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As you probably already know, Netherrealm Studios’ next fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us releases in a couple of weeks! And to follow up the hype leading up to this new game I’ve (finally) put up an Injustice section on the site, access it by clicking the logo below:

For now the page only has the renders for the announced roster and the list of arenas and achievements, but as we draw closer to the launch of this game the page will fill up with more content.
For now, be sure to try the demo, it’s already available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Update 1: The game is out!
Update 2: Bios and Endings updated for each character:

FlashNightwingBatmanJokerHarley QuinnSolomon Grundy
CyborgGreen ArrowSupermanLex LuthorCatwomanDeathstroke
RavenAquamanWonder WomanAresKiller FrostDoomsday
HawkgirlShazamGreen LanternSinestroBlack AdamBane

Update 3: Special moves for each character now listed.
Update 4: Alternate Costumes guide available now.

8 responses to “Injustice: Gods Among Us”

  1. Jaime Fernández says:

    Can you upload a Sub-Zero & Raiden images of Injustice 2 roster?
    And also their backgrounds and icons (Win Matches with Sub-Zero and Raiden 50 & 100 & get level 5, 10 and 20).

  2. Jaime Fernández says:

    And could I get that images, backgrounds and icons somehow?

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