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Another spritesheet has arrived!

This spritesheet also includes around 10 sprites that were ripped by AceKombat, so credits goes for him as well.

That’d be all for now, sorry for the delay but I had things to do before I had the time to work on the site, you know, having an undergrad life and stuff (but I have to admit I spend some time playing MGS3 during this week). Also, this are the same reasons why I haven’t replied to every email I’ve recieved in my inbox (but I do have read most of them).
I wanted to point out that there are only 7 MKII characters who still don’t have a complete spritesheet, this means there are 10 that do, which means we have more than the half of the sprites for Mortal Kombat II! After we complete it we should start getting the MK3 ones.
Anyway, that’s for later, for now, thanks to the people who submitted content, and stay tuned for more!

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  1. AMB says:

    sub-zero738 , ]{ombat´s mail appears on his webpage. It´s

  2. Hybrid-Of-Souls says:

    Nice, but I didn’t see the turning sprites in there.

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