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Browse the site choosing a game from the menu, here you'll find Story, Screenshots, Arenas, Props and Fighters of the game, each fighter page includes: A complete Spritesheet, Biography, Animations, Props, Movelist, Fatality Videos, Ending, Renders, Cut-Out Pictures, Wallpapers and more!

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Mortal Kombat X is out!
Check out each character’s page for their bio, ending, fatalities, MKX Mobile renders, select screen mugshot and alternate costumes info:

Kung LaoJaxSonyaKenshiKitanaScorpion
ShinnokKanoJohnny CageErron BlackLiu KangErmac
Sub-ZeroMileenaTakedaCassie CageJacqueline BriggsKung Jin
ReptileFerra/TorrD'VorahRaidenQuan ChiGoro
Kotal KahnJasonPredatorTanyaTremor

More info available for Mortal Kombat X:

Thanks to WyRuZzaH for the MKX Mobile Renders! Also thanks to the modding scene that has put a lot of tools to rip content out of the game.

Cinco de Mayo update: Jason is out! Also added pages for Predator, Tanya and Tremor with their dark select screen renders and an lightened up edit right next by it.

May 6 update: Added wallpapers for Jason, Ermac, Kano, Mileena, Reptile, Sonya and Sub-Zero.

May 9 update: Loading screen renders are up for each character, also Kutie Icons now have transparent backgrounds. Emoji and Faction Wallpapers are up.

May 13 update: Kombat Kard Borders now available.

May 30 update: Pre-Fight Dialogue now available.

June 2 update: Tanya is out! New Kombat Kard Backgrounds, Borders and Icons. New bio wallpapers for Johnny Cage, Kano, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Reptile, Sonya and Tanya.

July 7 update: Predator is out, check out his Kombat Kard Backgorunds and Kutie Icon. Also added a render for each character, extracted from their respective tower banners (right billboard of the main menu), enter each character’s page to see them, even Tremor!
Also added wallpapers for the new costumes for Jax, Johnny Cage and Scorpion.

July 14 update: PC got an update that included a bunch of stuff, check Tremor‘s page, his Kombat Kard Backgorunds and Kutie Icon. Also added wallpapers for the new klassic costumes for Jax, Kung Lao, Quan Chi and Ermac.

July 21 update: New section: Towers Renders, these renders show up for the premium towers on the main menu. New renders for Tremor and Predator.

July 22 update: New props: Towers Banners.

July 28 update: Full finishers list now available, includes brutalities and hidden brutalities (Tremor has FIVE hidden brutalities!) Head to the section for the system you’re using: PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
Huge thanks to LlamaRenegade from /r/MortalKombat for the info on the hidden brutalities, the rest were extracted directly from the localization files on PC.

29 responses to “Mortal Kombat X”

  1. This game came out last week ago “GET TO IT”!

  2. interloko says:

    expect some files from me as always ;)

  3. Acolla says:

    No Jason Kombat Kard Icon Tower?
    DLCs ??not have them?

  4. Tim says:

    Please Vote for Rain by Matt Rogers!!!

  5. Camden says:

    This past week, for Mortal Kombat X, in the new patch, they added info for Predator, and they made the wallpapers for Predator, Carl Weathers Jax, Commando Johnny Cage, Infrared Scorpion, and Klassic Scorpion. When will you update that?

  6. Camden says:

    Okay, that’s great. The more pieces of the game, the better. Also, I have some questions:

    1. When will you add the fatalities for Predator and the klassic fatalities for Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, and Johnny Cage?

    2. When will you add Tremor’s bio and, if possible right now, wallpapers for Tremor and Classic Ermac?

    3. Are the Select Screen Mugshots officially ripped from the game’s code, or are they screenshots?

    • Murdoink says:

      1. klassic fatalities will be up asap, predator and tremor are up
      2. they’re up now
      3. ripped, no screenshot can do the resolution they’re in

  7. Tim says:


    1) I don’t like Klassic Ermac color is dim :( You need RED color.

    2) Can you make to cut renders from wallpapers?

  8. Waseem says:

    I am not able to access this game due to error in dowloding resources kindly help me out

  9. Camddn says:

    Hey, Jason just debuted in Mortal Kombat X Mobile, both Slasher Jason and Unatoppable Jason have mobile renders. When will you add that?

  10. Froost says:

    Talking about Injustice, can You upload the DLC Chars renders? And the Background, Icons and Portraits from Hero Card? :/

  11. goro4 says:

    Hi Please Have For Erron Black’s Mobile Render?

  12. Jeff Question says:

    you will not update the data with the announcement of the Kombat Pack 2??

  13. Ubicube says:

    @murdoink…dude,do you have any idea how to unlock the troll face emoji for koth ?
    Please advise :)

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