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Welcome to Mortal Kombat Warehouse, the most complete Mortal Kombat source in the web.
Browse the site choosing a game from the menu, here you'll find Story, Screenshots, Arenas, Props and Fighters of the game, each fighter page includes: A complete Spritesheet, Biography, Animations, Props, Movelist, Fatality Videos, Ending, Renders, Cut-Out Pictures, Wallpapers and more!

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Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe hits the store shelves this sunday and we already got some vital info of it! Each character has now a page detailing his/her special moves and finishers (fatalities or heroic brutalities), I’ll be updating each page as we know more (read: pro moves and combos), but in the meantime you can check them out and start practicing your favorite character’s move to master them once you get the game!

ScorpionSub-ZeroSonyaShang TsungKitana
JaxLiu KangRaidenKanoBaraka
Green LanternShazamLex LuthorDeathstrokeWonder Woman
Shao Kahn Darkseid

And if you want a full guide with all the finishers you can go to this page.
Huge thanks to Patrick McCarron of who got the guide of the game early and let me use his transcription of the movelists.
And talking about transcript, be sure to read what happened at the lastest Fight Night event!

[November 15 Update] I’ve just uploaded the full accomplishments list, Xbox 360 Achievements and PlayStation 3 Trophies are now located in this page, check them out!
Credits for the Xbox 360 buttons icons go to 360 Prophecy.

[November 16 Update] Updated the characters pages with Bios and Endings! I’ll upload the ending pictures when I get the game. (OBVIOUS SPOILER WARNING)

[November 22 Update] Ending illustrations are up! Thanks to ]{0MBAT for delivering these.

[November 27 Update] Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities videos are up! These are in flash inside all characters pages, right below the movelists, credit goes to ]{0MBAT for ripping these videos.

[December 12 Update] Dark Kahn render is up.

96 responses to “Everything about Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe”

  1. Pablo says:

    Add Dark Kahn to “Fighters”.I know, I know, he’s not playable, but put his render and his moves (not the legend, just his moves)

  2. Murdoink says:

    Added missing MKA bios.

  3. jovie says:

    send me pictures of every mortal kombat character. send them to

  4. stealthy says:

    Hey Murdoink, There are some arenas that you haven’t put in mk vs dc. You didn’t add the green lantern corps and a few bottom part of a few arenas, and how about the final boss arena.

  5. Murdoink says:

    I know we’re missing them, I was waiting for the official site to upload the concepts, looks like we’ll have to rip them.

  6. stealthy says:

    Also for MK2 you don’t have Goro’s lair on there, and are you even able to put arenas in the MK:Deadly Alliance page.

  7. Murdoink says:

    Goro’s Lair is right there, just not on the main page.
    I’m aware of that other thing, I just don’t have time to update at the moment.

  8. george m says:

    i wish you can make shao kahn talk againg hes no fun with ridicule n take hes sore troat away when he wins what does he have troat canser now? lol

  9. Pablo says:

    Add missing MKA cut out pictures.Reptile’s missing.

  10. Pablo says:

    With Reptile’s I mean his versus pose

  11. Vash_15 says:

    It has come to my attention that Johnny Cage still needs ALOT of MKT sprites, is it possible to rip those?

  12. RealDeal says:

    Where do the endings come from?

  13. Pablo says:

    Here you have Reptile’s MKA versus pose and Raiden’s MK2 missing spirtes (his arms, remember they were wrong) If there’s another missing thing, tell me, I want to help.

  14. Murdoink says:

    I thank you for your help but I’m busy with finals at the moment, I’ll update when I have the time.

  15. sub-zero says:

    Murdoink, when are you ever going to put new themes for the site? I have been wanting an iceburg kind of theme.

  16. stealthy says:

    I have thought of a lot of themes for the site including:
    1. Lin kuei
    2. Special forces base
    3. The heavens
    4. Earthrealm
    5. Chaosrealm
    6. Orderrealm
    7. Edenia

  17. warlord says:

    Batman’s grappling hook brutality isn’t working for me for some reason, there ain’t nothing wrong with his buttons is there.

  18. warlord says:

    OK I just did that grappling hook with them other buttons now how about the bat swarm brutality, the one I was trying to do.

  19. warlord says:

    Never mind, I’ve done it I figured out the mistake it was suppose to be either sweep or 1 step away I don’t really know, not close distance. Sorry I typed to much.

  20. sub-zero says:

    Hey Murdoink, once you are done with whatever you are busy on you have a lot to do. Adding arenas in mk: deadly alliance, Adding new themes, fixing mistakes in the fatality pages of mk vs dc, adding the missing versus pose in armageddon, and you might want to check and see if you are missing any sprites on mk2.

  21. Murdoink says:

    I know what I have to do, no need for the reminders
    And the finishers for MK vs DC seem fine.

  22. AceKombat says:

    Happy new years ! Also surprise Murdoink to you :D ! I think props are in need for an update don’t you think ? : Fatality MKD ( Maybe MKDA as well ? ) Logo : Hara-Kiri MKD Logo

    Perfect quality too honest :) .

    Enjoy !

  23. interloko says:

    i have more mk1 missing sprites. i’ll send them soon. also have riped one from sub zero’s fatality, the only sprite that aren’t from his uppercut or wins animation :P

  24. interloko says:

    well, i sent you a zip with some mk1 and mk2 sprites :P

  25. Joe says:

    How can we download the Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities?

  26. sub-zero says:

    When are you going to be done Murdoink?

  27. Pablo says:

    Add sound clips of the screams of the fatalities or the sound of Scorpion’s spear or maybe Sub-Zero’s ice ball, something like that would be really cool.

  28. Pablo says:

    Also Khameleon’s MKA page is not complete.You must add her render cutout and her moves.Stryker’s, Li Mei’s, Frost’s, Sindel’s, Sheeva’s and Havik’s versus pose are missing.I’m going to try to find them.If I do, I’ll give them to you.Also, Kung Lao’s versus pose is missing…but his cutout picture is from MKSM, not MKA.Here you have some of the missing things:

    Don’t forget to fix Raiden MK2 arms and add Reptile’s versus pose
    After all that you should make me a member

    P.S.:I’ve got Sindel’s and Frost’s versus pose, I’ll post them soon, once I cutout them ;)

  29. jjoe says:

    Yo, the grappling hook heroic brutality for batman it’s actually sweep, not close. I kept on trying it in close but then I tried it in sweep and it worked. Both of Batman’s HB is in sweep.

  30. sub-zero says:

    How come you don’t have the belltower theme on the theme selector and you have it on the site page?

  31. BingD says:

    Can you get someone to rip the Mk 2 stage when you fight Shao Kahn? The one with the empty chair.

  32. noob-zero says:

    I watched some stuff about minor characters on youtube. Do you guys think they should have those characters in the next mortal kombat game? Including: Tremor, Tasia, No Face, Water God, Fire God, Earth God, Skarlet, and Hydro. They should rename and add Hornbuckle and Belokk.

  33. Mansoor says:

    Hey Murdoink, dus Shao Kahn & Darkseid have fatalities?

  34. daniel says:

    hola, este mensaje es para ed boon:
    hola, me encanta mortal kombat, el que me gusta mucho es mortal kombat trilogy, pero hay un problema con el juego para pc y son los siguientes:
    1. las zonas de kombate de armory, wasteland, the portal, goro lair y the pit bottom, tienen en la parte de abajo de la pantalla, espacios vacios, es como imagenes incompletos
    2. los sonidos soundtrack esta bien pero el unico problema es que porque no pusieron musica definish him/her y final en el juego.
    3. en zona de armory, wasteland y dead pool, no tienen animaciones del lago y the portal no aparece el rayo.
    4. en el supreme demostetion, falta brutality, y que en el fondo solo aparece armory, podian ponerlo a todos.

    1. que cuando pelees con shao kahn, hay dos distintos finales cuando pierde, es decir, un final como de mk2 y otro de mk3. una manera reconocerlo es que si aparece kintaro (reemplazando a motaro) el final seria de mk2.
    2. que cuando empieze el juego q haya una presentacion, como UMK3 version arcade
    3. que sub-zero (enmascarado) tenga lo mismo poderes que el otro sub-zero.
    4. que pongan la zona de star bridge, the hidden portal y noob the forten.
    5. que goro, kintaro, motaro y shao kahn tenga fatality
    6. cuando llege los tesoros de shao kahn, que tenga mucho, como de mortal kombat trilogy de N64.
    7. que este khamaleon y chamaleon como personajes ocultos y que haya un truco para elegirlos.
    8. si puden poner en la zona de kombate palace gate y thore room.
    9. que haya el truco de modo endurace como de mortal kombat trilogy de n64.
    10.las torres de choose your destiny, que hayan 5 en ves de 4.

    bueno, espero que lo hagan de nuevo este mortal kombat trilogy para pc y porfavor envialos este mensaje a ed boon porfavor. gracias :)

  35. sub-zero says:

    I think that Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion will be a lot better than Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe because it has twice as many characters as DC Universe. Mortal Kombat VS DC is getting kinda boring.

  36. Rob says:

    Very cool to see this. I’ve been curious enough to see more about this game, having only heard about it in passing. I don’t see how anyone could beat Superman, but it’s still an interesting concept.

  37. scorpion says:

    the game is very cool i love mk very much but i hope they add create a fighter and other coustem to the fighters and more blood and awsome fatalities to the new mortal kombat thanks

  38. Azure Kite says:

    Quan Chi Needs to be a down loadable character. I look forward to seeing Reptile and Johnny Cage. That’s all I really have to say.
    Big hopes for the future MK’s

  39. Mansoor says:

    Hey Murdoink, I heard Mortal Kombat 9 is coming….

  40. yohann says:

    eu qria saber como se libera os personagens do mortal kombat decepition qualqer resposta me falem por favor.

  41. Wonderful journey and experience.

  42. FormerEye says:

    I really appreciate if someone would please add Mortal Kombat vs DCU versus pose

  43. FormerEye says:

    or could just tell me where can i find Mortal Kombat vs DCU versus pose

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