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I bet this one looks pretty familiar to you, probably because it was the second theme of the previous version. (duh)
I kept this theme because I really like it, I expanded it a little with a softer look for the display divisions, the shorter menu also helps with that.


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A red theme with centered display tables, the menu can't be shorter and the banner can't be sexier because it was made by my good friend Cham.


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I couldn't resist keeping the theme based upon my favourite MKII arena, since it's purple it may also be a girl favourite. :p
The background of the banner is the artwork made for MK: Shaolin Monks, I love it.


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Long time followers of the site must've been really amazed when they saw this one, the version from more than two years ago is back with this fan favourite theme about Reptile.


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Inspired by the promotional artowkr for Mortal Kombat Armageddon.


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This is my homage to the well known free encyclopedia, Wikipedia, oh man, how many times has it helped me with papers and stuff like that.

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