
Quan Chi: "After this, you will have no doubt."

Takeda: "I've heard all about you, General."
General Shao: "And you're not scared? Bravo."

Takeda: "I've known way too many people like you."
Shang Tsung: "And you still live? Impressive."

Takeda: "If I can find the Yakuza's Outworld connection --"
Sindel: "I will not have you sniffing around my empire."

General Shao: "Do you realize who you're fighting?"
Takeda: "If I had to guess, a bully with a god complex."

Shang Tsung: "Your lack of magic dooms you, Earthrealmer."
Takeda: "If I thought so, I would have skipped this fight."

Takeda: "If you want to slay evil, you should meet the Yakuza."
Ashrah: "Point me to them, Takeda."

Takeda: "Is Kenshi different since being blinded?"
Kung Lao: "It's sharpened his edge."

Johnny Cage: "I've got this friend, Jacqui. She'd dig you."
Takeda: "Is she Hollywood, too? No thank you."

Li Mei: "Sun Do's Underworld is not your concern."
Takeda: "It feeds Earthrealm corruption, Li Mei!"

Sindel: "If your presence has endangered my daughters --"
Takeda: "It has nothing to do with them,"

Kenshi: "The Taira's name must be restored."
Takeda: "It's ancient history. Let it go."

Ashrah: "The path you tread could corrput your soul."
Takeda: "It's not that much different from yours."

Takeda: "It's true? You can rip off your limbs?"
Havik: "Courtesy of Quan Chi's darkest magic."

Takeda: "Kenshi keeps mentioning this Madam Bo."
Kung Lao: "Words can't do her justice. You must meet her."

Takeda: "Kenshi said he knew you, but I --"
Johnny Cage: "Thank you for being appropriately star struck."

Takeda: "Kenshi said you were big, but --"
General Shao: "That is the least of my advantages."

Takeda: "Kenshi's lying. No way are you ten thousand years old."
Kitana: "Your fawning won't distract me, Earthrealmer."

Takeda: "Kuai Liang has taught me much."
Smoke: "But he hasn't taught you everything."

Johnny Cage: "You say Ta-KEE-da, I say Ta-KAY-da…"
Takeda: "Let's call this whole thing off."

Ermac: "The souls Sento stole must be returned."
Takeda: "Like I have the power to change Kenshi's mind."

Takeda: "Listen, sorcerer. I won't betray Kenshi."
Shang Tsung: "I am not one to take \"no\" for answer."

Takeda: "Liu Kang doesn’t owe you anything."
Shang Tsung: "No? He stole my life from me."

Takeda: "Liu Kang should be more interested in my fight."
Raiden: "He would be, if we did not face other, graver threats."

Takeda: "Living one life is hard enough. But living billions?"
Geras: "Fotrunately, I am built for that purpose."

Kung Lao: "Do me a favor. When you fight Kitana, beat her."
Takeda: "Losing stings, doesn't it."

Takeda: "My fight is as important as yours."
Kenshi: "But it's not one you can win."

Takeda: "My honest take? Ninja Priest was a hot mess."
Johnny Cage: "I see, Mr. Takeda. Ten points from House Takahashi."

Takeda: "My losing streak against you ends today."
Scorpion: "Only if your kombat has improved."

Nitara: "Yet another Shirai Ryu?"
Takeda: "Not exactly, Nitara."

Johnny Cage: "So Kenshi straight-up whupped your ass, eh?"
Takeda: "Only because he has a magic sowrd."

General Shao: "You will end this as a broken corpose."
Takeda: "Only if it takes that to finish you."

Peacemaker: "I’ve never met a dude who rocks whip swords."
Takeda: "Or me a guy with a weaponized helmet."

Takeda: "Outworld is full of strange creatures."
Baraka: "Creature?! I am diseased!"

Takeda: "Outworld's empresses are expected to fight?"
Mileena: "Not fight. Win."

Li Mei: "The Takahashis are a crime family?"
Takeda: "Part of one. Hopefully not for much longer."

Geras: "To be successful in your quest --"
Takeda: "Please. I'll handle it my way."

Reiko: "You will endure such pain, such agony --"
Takeda: "Put up or shut up, Reiko."

Kenshi: "There is little of the gangster life I miss."
Takeda: "Same…except for Chiyoko."

Takeda: "Scorpion didn’t tell me you're a demon."
Ashrah: "So he could see how you would respond in this moment."

Takeda: "Scorpion no longer respects you."
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Takeda: "Scorpion wants the Arctikan Hailstone."
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Raiden: "What brought about your change of heart?"
Takeda: "Seeing the Shirai Ryu's selflessness firsthand."

Takeda: "Seido is is own realm? Are there more?"
Havik: "Many, many more."

Takeda: "Should I be worried about your kriss?"
Ashrah: "If you have truly foresworn evil, no."

Rain: "I predict stormy weatter."
Takeda: "Should I have brought an umbrella?"

Takeda: "Shouldn't a champion have more edge?"
Raiden: "Mine will cut you momentarily."

Geras: "The future of this timeline is unwritten."
Takeda: "So I *do* control my fate."

Takeda: "So you were derpived. What gives you --"
Quan Chi: "I do not need your petty judgement, Earthrealmer."

Takeda: "So you're Shirai Ryu, too."
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Takeda: "So you're a vigilante?"
Peacemaker: "Yeah. But not *the* Vigilante. Totally different guy."

Takeda: "So you're the infamous Reiko…"
Reiko: "Infamous? I like that."

Takeda: "Some god. You let bad things happen to good people."
Liu Kang: "You presume all is under my control."

Havik: "If you refuse to embrace Chaos --"
Takeda: "Stop! I get the idea."

Takeda: "Swords, daggers. Which weapons are you good with?"
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Scorpion: "The war you are fighting, you cannot win alone."
Takeda: "Tell that to my cousin, Kuai Liang."

Havik: "Earthrealm will be liberated next."
Takeda: "Thanks, but no thanks."

Takeda: "That armor is like nothing I've ever seen."
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Liu Kang: "Your cousin's cause is noble."
Takeda: "That doesn't make it mine."

Baraka: "Outworld holds dangers you cannot conceive."
Takeda: "That is becoming crystal clear."

Havik: "I respect a man who fights his oppressors."
Takeda: "That means nothing to me, Havik."

Sub Zero: "Your war conflicts with the Lin Kuei's interests.
Takeda: "That says more about you than me, Sub-Zero."

Takeda: "That war paint should scare me?"
Reiko: "It would, if you fathomed its meaning."

Kung Lao: "Your cousin says you can fight."
Takeda: "That's an understatement."

Ermac: "No one soul has ever defeated us."
Takeda: "That's not the story I hear, Ermac."

Quan Chi: "This fight won't last but a moment."
Takeda: "That's the idea, sorcerer."

Takeda: "The Shirai Ryu are what the Lin Kuei should be."
Sub Zero: "By what right do you get to have an opinion?"

Takeda: "The Yakuza are a threat, Kuai Liang."
Scorpion: "But not one for the Shirai Ryu to face."

Takeda: "The rest of the world isn't like Fengjian."
Raiden: "Why do you think I resisted leaving?"

Takeda: "The things I've done in this life --"
Raiden: "Cannot be changed, but they can be redeemed."

Takeda: "The trail I'm following leads to Outworld --"
Mileena: "Then that is where is ends for you, Earthrealmer."

Sub Zero: "Friends of Liu Kang are my enemies."
Takeda: "Then I guess we're enemies, Sub-Zero."

Kenshi: "You can't beat the Yakuza alone."
Takeda: "Then help me! Or stay out of my way."

Nitara: "No human can outfight a Vaeternian."
Takeda: "Then why haven't you conquered Earthrealm?"

Kitana: "Your fighting style is familiar."
Takeda: "Then you must have fought the Shirai Ryu."

Takeda: "There are many types of demons?"
Ashrah: "And all of them are heinous and foul."

Rain: "No purpose is served by this fight."
Takeda: "There is for those who survived Seido."

Takeda: "There's no way to ever find your family?"
Li Mei: "None. The Umgadi keep no recrords."

Takeda: "This isn't a fight you want, Reiko."
Reiko: "Because it will end too quickly?"

Homelander: "Here to die like your cousin did?"
Takeda: "To avenge him, Homelander."

Takeda: "To know magic is real. That things like you exist…"
Ermac: "Welcome to the real world."

Takeda: "To save the Takahashis, destroy the Yakuza."
Kenshi: "No. That will take too long."

Takeda: "Under Sun Do's laws, you're both judge and jury?"
Li Mei: "And when necessary, the executioner."

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Takeda: "Well I -- [realizes] Wait. For real?!"

Takeda: "What Outworld species are you?"
General Shao: "What good is that knowledge to a dead man?"

Geras: "Your time with the Shirai Ryu was pre-ordained."
Takeda: "What else does Liu Kang have in store for me?"

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Takeda: "What? How do you know that?!"

Takeda: "When Kenshi first brought me to you --"
Scorpion: "Best not to stir up bad memories."

Reiko: "There are fools, and then there are damn fools."
Takeda: "Which group do you fall into, Reiko?"

Rain: "I cannot see how you win this."
Takeda: "Which is why you're going to lose."

Li Mei: "Want my trust? Prove worthy of it."
Takeda: "Why do you think I'm here?"

Takeda: "Why is my fate Liu Kang's business?"
Geras: "Because your role has been critical in all prior timelines."

General Shao: "I hope your farewells have been made."
Takeda: "Why? I'm not going anywhere."

Quan Chi: "The horrors I could create from your soul --"
Takeda: "Will not come about, Quan Chi."

Kung Lao: "Quit now, before I embarrass you."
Takeda: "You are as cocky as Kenshi says."

Takeda: "You carved up Kung Lao's pride when you beat him."
Kitana: "He should be glad I stopped there."

Takeda: "You live in the Netherrealm?"
Quan Chi: "A necessary evil, so I could master its dark magic."

Takeda: "You mind if I fight just one soul at a time?"
Ermac: "Impossible."

Shang Tsung: "Welcome to your last stand, Mr. Takahashi."
Takeda: "You really believe that, don't you?"

Takeda: "You run the Lin Kuei like a crime family."
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Takeda: "You saw it, then. The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs?"
Geras: "That day is forever seared into my memory."

Reiko: "We fight to the death, Earthrealmer."
Takeda: "You think it's my first time?"

Reiko: "Ending *your* life will be easy."
Takeda: "You think so? Try me."

Takeda: "You were on to me from the start, weren't you?"
Kenshi: "I had my suspicions."

Shang Tsung: "If you would pilfer Sento, I --"
Takeda: "You won't get anywhere near Kenshi's sword."

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Takeda: "You won't get them from me."

Homelander: "How many of you Shirai Ryu are there?"
Takeda: "You're mistaken, thinking I'm one of them."

Takeda: "You're not evil, you're crazy."
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Takeda: "You're the supreme commander of Outworld's armies?"
Kitana: "What's wrong? Do I not look the part."

Takeda: "You've travelled to another timeline?!"
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Takeda: "Your New Era hasn't gone well for me."
Liu Kang: "Blame your ancestors' poor choices."

Takeda: "Your accent -- it's Nigerian?"
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Takeda: "Your hat. It's also a chakram?"
Kung Lao: "And a work of staggering genius."

Takeda: "Your horns will look great on my wall."
General Shao: "I am not the hunted here, Earthrealmer."

Takeda: "Your methods are insane, Havik."
Havik: "I will do anything to achieve freedom."

Takeda: "Your officers can actually fight? That's new."
Li Mei: "Not for Sun Do's constabulary."

Takeda: "Your reputation for chaos precedes you."
Havik: "Orchestrating a city's death will do that."

Takeda: "Your world sounds so desolate.
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